Glam BadgeThanks to all of you, we have won the Glam Network Award for Best in Shopping for 2009!! With all of your votes and help, we have won three years in a row now. We have loved the journey Purse Blog has taken; from having only friends and family reading, to having hundreds reading, to having thousands reading. We will continue to bring you fresh content, from designer interviews to giveaways to images, and continue to modify what we do to keep things fresh for our readers. A very special thank you from the growing Purse Blog team to all of you!!

♥ Megs, Vlad, Shannon, and Amanda

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  • Pursegrrl

    WOO HOO!! Congrats on a three-peat!!

  • tashadoll

    Congratulations! I love your blog!!!!

  • Classic Chic

    :party: Thank you Megs, Vlad, Shannon, Amanda and our Mods for keep PF a fun site to us, I’m a proud PF Addict ^O^. Please keep up the hard work, I’m positive we can win the award every year, Long Live PF!!!!

  • Amanda R


    We love you guys!

  • dela

    Congrats! You have earned it with the great and ever fresh content.

    I follow several fashion blogs. The quality the makes the Purse Blog a winner in my book is the down-to-earth-tone of Megs and everyone else here.

  • valentina

    Of course you won!!!! It ‘s the only fashion blog that is is both glamorous and reachable for everyone, it’s been years for me now and I always check in to read what Megs, Vlad and her more recent valid collaborators have to say about new styles! Well done!!!

  • PC

    Congratulations on winning!! Keep up the great work.

  • shushopn


  • LDJ

    Congrats!!!!!!……Now pop champagne!!!!! :)

  • Thank you guys so much!!! Lots of love to you all <3

  • bindc


  • Bella