Prada Fall Ad

Hot of the Fall/Winter runway collection, the Prada Velluto Jacquard Tote is hitting stores. Our verdict: no thanks. The pictures and description leave much to be desired. There is the rust cheetahprint velvet jacquard version or the midnight floral print velvet jacquard tote. On the Neiman Marcus website, these Prada bags leave much to be desired. They look more like an art-project than a runway bag. But when I ran across the ad from the Prada Fall/Winter Ad Campaign I began to see some beauty in these designs.

Prada Velluto Jacquard Tote

Shown with the models who are rocking frizzy hair, serious looks, and sultry hues, these Prada totes begin to come to life. Not an everyday bag, but in the right situation either of these bags could pop. Then again, we all know that the right setting and photographer can transform items, in both a positive and negative way. Is it that the stock image on Neimans does not do the bag justice or that the ad does the bag too much justice? What are your thoughts? Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1450.

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  • Lacey

    Gorgeous! Simple to die for.

  • Lacey


    Oooh, I’d love for this to be a future giveaway =D
    But I wouldn’t get it, so probably not =[

  • otter

    Holy crap — and not in a good way. Ick granny satchels.

  • Christy

    they look like completely different bags….I think the lighting in the ads is making a HUGE difference. But unless I can walk around with a lighting technician all the time, the bags aren’t doing it for me.

  • Urooj

    Granny satchels, exactly what I was thinking.
    Then again, with the right outfit and look, you could make a bag work…but not sure if I’d want to wear the outfit?

  • fuchsiafury

    In my high school US history class, we discussed the politicians from the North who arrived in the South during Reconstruction, sweeping in with their travel carpetbags.

    And in the cartoon portrayals of these politicians, was a bag not very much unlike the Prada jacquard tote! I’m sticking to Miu Miu this season!

  • Jane

    The right styling goes so far… very far with these bags. I’m going to agree with the assessment that these look like carpetbags. For the money, that’s very expsensive carpet!

  • Tess

    LOVE, LOVE this bag the first time I saw it in the purple on the cover of Real Simple. I can not wait to get one.

    • Rita

      I too saw it on the cover of Real Simple and thought it was purple, so of course I wanted it. I later find out it only comes in Black, Rust or Yellow. The designer really missed the mark on this one. The color choices should have included purple.

  • Michael St. James

    Prada needs to stick to simple black bags! These satchels are trying way too hard to be Valentino and failing miserably. They look so cheap!

  • Tangela

    Very nice…I could carry one of these beauties everyday

  • longchamp

    The Prada bags in the campaign ad do not have tessuto or nylon for the sides but are velvet jacquard. I think that alone makes the bags look a lot different.

  • sula

    my jaw dropped for: illusion & reality… Let’s give Prada bags for their illusions.

  • fashionistaO

    remember carpet bags? …. fugly …. I collect two Prada bags yearly, this will not be one of the must haves!

  • Rebbeca

    I like this bag!
    Its so different.. a statement bag for sure..
    But still not my best Prada, its not timeless.

  • MiuMiow

    I saw these bags in the Prada boutique in Paris (she didn’t have them ‘out’ oddly enough) and while I love the look of them – they do look really glam and ‘right’ when you carry them – the feel is all wrong. It is a fabric (canvas?) bag with velvet design and if you take the paper stuffing out of the bag, it feels very light and insubstantial.
    I know people who love Vuitton for instance will love the lightness but for me, if I pay that money, I want to feel it.

  • Jean E. Whalen

    This Kooba Blake purse looks soft and cushie, a hand bag and yet a shoulder bag, a functional bag. It would be fun to win this bag. I have not had the opportunity to know of it. Thank you. Sincerely Jean E. Whalen