I’ve always been a Prada girl; in fact, my first premiere designer bag was a nylon Prada messenger bag that I used for college. Did it fit everything I needed? No. But I loved that bag, and I made it work. Now, I’m a major fangirl for Prada’s more structured offerings. The brand does Saffiano so well, and some of its classics, like the Prada Double and Prada Galleria bag, are among the most sought-after bags out there.

Enter the Prada Paradigme Bag. I love this bag. I simply love it. The Saffiano and calf leather combo is oh-so-lovely, and the interior of the bag is made for ease of use, with two accessible zippered pockets and two interior pockets, including one with a zipper closure. The bag has offset color embellishments on the shoulder strap and inside, which gives just the right touch of playfulness without going overboard.

This bag is made to be easy to carry, with double leather handles and a detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap. And like many other Prada bags, there are ample colorways, so you can find one that meets your fancy. All I can say is this bag is what my Prada dreams are made of and I love the black with pink combo. Overall dimensions are 12.2″ x 9.2″ x 5.9″. $2,710 via Prada.

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Prada Paradigme Bag 1

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  • Irene

    “ditto” Megs. I Heart Prada as well and to me this bag is the epitome of a handbag. So practical, chic, an everyday/occasion bag, AND easy to pop open and see all your stuff.

  • desgod

    love love love love it!!!

  • Sparky

    Love it because its similar to the Galleria. Of all my bags, my Galleria is my favorite.
    I’ll take a look at this one next time.

  • Imgoingbroke

    That’s a nice looking bag, Megs. I love Prada too, especially the shoes…crazy about Prada shoes!

  • psny15


    I love Prada but it has been a while since Prada has come out with a revolutionary bag (there are all versions of the galleria totes and i use all three of mine quite often)

    You rarely see Prada bags being carried in the city and it has missed its mark way too many times – i wish miucci hired a good accessories designers because im ready to buy fresh new bags and accessories

    • Passerine

      I think it depends on which city. I was just in Singapore for two weeks and saw a LOT of Prada bags, but not that many Saffiano totes. I also see a lot of Prada here in Switzerland.

    • I honestly can’t even remember which bags I saw most of in NYC – but I am always a Prada girl so I’m drawn to their designs! They have some really fun Spring/Summer bags I’m going to share soon!

  • Sparkletastic

    Gorgeous! I’m a Prada girl that’s strayed. But this may draw me back! Great move on from my beloved double zips.

  • Passerine

    I like the bag and love Prada, but am just not a Saffiano fan. I much prefer Vitello Daino and Cervo. Was in the Singapore store (Ion Orchard mall) last week and checked out the new vitello daino bags, very nice. The SA told me Prada plans to increase its selection in this leather — maybe we could see something here on PB if that comes to pass?

    • Of course! Will keep my eye out for it and see if we can pull any bags in either of those leathers!