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What’s the Best Bag You’ve Seen in the Wild?

This past week, I saw one of the rarest bags...

If you follow us on Instagram and TikTok, you’ll know our latest series shares the bags we see in the wild, meaning bags we love being carried by people in different cities and places. It’s been one of the most enjoyable series for me, as I’ve spent years staring at the bags other people carry, and we’ve loved being able to talk to many people about the bags they are spotted carrying as well.

An Hermès Himalayan Duo

Hermes Himalaya Croc Kelly

This past Friday, Vlad and I were on set for a shoot for a selection of new Prada Bags that we’ll be sharing soon, and we needed to pop over to Miami Design District to return, grab a few items, and get some coffee. As I walked by the Dior store, a bag caught my eye. I did what felt like 23 double takes to realize that I was looking at an Hermès Himalayan Crocodile Kelly in the wild. What made it even more special was seeing that she was wearing matching Hermès Himalayan Oran Sandals and a really great Gucci skirt. I kept my distance but just kept looking. I’ve “seen” this bag so many times, but never casually being carried on a Friday. Sure, I’ve been to some pretty swanky events and have seen really great bags there, but there was something even rarer about this bag being used for a Friday shopping trip. I checked resale sites later and saw that the prices for this bag varied, but it would sell for around $200,000 or more on the resale market.

Hermes Matte Croc Birkin Blue 1

I walked to a different area and then noticed her friend walked up to join her, and she was carrying an absolutely stunning Matte Crocodile Birkin (our writer Notorious Pink thinks it was Matte Bleu Paon). On the resale market, this bag would probably sell for around $75,000. I stood in complete shock at these two women and their bags. Soon they were greeted and walked into the store to shop, and I just kept standing for what felt like an eternity smiling and being reminded that this is still something that I truly find great joy in.

What has been your most memorable or rarest bag sighting in the wild?


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