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In December Glamour chose me as one of their Blogging Babes. I was thrilled to be chosen and kept in such great company on Glamour’s website. Other Blogging Babes featured include Natalie from Fashionista, Julia from All about the Pretty, Leslie from Racked, and Wendy from Nitro:licious.

Glamour has been a longtime favorite fashion magazine of mine so this was a great honor. You can read my interview with Glamour on their website, in which they ask me some questions to find out more about me and what PurseBlog is about. This was such a fun piece to be part of, thank you to Glamour for including me!

Read the full interview here.

Beverly Hills Lifestyle MagazineYou might remember a couple months back when we talked about a new amazing partnership with high end luxury, Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine. The newest issue just hit the stands and I have to say, it keeps getting better and better. Since we are in the midst of the Holiday Season, it should be no surprise that this issue is all about extraordinary gifts, people and places. Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine continues to gather amazing articles that you need to see.

For our article, we picked three occasions during the holidays and a fabulous handbag to go with it. From a family gathering, an office party and of course New Year’s Eve, you’ve got to check out our picks and some more great photography by Vlad (see page 96).

Check out Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine!

Women's Wear Daily Press

Yesterday morning I woke up to a handful of congratulatory emails for our mention and quote in Women’s Wear Daily. While I knew this piece would come out at some point, I had no idea when. Talk about a nice way to start off the week.

About two weeks ago, we had the opportunity to speak to Women’s Wear Daily about accessories firms and their social media involvement. Social Media has taken a crucial, supportive role for our Purse Blog brand, as we have active Twitter and Facebook accounts that allow us to directly connect to our readers.

Like virtually all fashion bloggers, more and more designers and fashion houses are actively present on Facebook and Twitter. Some of our favorite designers to follow on Twitter include Louis Vuitton, BCBG, DKNY, Tory Burch, Diane von Furstenberg, and Rebecca Minkoff. On Facebook, the most active fashion fan page belongs to Coach, who partnered with us to exclusively preview the upcoming Kristin line.

Some designers and representatives approached the social media world with trepidation, but are now flocking to join social media sites to reach out to clientele and fans. Just as independent blogging changed the way information is shared and delivered globally, social media is enabling big corporations to connect to the marketplace. As we continue to see designers and companies embrace this new age media, expect more customer-to-designer interaction, which is just what most are looking for – customers and designers alike. (more…)

PurseBlog on FacebookRecently, our Facebook Fan Page was named one of the Top Nine Facebook Pages for Fashion! We loved being recognized among some amazing other designers and brands. Our fan page is steadily growing and will continue to bring you the latest and greatest from the handbag world, including; upcoming sales and events, handbag discussions, photos, celebrity style, and exclusive giveaways.

We will be leaking information on our next fabulous giveaway on Facebook today before we announce it on PurseBlog. Make sure you fan us to learn a bit about the giveaway before the rest of the world!

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Beverly Hills Lifestyle

I am going to go ahead and speak for the entire Purse Blog team when I say, this is a great Tuesday. I’ve said it before, but collaborations are the best! And today, I get to share with you yet another amazing, I mean, super amazing collaboration we’ve started. This time, we are working with the oh so posh and glamorous Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine!

I was beyond thrilled to hear about the opportunity to partner with this fashion forward magazine. Anything and everything related to fashion can be found in this magazine. You don’t have to be a resident of the Beverly Hills area to appreciate the magazine. In fact, this is the kind of magazine that will set trends, set the tone and show you everything you need to know about fashion. As you can imagine, we are in love! Head over to Beverly Hills Magazine to check out not only what they have to offer but also how we are involved (pay attention to pages 12, 58-59). We hope you enjoy this partnership as much as you do!

Glam BadgeThanks to all of you, we have won the Glam Network Award for Best in Shopping for 2009!! With all of your votes and help, we have won three years in a row now. We have loved the journey Purse Blog has taken; from having only friends and family reading, to having hundreds reading, to having thousands reading. We will continue to bring you fresh content, from designer interviews to giveaways to images, and continue to modify what we do to keep things fresh for our readers. A very special thank you from the growing Purse Blog team to all of you!!

♥ Megs, Vlad, Shannon, and Amanda

Also, check out all of the other fabulous Glam Network Award winners at

How could this week be any better? Vlad flies back from Germany today, tomorrow is Thanksgiving with the family and no work, and today we had a feature in The Miami Herald. We were interviewed for this piece by Kathryn Wexler who met us at our house and had the opportunity to learn more about Purse Blog. Kathryn saw us in our true element, though I did wear a nicer blouse than I typically walk around the house/office in and I had a tinge of make up on. I constantly attest to the fact that we are laid back, and Kathryn will agree with this!

