I have never been much of a fan of Prada. Not for any particular reason; they’re just not my thing, but I can understand why others are so passionate about them. The leather is usually supple and beautiful and I’ve heard wonderful things about their quality and construction. Nice leather, classic shapes, and durability – you can’t ask for a whole lot more than that, even if they don’t exactly tickle my fancy.

Prada Cervo Shine Hobo

Which is why I can very much respect that a lot of people will love the Prada Cervo Shine Hobo, even though it’s not absolutely wowing me. It has a ton of factors working in its favor – buttery soft deerskin leather, accessible outside pockets, and a functional and wearable shape that would be great for work or play. I think what’s stopping me from being more enthusiastic is the color. I’m not much for tan, and if they gave me this in a grape-y purple or a slate grey, I’d probably be turning cartwheels right now. But for those of you out there that love tan, I may have found your new favorite everyday bag. Buy through Saks for $1650.

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  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    This hobo isn’t my favorite in the world, but I have also read and heard that Prada bags are very durable. I also really enjoy the color of this leather and the accessible pockets! They add a great bit of detail and make it a lot easier to find those items like cell phones and keys that you can never find in a huge purse! Thanks for the review.


  • TygerKitty (Laura)

    The leather looks lovely, very subdued style but I’m sure for someone that wants an every day bag that’s good for most everything this one would fit the bill nicely!

  • Otter

    i quite like this one.

  • Sarah

    I love this bag. The Prada line for Fall is stunning. I have ordered 5 bags from Bergdorfgoodman.com. There is a purple tote that I think you would love Amanda.

  • Mandy

    I really like this. I am a camel bag lover, and while I would have to see this shade in person to be sure, I think it’s a nice camel. I am picky about hobos – they have to have some bit of structure but still be soft. This hobo looks perfect! It even has my required front pockets! I may have to make room in the Fall budget for this one.

  • Jackie

    Hi I loved the Prada bag Sandra Bullock uses in The Proposal. In the beginning. Creame colored. with double strap. Can you tell where I can purchase this bag.
    Thanks Jackie

  • Cari

    Ok so I saw this bag online a week or so ago and I LOVED it! It has been a while since I have lusted over a Prada bag, so I am glad they are back on my list. The color is fabulous and I love the shape. I am hoping to add one of these to my collection.

  • longchamp

    This bag is coming in grey, Pietra, it’s beautiful.

  • LDJ

    It too plain and that color!

  • Pamela M

    This is a fabulous everyday bag. And no, it’s not very glamorous, but that’s what makes it everyday. And that leather will last through everything. The color is neutral which is good for any season and work or casual dress.


    the perfect every day bag !!!!

  • sksy

    i think this is really classic and the colour is really gorgeous!

  • Lynnie

    any idea if this bag is still available in stores nw?