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What Bag Are You Eyeing for Fall?

Looking to snag that bag you've wanted forever? Fancy one of fall's new arrivals? We want to know!

Based on my current situation, you wouldn’t think so, but fall is just around the corner. Though I’m currently sitting in my apartment in shorts and a tank top, AC running, and an iced coffee in front of me, cooler days are, in fact, on the horizon. Most brands have rolled out their new fall arrivals, and old season merchandise has begun to see the deepest of discounts. Back-to-school season is here, and Labor day is just a few days away. All of this leads me to the inevitable. Summer 2022 is over.

A Fall Refresh

If you’re anything like me, you start to think about your fall wardrobe as soon as September hits. And while as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to invest in more quality pieces that I’ll keep forever, with each new season, I do like to supplement what I already own with a few new pieces.

I’m looking forward to wearing my Bottega Veneta boots again, one of my one-too-many vintage blazers and sweaters on sweaters. I’d like to add a new pair of loose-fitting jeans to my closet, a nice pair of loafers, and of course, I am always wishing to add a new bag into my rotation. Since I’m traveling to Europe this month, if I am going to purchase a bag, I have to make up my mind quickly, and it makes sense to make my purchase abroad.

I’ve Got My Eyes on You

I’m torn between a few bags, some new, some old, some that have been on my wishlist forever (Prada Cleo and Saint Lauret Le 5 a 7 I’m looking at you) and some that I’ve only just begun to feel an inclination towards. I’m feeling pretty torn, and I’m looking for inspiration, so I must ask:

Which bags are you eyeing this fall?

Saint Laurent Shoulder Bag
Prada Cleo Shoulder Bag

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