The article, A Virtual Purse Party, lets you in on the ins and out of our website and our business. The boxes of bags that come in for us to review and shoot in our photo studio continue to grow, leaving our front entry wall practically impassable. From $300 to $35,000 bags, our office is constantly seeing the latest and greatest from the designer handbag world. But we are a close knit trio, me and Vlad and my sister. We know the latest and greatest from the fashion world and the runways, but choose to wear jeans and tee shirt and rock out an amazing bag. Kathryn Wexler depicts our story, how our site started, and where our site is going perfectly. Welcome all the new South Florida readers!! And a special thank you to The Miami Herald and Kathryn for the piece.

Article found online at The Miami Herald. (more…)

Our latest press has everyone at Purse Forum very excited! Vlad had been working with Amanda Kwan from the Associated Press on a story about authenticating handbags online. The verdict on the place to go: Purse Forum. Around 1.35 million handbag addicts flock to our forum monthly to discuss handbags and so much more. But early on we saw the need to have areas designated for handbag authentication help. With the help of knowledgeable members and collectors, designated Authenticate This threads have been viewed and updated daily helping members deduce if a bag they are eying is real or fake. While no one guarantees their advice, these threads have ended up helping thousands of people from being scammed and helped thousands of people get a great deal.

We first noticed the story publish on MSNBC, but that was not the end of it. The story has been published nearly fifteen times, and even better, spoken about by two anchors on 13WHAM in Rochester, NY, a subsidiary of ABC News. A special thanks to Amanda Kwan from Associated Press for putting this story together and two all who have helped our forum become the best place on the web to help those who are unsure realize if the bag they are about to buy it authentic or fake.

Here is the list of where the story has been published so far: MSNBC, Boston Herald, ABC News, Seattle Times, AOL, Canadian Press,, WRAL, Netscape, The Northwestern,,, and Smart Brief.

If you see the story anywhere else (or in your local paper which it should also hit) please do let us know! Read the entire article below. (more…)

glam network awards 2008

Thanks to all of you who voted, for the second consecutive year Purse Blog won the Glam Network Awards for Best in Fashion! We were in a field of about 30 other websites in the Glam network, so this really is a great honor. Thank you again to all who voted. We will continue to bring you the latest and the greatest in the handbag world. Here is the link to the Awards page where you can read about us and the other winners for 2008.

nico handbags of lipstick jungle

Nico pairs her signature form fitting jackets with a variety of eye-catching handbags, including the funky Kotur Fane Hitchcock Clutch, Kara Ross Python Bag, Cavalli Leopard Shopper, and her Domenico Vacca Alligator Bag. Her use of eye-catching handbags coincides with her desire to add something to her blasé life.

I was approached to be a guest writer on SeenOn!, covering a piece of the handbags on the ladies of Lipstick Jungle. I had to admit, I have been so busy with the move and work that I have not had time to watch as many shows lately. Luckily, I caught up with the show and now I am totally hooked. Between their high powered jobs, steamy sex lives, and fabulous fashion sense who wouldn’t be tuning in every week?!

Read what I had to say about the women of Lipstick Jungle and their handbags at SeenOn!

online shopping As our website and forum continue to grow (and become one of the most active forums on the web!), we are receiving more recognition in the international press. Lara Mai Landa wrote a piece for Elle Canada titled Online Shopping Guide which covers some of the great online boutiques and our website and forum.

Thank you to Lara for putting the piece together and for all of you, our members and readers, for making our site what it is today! We will continue to do our best to keep The Purse Blog one of the most visited fashion blogs today.


The Purse Forum is where die-hard worshippers assemble to discuss all things handbag. Be it a lively debate over the latest “it bag,” verifying a handbag’s authenticity on ebay, or asking for help choosing a purse from other like-minded enablers, TPF is handbag heaven. College sweethearts Megs and Vlad (Meaghan Mahoney and Vladimir Dusil) founded the site in 2005 after meeting on swimming scholarships. Of special note: where Megs features the latest and greatest handbag discoveries. Be sure to check out the sub-forums for in-depth deconstruction of your favourite brands. Best of all, (not to mention highly dangerous to the wallet) the “Deals and Steals” forum proves a godsend for finding great sales and killer coupon codes.

Article found at Elle Canada here.

Recently, Vlad was interviewed by USA Today about our take on the designer handbag rental websites. While the idea seems great, it is something we realize that does not appeal to our readers and our members. The fact of the matter is, handbag aficionados want to own their bags first and have them as part of a growing collection. Thank you again to Maria for the interview!

“Our ladies are just too picky “” they’re collectors, and they want the sensation of owning the bags,” say Vlad and Meaghan of Fort Lauderdale, co-founders of “Many are repelled by the idea of another woman’s fingerprints or stains or germs.”

Read the entire article at USA Today or (more…)

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