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What’s On Your Holiday Wishlist?

Unpopular opinion: I can't stop obsessing over this black bag

Thanksgiving is next week, which means that the holidays are essentially upon us *audibly gasps*. My mother has basically completed her holiday shopping, and I’m halfway there too (I understood the assignment), picking up quite a few things for myself along the way. However, I figured that I should create a formal wishlist just in case a secret admirer of mine is out there somewhere looking to gift me with a new bag.

Though I truly believe that the best things in life are free—time with family and friends, big belly laughs, long hugs, and picture-perfect sunny days—I still love the gift-giving season. I like to think long and hard about the gifts I’m giving, and throughout the year, I’ll take mental notes on what my loved ones want/need. I want my gifts to feel well-thought-out and sentimental. Of course, I love receiving gifts too, and below are a handful of items I can’t stop dreaming about! What do you wish for this year?

The Bag of the Season

Right now, I don’t have someone in my life who will gift me one big item; my family likes to do things a little differently, but every year around this time, I start to think about a new bag buy, and I cannot stop thinking about the Saint Laurent Le 5 a 7 Shoulder Bag. I sold my one black bag last year and have yet to replace it. I know it’s kind of an unpopular opinion, but I love this bag! After seeing it rocked by Mrs. Hailey Bieber I was even more convinced.

The Statement Coat

I have a serious obsession, ok addiction, to coats. I own a ridiculous amount of them. From vintage finds to contemporary pieces, I must own close to 30 jackets/coats. New Yorkers, I know you’ll understand! That doesn’t at all stop me from wanting to add more to my collection. This season I’m eyeing a quilted coat. I’ve looked on Etsy for the perfect vintage or handmade one but have yet to find the perfect color/pattern. This little Sea number is it, though.

Wrap Me Up

I’ve wanted a version of this Acne Studios scarf for the last four years, I think. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it made it onto my PurseBlog Holiday Wishlist last year or the year before. This year, however, I am seriously considering purchasing it for myself. Mainly because I just picked up the most gorgeous vintage pink wool coat and it would match so perfectly. While the cost does seem hefty, I keep things forever. In fact, my favorite winter scarf was purchased from Free People over 10 years ago, and I still have it and wear it.

Acne Studios Scarf
via Shopbop

Bare Necessities

Socks are extremely underrated, in my opinion. They are the finishing touch on any outfit, and I think they should be more than an afterthought when you’re getting dressed! I recently discovered Kerri Rosenthal socks and I am obsessed! They are all super cute and are the cherry on top of any outfit. Not to mention they are cashmere, and who doesn’t love a luxurious gift like that? Truthfully I wouldn’t spend $98 on socks for myself, but I would love to receive them. I’m big on giving great gifts that someone wouldn’t otherwise purchase for themself.

A Signature Scent

I wear perfume like I wear earrings—I do not feel fully dressed without either! Even when I wasn’t seeing anyone other than my roommate or the neighbors across the way from my fire escape in the height of the pandemic, I still sprayed on some perfume. Scents are personal and unique because even if you wear the same one as someone else, it can smell different on you, depending on your body’s oils. Perfume makes a great gift, and you’ll always remember who gave it to you when you smell it. Full disclosure: I haven’t tried this one, but I read great things about it, and (according to TikTok) it’s very popular in Paris! Have you tried it?


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2 years ago

Hi- please do a spell/grammar check before posting. I enjoy the blog, so seeing *so many* errors is quite jarring.

  • New Yorker’s should be “New Yorkers”
  • doesnt should be “doesn’t”
  • recieve should be “receive”
  • purcahse should be “purchase”

Normally I wouldn’t say anything (I think this is my 1st comment)- I’d just skip over and enjoy the thrust of the piece- but three in one short paragraph was jarring, particularly when (I assume, I’m a very rudimentary user of online posting platforms) there’s an easy way to do a quick and basic spell check. Thanks.

2 years ago
Reply to  kol.wink

I think there must have been a problem today because there are at least two other typos: “esty” and “vintae” and this nonsensical sentence: “In fact, my favorite winter scarf I purchased from free people over 10 years ago, and I still have it and wear it.” “Themself” is the corresponding word for someone. I guess we no longer capitalize proper nouns. I usually do not comment on typos and grammatical errors but this particular write up is especially bad. I wonder if a speech to text program was used without proofing prior to publication.

2 years ago

I love that YSL bag! I think it is classic, elegant and a somewhat functional. You should go for it as a reward to yourself for keeping us entertained and informed all year through Purseblog!