Humans are creatures of habit. We’re predisposed to find routines, create schedules and return to behaviors over and over again. Even fashion, which encourages newness and exploration, becomes somewhat rote over time. Most fashion people find a uniform for themselves as they spend more and more time thinking about style and what makes them feel like themselves, and at least for now, my uniform is pretty much set – a black (or black and white) maxi dress, silver sandals and my trusty Proenza Schouler PS1. That uniform will shift with the seasons, of course, but the spirit of the pieces that I’ll incorporate into it will be the same. Especially the bag.

When I look back, I realize that I’ve been honing this “uniform” of sorts for a long time. I’ve always been an ardent fan of black, even in the stifling Georgia summers of my first 25 years on the planet, and I have black sundresses (yes, sundresses) from college that I still wear regularly. My realization about silver shoes came more recently – I’ve bought three pairs of shoes this summer, and they’re all a similar metallic hue, despite the fact that one does not objectively need that many pairs of silver shoes. All of those habits are dwarfed by how specific I’ve become with my bags, though.

Again, this is a habit that I realized recently. Or, more accurately, it was pointed out to me recently by Bea, a new member of the PurseBlog team. I’ve had a Proenza Schouler PS1 for about a year and a half now, and I like carrying it so much that I now more or less only consider buying bags with similar structures. They have to be crossbodies, they have to have a couple easily accessible pockets and I prefer a top flap. My PS1 is paneled in a black-based blanket print textile, and I seriously consider a bag a lot more if it has a similarly dark pattern to it. I may not be buying an identical bag, and it might not be from the same designer, but it’s the same bag, for all intents and purposes.

I’d also buy another PS1, but only one with a print. I seriously considered doing as much a couple of weeks ago during the height of sale season, only to find that the object of my affections had a significantly shorter shoulder strap that my older PS1, meaning it couldn’t be worn cross-body. I’ve never lost interest in anything so quickly. I have a pattern, even if it took me a while (and a little bit of help) to recognize it in myself.

I’m betting that a lot of you guys have the same kinds of patterns – maybe all your favorite bags have similar shapes and details, or maybe you’ve literally bought a dozen Balenciaga Motorcycle Bags over the years. Either way, we want to hear about your habits in the comments.

If you’re like me, you can pick up this PS1 (which I’m obsessed with) for $2,100 via Neiman Marcus.

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  • Mimi

    For me it is the Coach duffle sack. I’ve kept two in rotation at all times since gettimg my first as a teen 30 years ago. The best part is that Coach keeps updating them just enough to keep me wanting a new one with changing what I love about the bag. Rihgt now I am digging the fun, bright new colors.

  • FashionableLena

    I have noticed in the last five years that I have a purse look that I like as well. East-West with a little structure to it. A top zipper or open at the top with shoulder straps. I’ve pretty much gotten rid of anything else that doesn’t have that shape and silhouette. I like this ladylike look with my non-ladylike clothing.

  • Classic Chic

    I am definitely guilty of buying multiples of similar/same shape, my Chanel collection are mainly different color/material/size of reissue and their jumbo/maxi. The next one up will be famous LV Speedy, again in various size and print.

  • Jen

    I love those darn Alexander Wang Roccos. I have 5 of them in various colors. What I like is that they are subdued with a bit of edge with the bottom studs. Perfect edgy bag but not too ‘in your face’. Plus the leather on the older versions with all the pebbles is TDF. The weight is a drawback, but I love the style so much, I don’t care. I have many bags including Bal and Chanel, but always seem to go back to original Rocco in black.

  • Jenny

    Have to be the Louis Vuitton Speedy, a satchel with hand held top handles, though I very recently, ok as of yesterday, bought a hand held satchel with a shoulder strap. Give me a good hand held satchel, I’m open to print, material and color, but top handled hand held satchels make me happy!

  • Sandra

    I started my bag collection thinking I would try and have most all designers represented.One requirement would be enough room for my things and if I am going to spend that kind of money it be a proven bag that will be relevant for years to come. (with the exception of one clutch for evening occasions). Recently I am having a Givenchy moment and have purchased Antigona/Lucrezia/Pandora and now I think I must have a Nightingale.

