Just like trends ebb and flow, there are many of us whose style does the same, and I certainly fall into that category. 10 (or even 5) years is a long time, and depending on the point you are at in your life, those periods of time can feel like an eternity. Personally, I’ve grown immensely in the last 10 years, as 20 to 30 is an incredibly big jump and a pivotal point in one’s life. Jumping from young adulthood into being a fully self-sufficient woman, many things have changed in the last decade, including my style.

I started running religiously in college and as a result my style slowly morphed into being less dressy and refined, and more casual and sporty. It was a slow, yet easy transition as I would often stylize leggings or sneakers to make my life easier at the end of the day. I began loving and collecting sneakers more and more, and as my style morphed into what it is today, I began to gravitate towards different styles of bags too. Carryalls that were better suited for day to day wear and could be dressed down more often than up became staples in my closet.

Though I was able to make most of my bags transition along with me (while also parting with a few), I also acquired the majority of my collection as my style was evolving, and I definitely feel like everything I have now just works really well. That being said, I struggle to diversify my collection sometimes because I find certain styles to be too structured or stuffy to mesh with my laid back looks. Case in point, the Khaite Agnes bag.

I loved the Khaite Agnes bag at first site, and when I spotted it in beautiful dark brown, I immediately became even more obsessed. Maybe it’s that the leather looks so lush and soft, or maybe it’s that the shape is delicate and beautiful, but whatever it may be I simply adore this bag. I love the idea of a brand that’s a bit more under the radar and a style that’s slightly more nondescript, but I also don’t know what I would do with this bag.

How would I style it? Would it work with my day to day aesthetic? The structured, framed silhouette feels too dressy and ladylike for me, and typically when I shop I try to think about outfits I’d put together with item in question. I like to assess if it will work with things I already own to figure out if I’ll get enough use out of it or if I’d need a whole new wardrobe to make one thing work. If it’s the latter it’s usually a hard pass for me. And though I feel I should pass on this bag, I also feel like I’d do anything to make it work.

Have you ever been dead set on a bag that didn’t quite feel like you? Did you buy it or did you pass it by?

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