It will be back up shortly, along with the search feature! Vlad and the coders have worked diligently on bringing the search function back, only this time it will be better than ever. That means we can all meticulously search for any detail our handbag-loving-heart desires! Stay tuned :mrgreen:

In other news, I will be flying back to the States tomorrow. Things will be back to ‘normal’ Monday, which regular posting, new information, mid-month giveaways, and more designer interviews!

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    NOT AGAIN! This forum is down so often! :neutral:

    It used to say it would be back with in an hour and now its later tonight??!?!?

    At least searching will be FINALLY be back!

    • I understand your frustration! It is not just you! But the forum is massive; in fact, one of the top 80 most active forums on the web. So really, it is not that uncommon to have downtime and maintenance time. We do our best to keep it up as much as we can. We are looking to adding more servers also, though we are already at 8 servers.

      Patience, it will be up as soon as possible!!

    • I understand your frustration, but with all due respect, you do not understand what it takes to operate a forum of this size. With 6 million posts and counting, we rely on custom solutions which take time to develop and test.

      Please have a little more patience. We’re trying.

  • iluvmybags

    Have a safe trip home Meg!!

    Hope TPF is up sooon — I”m “jonesing” over here!!
    :shock: :shock: :shock:

  • Melissa71

    :smile: Hurray! The search button is coming back!! I really missed it, but google worked in the meantime. Have a safe, speedy trip home, Megs. BTW I love your paper Kelly.

  • luce

    thanks for keeping us updated! can’t wait for the search function to be back :smile: have a safe flight home!!!

  • mmmpurses!

    Thank you for the update! And thank you to Vlad for working so hard to make the forum better for us!!! :mrgreen: Wow I wasn’t aware it was one of the top 80 forums!!! Well, that IS a lot of work, to keep up with so many crazed handbag lovers, haha, so thank you. Meg have a safe trip back to home!!!

  • volleyball1413

    The search function has been missed tremendously. Thank you for keeping us updated as originally it was suppose to be up a week ago. I do understand that this is a major forum, but keeping us happy, keeps us coming back and if we shop through your site I believe you make some good money. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks again!!!

  • Roo

    Thanks for all your hard work, megs and vlad. I hope that everyone reading this knows that any down time the forum has is necessary for better features to be added. To those who are complaining, my only comment is that perhaps it’s time to step away from the computer? Get a breath of fresh air, watch a movie, or better yet, call your MOM since tomorrow is Mother’s Day. :mrgreen:

  • Pursegrrl

    Thank you, Megs, Vlad and everyone else working hard behind the scenes in tPF Technology Land…you guys rock!!!

    Safe and adventurous travels, Megs!