I believe in handbag love at first sight and here it is. I have nothing extraordinary to say about this bag other than how absolutely amazing it is. The color, the design, and the croc skin, all come together for a symphony of perfection.

We will be seeing much more of the Proenza Schouler Keep All bags for both spring and fall 2011. But once you show me this croc version, plain leather seems too bland. Proenza Schouler has done it again and continues to do it. We thank the duo behind the brand for keeping all handbag lovers loving their designs. Price is $9,575. Buy via Barneys NY.

This bag was included in my Shop-A-Matic picks for NYMag.com, check the rest out here!

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  • Spa Week Daily

    Love this bag.. If only I were a couple thousand richer she would be mine. :)

    • HuggyMonster.com

      You are so right. If I were a couple thousand richer, the bag would be mine too. sob sob :P

  • 19yearslater

    I’m not actually loving the shape of the big flap over the small flap, but I think I would probably feel differently if I saw this bag in a leather rather than croc.

  • Vitta

    Spectacular! Love the design, the color, the matte skins. Beautiful!

  • Jen

    That has to be one of the most beautiful bags that I have seen in a long time. I would totally take that over a Birkin (considering the price similarity).

  • Stephanie

    I think there’s too much going on here. I think the Keep All, since it has the handle, would looks better without the downward hanging straps. It’s just too busy-looking.

    • Graefka

      I agree.

      Each individual element is beautiful on its own (the handles! the flaps! the hardware! the color! the croc print!), but the whole is less than the sum of its parts.

  • Rebecca

    I have to agree with 19yearslater on this one.

  • it’s me

    this design is so ugly! i prefer ps1 medium and ps11
    btw what color is that? yellow or beige? thank you

  • Mario


  • Ali

    I love this style, but it looks awfully heavy. I tutor and carrying a kindle and graphing calculator and other paraphernalia would make a heavy bag unbearable…

  • Rachel

    This is the year that I buy a yellow bag…seriously

  • annabelle

    wow what a beautiful bag! love the color! and the croc is just utterly gorgeous!

  • carrie

    Really love this bag.

  • Marianna

    WOW! It’s just so… meant to be mine! I may have to wait until I die and go to Heaven, but it WILL be mine! :)

  • swati

    I think i’m in love.

  • nicole

    recommend a good place to buy cheap designer dress, such as ,Max mara, Anna sui, Armani, Chanel ect.


  • Marion

    OOOH! WOW This is such a beautiful bag. I don’t even know what to do with myself anymore

  • XXAL

    the different sized imprints defines each layer very well.. yet i still dont know if i like this bag or not.. the handle and flap looks like the bayswater, the overall shape looks like louis vuitton classics.. hmm.. it toggles between a sophisticated, classy look and a young and tomboyish (messenger) look.. might have to decide when i see it on a model!

  • Mochababe73

    This bag is the reason why I stay away from animal skins. It’s ugly. It looks heavy, hard, and stiff. The color is weird.
    Nancy Gonzalez does animal skins right because she keeps the style simple and let the skins take center stage. This bag has too much going on.

    • Vitta

      All leather is animal skin (cowhide, lambskin, goatskin, pidskin). I’m sure if you see this beauty in person and touch it, you’d love how this exquisite skin feels. Heavenly! Just try it one day. Also, crocodile skins are often much lighter in weight than cowhide or pigskin.

  • edoardo

    The color is really particular and ssurely it’s not an easy-wear color, however I lvoe the crocodile leather and the shape of this PS1 too…cool!


  • LDJ

    OMG I want it too!!!!! LOL

  • Fiel

    I love this!!!

  • Kristie

    Love this bag! I thought the leather ones were great, but this croc version is to die for!

  • Bir

    Oooo it’s beautiful I loooovveeee it !!!!!!!!!

  • Tonya


  • PurseAdict

    Gorgeous ! I love Proenza Schouler :)