  • tiffany

    My pattern (really more of a strange OCD) has manifested itself in my bag collection as a brand fixation. First I built up a collection that was all Hermes (mostly second hand and less sought after styles…i.e. no Birkins or Kellys). Then I decided that really didn’t reflect my lifestyle or who I am, so I sold them and went exclusively to Valextra. Loved that for a while and then tired of the limited selection. So I sold those and went to Coach, but still, the range of styles leave me wanting. Now I’ve come to the conclusion that this superficial “one brand rule” is stupid, and I should buy the style/what I like no matter who makes it, and a mixed collection is going to satisfy me a whole lot more than trying to force one maker to fit all of my different needs. Style-wise, I do tend to go for a relaxed hobo or a structured satchel these days, but not much in-between. So today, there is Fendi, Marni, Coach and Marc Jacobs in my closet. And one TDF bag from The Row that I got on sale for a great price :)

  • Pandora

    I was a Prada girl for many years. But just a week ago I bought my first Proenza PS1 Medium flap in royal blue. Unlike many designer bags this baby had pockets and zippers galore in this baby. I love it so much I may go back for the red. Fortunately, I am “height challenged” and the new shorter shoulder strap works perfectly for me as a crossbody.

  • Jon D.

    Lately, the bags added to my collection or the bags I want to get have all been black or a very dark colour. Black is just easier to match with my clothes since I’m usually wearing solid colours for my tops and pants (like an orange polo shirt paired with royal blue chinos). My last 2 major bag purchases have been black Givenchys and I’m now eyeing a solid black Celine Cabas and a black or navy PS1. Black just makes life easier and brings out the design of the bag. :D

  • Heather

    I own 12 Chanel maxi flaps! 3 of them are black (2 with gold hardware one with silver), 2 White ones (one with gold hardware and one with silver), and the rest of my collection consists of purple, pink, navy, turquoise, Yellow, Green and silver maxi flaps. I can also admit that it has turned into a bit of an addiction. Lol

    • Kris

      How is the hardware holding up? My Chanel 2.55 ( color pink), the chain shows aging even I only used it less than 5 times for the past 8 years ( I bought it in Paris) and always store it in the dust bag and Chanel box.

      My the other 2 maxi is black and bluish. Their hardware is okay though.

  • Kett

    My pattern is to not allow myself a pattern. Other than being overly partial to black, all of my bags are quite different. Now shoes… I find a style I love and basically get it in every color (I have 3 Manolo BBs, 3 CL Greissimos, countless strappy buckley platforms…).

  • QuelleFromage

    I notice I am starting a pattern of bags that are hand-held, structured, but have a shoulder strap. First I added a shoulder strap to my LV Alma, then a Clare Vivier duffel with strap, then a Kelly, and now I want more Almas (and of course more Kellys). Something about the flexibility of a shoulder strap or grabbing a top handle REALLY works for me. Now just show me a bag like that with an outside pocket and I am its for life!

    • Jithy

      Maybe the Mulberry Primrose? it has a top handle, shoulder strap and a back pocket on the outside.

      • QuelleFromage

        Nice one! I live in London, though, and Mulberry is viewed in a certain way here. It’s too bad because I want to love the bags.

      • 56hearts

        Just curious, how is Mulberry viewed in London?

  • ellavanw

    The only bag I like for work is a Chanel GST. It is the perfect size and shape, it works with my uniform (shift dress and cardigan, low heels), and it is chic without being too showy. Just bought my fourth. Occasionally buy other bags but they tend to sit on the shelf.

  • Guest

    I’m a Chanel maxi flap girl. I have six of them. If I could afford it, I’d be a Birkin girl.

    I spend a disproportionate amount of my clothing budget on shoes and bags, and almost never wear colors as far as my clothing goes. Black, white, grey — that’s what I like. But give me a bright bag, crazy good shoes, and a pile of bracelets with that and I’m a happy girl.

  • Kris

    The bags I own, I tent to have more than 1 in one style. I have birkin, 45 and 40.
    LV alma, different patterns and sizes(alma bb is way too small and stiff, not easy to get things in and out, btw).
    Chanel 2.55 and maxi, and the other one( forget the name for it, a very flat one, color green, cc logo is snake skin)
    Balenciaga motorcycle bag, extremely light weight, beautiful color, own multiple ones.
    Celine phantom, blue and beige
    LV, speedy withe the stripe as messenger bags, very durable and practical…
    Dior…i have to say I don’t like them..I own 5, suede, calf skin, etc..the quality not as good as above bags

  • Tokidoki!