In December Glamour chose me as one of their Blogging Babes. I was thrilled to be chosen and kept in such great company on Glamour’s website. Other Blogging Babes featured include Natalie from Fashionista, Julia from All about the Pretty, Leslie from Racked, and Wendy from Nitro:licious.

Glamour has been a longtime favorite fashion magazine of mine so this was a great honor. You can read my interview with Glamour on their website, in which they ask me some questions to find out more about me and what PurseBlog is about. This was such a fun piece to be part of, thank you to Glamour for including me!

Read the full interview here.

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  • LAltiero85

    That is AWESOME!!! You look great…that Birkin is TDF!

  • kansashalo

    Great article and you look so chic in the picture!

  • Jane

    That is so exciting!! I loved the article especially the photo, you look so beautiful.

  • Merve

    Loved the article Megs. You come across as sweet and informed but not snobby! Well done.

  • Karin bag4bag

    Well done Megs! Enjoyed the article, and great photo (even though Vlad didn’t take it !) . You looked so stylish. Well deserved honor. I had to smile when I saw your choice of bag for the photo – I knew it had to be a Hermes Birkin! . Love that skyblue color.

    • Vlad did take the photo!!! It was from when we were in NYC in October and he was just shooting as we walked around Central Park. Then I choose that photo to send in to Glamour for the article :)

  • Fiona

    Congratulations!!!!You deserve it!I love your blog and it is very helpful, I just found the bag I was looking for , through one of your nice readers…

    • cge

      Fiona – Did you get the rafia Balenciaga bag you wanted??! I hope so! I also scour PurseBlog every day in search of wonderful bags to add to my collection. It’s a very informative, engaging site.

      • Fiona

        Oh, yes!!!Thanks to you Cge, I got the bag in rafia and navy!!!You made my day!!!Many thanks, again!!!

    • cge

      Do you love it as much “in person” as you do on-line?! I ask only because I also adore that bag (you have exquisite taste, I must say), and when I’m visiting New York this weekend I plan to check it out at Barney’s. I really want to treat myself to a fun summer bag, and this looks like a great option! Enjoy it!

      • Fiona

        I´m going to see it only in a few months when I go to LA ( I need to be patient)!!!Since I live in Brasil , I always ask my son , who lives in LA to buy things for me (they never accept international cards).He ordered on line , maybe you won´t find it in the shop…

        Product: Raphia Stripe Butcher Tote – Natural/Marine
        Barneys Style #: 500365312 1 $945.00 $945.00

        Merchandise Total: $945.00
        Shipping Total: $0.00
        Sales Tax Total: $92.14
        Order Total: $1,037.14

    • cge

      Thanks so much for the information Fiona. How nice of your son to pick it up for you! I will let you know if I manage to see it in person this weekend, when I’m in New York. It will be perfect for your lovely climate.

  • shushopn

    Love the article Megs!! I can’t believe you’re up to 70 bags! I remember your early purseblog reveals like your Chloe and Fendi Spy…How fabulous you look!

    • I KNOW! I have come a long way in my bag collection, that is for sure!

  • HandbagReport

    Fantastic interview, Megs!! You truly inspire me!

  • Jenna Lynn

    Great article. This interview was a joy to read. I’m new to tPF (joined last month) and love reading about all the rich history behind this site that I’ve missed out on. You look so lovely with your BJ <3 :: druuuul ::

  • cge

    I adore reading your blog every day Megs, so it’s great when we have a chance to read about what inspires you. And also great to see which one of your handbags you chose to “represent” you in your photo! An excellent choice, but I’m sure the other members of your handbag family are a little jealous they’re not getting the same world-wide exposure!

    • It’s ok! I told all my other bags that Vlad will photograph them as well for PurseBlog. They are resting a bit easier now… :)

  • JenG


  • Rashmi

    Hi Megs, I think it’s time for you to showcase your beautiful Collection once again. I went back to your showcase thread andit says “closed”.

    • There are many many updates – time for an overhaul I think

      • cge

        Yes please!! I’m sure we would all like to see some photos of your collection! That way, we might be able to see some trends in your purchases.

    • Good point. I’ll have to re-shoot the collection again.

  • An4

    great interview and again – great photo! and I like what you said about a bag dressing up the outfit, that’s exactly how I feel about bags! I feel naked without them!

  • Jennifer

    Great article & pic. Love the Birkin! You seem so personable =)

  • Elyse

    Megs, you deserve all the praise that comes your way! (fb)