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As bag collectors, we have bags for every reason and every season, and when the temperatures begin to rise we know just what to do—reach deep into storage and pull out those seasonal carries. From white bags and raffia, to pretty pastels and beyond, there are certain carryalls that simply scream summer.

Switching your bag out to match your outfit or jazz up your look is fun, and even expected, when you’re a collector, but I’m the first to admit I forget (ok, ok I get too lazy) to switch my bags often. When a bag seems to work with all of my outfits or feels easy to wear, I get super lazy and end up grabbing and going without really thinking whether or not I’ve got a bag that will work better. And lately I’ve been favoring one of my more utilitarian pieces: my Prada Nylon belt bag.

While it’s not the most stylish, or even fun bag I own, it is without a doubt the most functional and durable bag I own by far. Having a puppy was a complete game changer for me and though he doesn’t require me to carry much (other than water in the summer) when I’m out and about with him, he does require a lot of attention and having my hands free is a must!

The bag itself is large and I can fit my sunglasses in the case, my small wallet, spray hand-sanitizer and a small cosmetics case with various items. I’ve been going to the park a lot more and spending a lot of time outside, which makes the nylon material ideal for the super hot city temps. Nylon can easily be wiped clean or sprayed with a fabric spray, and as the belt bag sits close to my body a refresh can be necessary (I like the laundress delicate spray for my nylon bag). I’ve been living this entire summer with my Prada Nylon belt bag like my second skin.

Which bag have you been favoring this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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