As Megs mentioned I am currently in LA and I have to say, it is wonderful out here. While Megs and Vlad watched our beloved Ohio State Buckeyes choke on tv, I was at the game with some roommates from college. We could barely believe our eyes, but, we have to give USC some credit – their team has quite a bit of talent! Either way, I couldn’t help myself from doing a little people watching. The USC fans were supporting their team while carrying some rather amazing handbags. I did notice a few bags that had a “punk” vibe going on. So, as I began thinking about what to write about today, I found a bunch of handbags that mimicked the look I saw at the game.

I am all for a little lace here and there, but this Prada Pizzo S Satchel does nothing for me. The handbag is classified as punk, but it just looks like a decent idea went wrong. I can hardly appreciate the bag because every time I do look at it, all I see is the lace overlay. You know, now that I think about it, if the bag had less lace, it would be a total hit. Furthermore, I could see the lace getting snagged from daily wear and tear. But, at the same time, yes, I can see the punk vibe. I haven’t see anyone sporting this handbag out here, but maybe I will soon. So, what do you think – if you are looking for a handbag with a little punk or attitude, would this Prada bag be the one? Buy through Saks for $1,995.00.

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  • You know Shan, I actually oddly like this bag. It is crazy, but the kind of crazy that works for me!

    Enjoy LA!

  • Atrocious!!!

  • Amanda Rowe

    I kinda like it, but I’m not too crazy about all that extra lace extending past the top of the bag. I think it would be a little bit better if that part was maybe an inch shorter. Other than that, I like what they’re going for here.

  • lawbabe

    I do not feel punk vibes or think that it’s for everyday use. Though it’s not my style, I tend to like it too. Would look nice for an evening in a Broadway theathre…..

  • Merve

    Im all for the lace fad this season, tights bags shirts etc but too much lace and u end up looking like grandma’s tea cosy. Strip the back extra lace off and u have yrself a nice handbag albeit one that all designers are making in view of the fashion.

  • juju

    This one is a big flop for me. I don’t see anything “punk” about it. I don’t care for the lace, or the lace that the bag appears to be vomiting.

  • Excellent work.

  • This is something Morticia will love. But I won’t be caught walking around with this, even to my irritating neighbor’s funeral.

  • emily*


    Lace has thrown up on this otherwise decent bag.

  • BrennaMom

    I ADORE this bag! Probably because I ADORE black lace, ergo, I ADORE this season’s Prada, and I’m not a Prada person. Absolutely fabulous!!

  • Sarah

    I think that the shape of the bag is nice, but the black lace on the black bag, with the extra black lace hanging over. It is all just to much black and to much lace. If my grandmother was into “punk” she would maybe like it since it looks like the tablebcloth she threw out. The whole Prada line this season with all of the lace is just ugly.

  • pursecrzy

    That’s one fug bag

  • seriously, why are handbags SO MUCH $$$$$ now. I mean, you can’t get anything cute for under 600$ …and the really great ones …well over 1k ..or 3K

  • me

    I really like this. If the lace was another colour it would not be so nice, but I think the black pulls it off.

  • lyn81

    i really like this bag. i think it’s a great piece of art. it’s true that it’s not a perfect everyday bag but imagine if you are wearing a black fitted knee length dress, this bag would make up all glamors for you. i think it depends on the taste and style of each person that could pull something good out of it.

  • lily j.

    I, coincidentally, was in LA for the SC / OSU game also and found a few moments (the day before) to stop in at Prada in BH. I saw a few lace pieces that I think might have been pretty on, but I don’t really care for this bag – at least not from the picture.

  • dyjann

    I would probably grab a scissors and trim it a lil’ ;)

  • not my stlye

  • I actually really like this bag… but I do have an obsession for lace.

  • black bacarra

    I am a frustrated goth glamour girl and this is very “vampiric” in vibe. I love this bag and would use it everyday in winter. However, it would be a pain to clean and maintain plus it costs an arm and a leg.

    Would actually buy it if it were under $900. It reminds me of that 80’s mini series “Lace” starring Phoebe Cates. Would only spend 1,950 for very supple leather on a big bag.

  • Olivia

    Someone can pull this off. Not my favorite Prada bag.

  • girly bits

    I would call it “Lady Marmalade Goes Goth”…enough said.

  • ModaQueen

    I actually really like the lace idea. I have a small Pizzo S Gold Lace purse and I’m in love with it! The one pictured above has way too much lace overlay. The one that I have is smaller and has some overlay on the sides, which makes it look absolutely gorgeous! Also, this is not the kind of bag you would wanna carry every day, just for some occasions with appropriate attire.