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If there’s one thing I’ve learned working on a bag blog for the past three years, then it is that women take a lot of pride in their handbag collections. To most males, the realm of the bag is a ridiculous one, after all it is just a bag that allows you to carry your lipsticks around. Guys, wake up and stop being so dense. We all have our cars, our watches, our collections of vintage collectible comic books or silk ties. Let the women indulge in the passion of their own.

This being said, I’ve met a few ladies through tPF whose handbag collections sum up to a combined worth higher than the GDP of a country like Luxembourg. PBC comes to mind, star3337’s collection ain’t shabby, either. It is hardly a requirement to have the world’s most amazing, rare and expensive bags in your closet in order to impress. In our Bag Showcase forum, 1100 people have already showcased their bags, ranging from small indi designer collections to the aforementioned cream-o’-the-crop. One of the latest in collections was resident Purse Blogger Megs’ collection, that I shot by the pool a few days ago. You are welcome to check it out and more importantly, sign up at the Purse Forum and post your proud collection for the world to see.

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  • mette

    I think it was really nice that you spent so much time taking pictures of all those bags. Looked them through 3 times. I don´t have any similar bags and I´m not collecting bags. I guess I liked best the one you two bought on your last trip to NY.

  • Cindy Maher

    The photos are amazing! Vlad, can you take pictures of my bags? LOL, I know you can’t but the pool in the background is VERY nice.

  • savvy gal @ savvymode

    I am drooling over the Kelly Longue. I’ts quite lovely. I am currently obessing over the Kelly Pochette. Hopefully I can find one in orange or blue jean by my b-day. : )

    • windowshopping

      Me too!

      But I happen to love the white…

  • lian

    i’ve seen star3777’s collection- quite a collection but she seems like a trophy wife. laptop is spelled ‘labtop’ in ALL of her posts. doesn’t sound like she is very educated, just married to a rich, perhaps much older, gentleman.

  • Ana

    Well that’s not fair. English may not be her first language or something.

  • anon

    Sounds like you’re a hater lian. Does it make you feel better when you put others down?

  • lia

    I thought her collection was waaaayyy bigger than that.

    • chrstyna

      I agree totally unimpressive