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Which Bag Did You Favor Most This Year?

With 2024 looming, let's look back on the bags that played favorites


Read that again.

While it’s hard to believe, it’s late November, and next year is, in fact, looming.

As I do every year when the end is near, I’ve been reflecting on everything that has happened in the last 10+ months. From the fashion and the fun to the not-so-fun and everything in between, what a year it’s been.

We’re not here to get too deep with the end-of-year talk. We’re here to talk about those fashion moments and how this year has impacted your collection, so let’s get into it!

Collection in Roation

A couple of years ago, I made it my goal to get better at shopping my own closet and rotating my bags more, and it was a goal that I not only accomplished but continued to practice. And while last year my collection did a bit of an overhaul, this year I mostly added to my collection (though I do admit I need to downsize a bit by next year!).

My closet saw the addition of the Celine 16, Prada Cleo, JW Anderson Bumper Bag, and most recently the Bottega Veneta Hop. My collection has diversified a bit more in terms of brands and shapes, and while I’ve used each bag at least once this year, I did play favorites with a few!

Prada Cleo Takes the Top Spot

My Bottega Veneta Silver Cassette got a lot of use simply because the metallic acts like a neutral, so it’s very easy to wear, and it’s also functional since it’s a crossbody bag. I also reached for my Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 a fair amount as well as my Loewe Puzzle Hobo. Though it’s not a landslide by any means, I definitely played favorites with my white Prada Cleo bag.

The bag that got the least wears? My Louis Vuitton x Urs Fischer Pochette Acessoires. Which is not all that shocking, given its delicate nature and how special it is to me.

What about you? Which bag did you show off the most this year? Something new, something old, or something else altogether?


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  1. Terri Avatar

    Mine would be Primo Atelier’s bespoke Louvre bag, given its versatility. Perfect for both a night out or a casual stroll.

    1. Ble Avatar

      Are you paid to talk about them or something? You’re the only person to mention this brand without fail under many articles..

      1. Terri Avatar

        The article inquired about the bag I showed off the most this year, and I responded accordingly. I am a fan of this brand, and I apologize if my response caused any misunderstanding.

  2. FashionableLena Avatar

    Coach Willow tote and Longchamp small Le Pliage top handle.

    1. Lissa Love Avatar
      Lissa Love

      And another angle, neutral or colorful?

      1. FashionableLena Avatar

        Colorful. My Willows are pink and lavender. The Longchamp are grenadine and sky blue. I rarely purchase neutral bags.

  3. Lex Avatar

    Gucci marmont small shoulder bag in black. Goes with most of my outfits and looks good dressed up or down. I haven’t thought of my other bags or purchasing another in nearly a year.

  4. Summerstorm Avatar

    …my Prada Backpack 😍- I mentioned already

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    My b35 in orange…been wearing white dresses lately so ive been reaching for a pop of color bag to wear with a neutral outfit

  6. Anna Avatar

    I just need to know what coat you’re wearing in that pic because I love it!
    As for my most-favored bag this year, it would be my Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires in black monogram empreinte leather. It’s the perfect size and I like that I can adjust the strap to wear it crossbody or on my shoulder.

  7. WhiteTrashBeautiful Avatar

    I second the idea of shopping one’s own closet. In fact I’m quite proud that 23’ was the first time in many years I purchased no bags or even SLG’s.

    I’ve actually taken to carrying my vintage leather bags like my Coach City, Coach Hampton tote and Fendi Spy Shoulder bag more than anything because they’re simple and classic.

  8. stacey o Avatar
    stacey o

    My yellow Goyard tote! On casual days I am most often wearing neutral colors so this adds some pop to my basic/neutrals…it was given to me as a birthday gift, otherwise I would have never splurged on this color, yet it happens to be one of my most used and complimented bags. For the evening I often reach for my snakeskin print YSL Kate 99 with sliding chain strap (that can be worn on the shoulder or as a clutch) – goes with everything.

  9. Antonia Avatar

    The bag I probably used the most was my Polene Numero Neuf (black w/wide shoulder strap from Cuyana). I love that bag so much!!

  10. Kaly Avatar

    I have reached for my Celine Luggage Nano most often this year—the older I get, the smaller my bags are!! 😉

  11. Adangerousbeauti Avatar

    Gucci GG mini padlock crossbody bag. I only need to bring my

  12. Phorridge Avatar

    My Loewe Hammock! The first bag that made me feel I can live without my other bags, as long as I have this masterpiece from Loewe

  13. Josieverona Avatar

    I alternate between my Miu Miu vintage coffer and my vintage Miu Miu large hobo.

  14. Shannon Avatar

    Loewe Flamenco in black. With the ability to change out the strap, this bag suits practically any occasion.