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What’s Your Biggest Handbag Regret?

Is it a bag you bought, didn't buy or something else...

Anyone who collects anything knows what it feels like to have a few regrets throughout your collecting journey. Sometimes it’s that one particularly wonderful piece you let slip through your fingers, regretting it for years afterward, and other times its a pang of guilt when you purchased something you really thought you wanted, only to find the feelings after actually acquiring it less than satisfactory. This goes for collectors of all things — antiques, coins, or, of course, handbags.

To Sell or Not to Sell

There comes a time in most collector’s journey where selling becomes a topic of contention. Maybe it’s a constant argument you have with yourself, or maybe it comes from a roommate or a partner who believes “you have way too many bags!” Wherever it comes from, the desire (or lack thereof) to sell is one that most collectors will face at one time or another. Choosing to sell a bag can be a huge source of regret down the line, and choosing to sell a bag is a decision that should definitely be well-thought-out and not rushed.

Personally, I’ve never regretted selling a bag. Sure, I have missed some bags from time to time, but it was more missing the time in my life when I loved (and used) those bags. I’ve only sold bags that I really wasn’t reaching for anymore, so thankfully, I don’t regret anything I’ve sold…yet! And I hope I never do.

To Buy or Not to Buy

My sources of handbag regrets typically come from the things I didn’t actually buy, no matter how smart the decision was. I also know many collectors who have purchased bags on a whim and found that they didn’t actually like them all that much. While selling is always an option, if it’s a bag that’s value has depreciated greatly, it can cause a fair amount of anguish and regret.

But sometimes, we come across the right bag at the wrong time, and those are the regrets that pain me the most. I still wish I had gotten a Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse bag from the Marc by Marc Jacobs era, and I will forever be searching for a pristine one at a fair price, but one of my biggest, if not the biggest, handbag regrets I have was passing up the deals at a tiny consignment shop in Paris when I studied abroad. Those vintage Chanel bags still haunt me to this day — nearly 13 years later.

So tell me, what’s your biggest handbag regret?


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