nico handbags of lipstick jungle

Nico pairs her signature form fitting jackets with a variety of eye-catching handbags, including the funky Kotur Fane Hitchcock Clutch, Kara Ross Python Bag, Cavalli Leopard Shopper, and her Domenico Vacca Alligator Bag. Her use of eye-catching handbags coincides with her desire to add something to her blasé life.

I was approached to be a guest writer on SeenOn!, covering a piece of the handbags on the ladies of Lipstick Jungle. I had to admit, I have been so busy with the move and work that I have not had time to watch as many shows lately. Luckily, I caught up with the show and now I am totally hooked. Between their high powered jobs, steamy sex lives, and fabulous fashion sense who wouldn’t be tuning in every week?!

Read what I had to say about the women of Lipstick Jungle and their handbags at SeenOn!

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  • mette

    I really like the brown bag on the floor, would buy it any day had I the money and the ability to get it1

  • Kelley

    I am a huge fan of SeenOn. How cool for you to asked to write for them. I posted a few a weeks ago about it after stumbling upon it accidently from the NBC website. And the fashions on LJ are TDF! It’s one of my fav shows.

  • Claire

    the fashion designer girl on the show (i don’t know her name, she’s the brunette who went out with the rich guy) wore an electric blue Jimmy Choo mahala in the pilot

  • lj

    I enjoy it! but

  • Nicole

    Actually I think that Cashmere Mafia has 110% better fashion and handbags than anything Lipstick Jungle (costumes Daniel Lawson)has presented – probably because Patricia Fields from Sex and the City fame is working on the former. Some of the fashion on Lipstick Jungle is pretty terrible – such as the horrible dress that the “fashion designer” Victory Ford created for the blond celebrity. Also, the plot of Lipstick Jungle leaves everything to be desired. The promos for the show feature the love affair between married Nico Reilly and young and single Kirby Atwood at the main selling point- news flash affairs are old news – and they have been done with more originality and flare a trillion times before. Viewers could probably care less because not only do we not know or care about Nico’s husband (so who cares if she cheats) but Nico chooses to have an affair right after her lover attempts to sue for sexual harassment, nearly destroying her. “Oh, honey, it’s such a turn on when you try to maliciously ruin my life.” On top of that Victory Ford is constantly complaining about her billionaire boyfriend who adores her, “Oh, he didn’t really like to hang out with my friends the first time he met them…” and “Oh, he bought my company and saved me from financial ruin without telling me, so he’s a liar” not an uber-generous prince in shining armor? She finds more reasons to complain about this man than poor Carrie ever found to complain about hapless Mr. Big, and believe me she looked for reasons at every turn. Hello, if a billionaire falls in love with me and flies me to Paris and gives me Coco Chanel’s bust and an entirely new super closet of designer goods call me shallow but I’d think twice about giving him the boot. But Victory, no, she’d rather keep looking, weigh her options, I mean billionaires, they’re a dime a dozen in New York right? And Wendy Healy… I love Mrs. Shields, but Wendy, yawn. Who cares. She’s married and has kids. If women want to spend their time watching mommas at work most could look in the mirror.

    • freya

      yes Cashmere Mafia is much in

  • sue

    Nicole is abso*uckinlutely right. Candace B fell out with the rest of the SATC bunch, and went off, to create LJ, the TV show. In the mean time, Cashmere Mafia was created by the old SATC crowd. Turns out, the CM is much more interesting, and well heeled. No offense to Brook, but her star is waning, while Ms. Lucy L’s is waxing. I’m much more interested in watching what she will be wearing. Where has CM gone? Please take LJ away, and return the other.

  • C

    Your site is nice, but you really need some basic lessons in Photoshop.

  • giosa

    I enjoyed the Lipstick jungle series but some of the Bags were too out there and not practicle for an executive, I work in corporate and no one carries bags that expensive and that flashy , lets be honest, I think Gucci and Louis vuitton are practicle for longevity and style.

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