Prada Fringe Bag Spring 2007

Prada IT BAG??…Or Cousin IT bag??!

Apparently being called the next new ‘IT’ bag from Prada, the Prada Fringe Bag is now making its Spring 2007 debut. I normally adore ALL Prada, but this particular style makes me want to run out and get a rabies shot before I touch it. Quite frankly, looking at it gives me hives. After loving and adoring my Prada Gauffre bags, I’m quite shocked at Prada’s blunder with this new ‘IT’ bag. Perhaps its just too funky for myself, but if I saw it on someone… I’d throw it a dog treat and run.

Contributed by Guest Blogger, Jill

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Side view: fringe and silver grommets.
Prada Fringe Bag Spring 2007 1

Top view
Prada Fringe Bag Spring 2007 2

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  • hmmm…looks more cousin it than the it bag

  • prada i love

    i love many prada bags and very mad on the ones which is cool but this one,come on its plain

  • Melanie

    This is a fabulous bag!!!!! I totally love it! You watch all the famous people that will all of a sudden be carrying this bag. Grab it while you can! Expand your minds!

  • r

    looks great! How much is it?

  • Melody

    I don’t care for the fringe on this bag and wouldn’t carry it, but I do like the compartments on the inside.
    I’m currently in love with the new drawstring bag.

  • nathan

    come on now! every gay guy knows fashion & this isnt it!! its def makin a fashion statement bt the statement is sayin hell no!!! this bag is horrible!! so like wtf u guys??!!
    **always~~Nathan Glenn Kirkland**

  • tija lietuvietis

    if its good for posh spice victoria beckham its good enough for me …i love mine!!!

    • Juris Dukstenieks

      I´m sure You loove it. Juris back in 1977

  • renee

    i think it’s a cute bag

  • Jennifer

    I think this bag is fabulous! And most likely if you dont like it, you probably cannpt afford it!! :grin:

  • tija lietuvietis

    juris where are you…ill be at the Baltic fest in Riga Latvia 08 with my Prada fringe See you there??buca buca tija

  • tija lietuvietis


  • tija lietuvietis

    like melanie said..if you dont like it …you probably cant afford it $3292.US with out tax??? Ive purchases 4 of the spring bags since this one in 07..all well construced…attention to detail very important!

  • selina

    I love it and I really want it , but i couldn’t find it on ebay…..
    there is only brown like victoria backham. I want black………..

  • Monika

    do you know where can i find brown fringe prada bag?

  • monica

    are you interested in a perfect condition ecru/bone colored original prada fringe with papers circa 2007 bag???


    Im finally parting with 1 of my 3 fringe bags. The ecru smaller fringe, perfect shape, i have used it 4-5 times. I end up using the choco or black larger size lots. Will sacrifice for 750. New 2750.00. Let me know via e mail or phone message 5035506070

  • Naggy

    This looks like it could be a new member of the Adams family. (ipad)