Prada Cervo Lux Print Bowler Prada bags have not made an appearance on Purse Blog in nearly two months. That means we are waiting on the new styles to show up online and there hasn’t been a great or awful Prada bag to cover. I found my way to the Prada Cervo Lux Print Bowler a couple months ago and found myself liking it. The bowler shape is not always my favorite as I prefer to be able to sling my bag over my shoulder and get on the go. But I could start to justify covering this bag since it is 50% off right now at Saks.

While it looks like python skin, this is actually python-printed deerskin which will not be as fragile as many python skins. The coloring of the bag is what I love most. From dark green to a lighter green, this bag has a great dimension to it. There is a goldtone logo in the center and double handle straps. Again, for a bag that was originally over $2k, the nylon lining is not as luxurious as I would want but will be easier to clean. I figured this bag was worth a mention, but it is not worthy of me remotely considering buying it. What about you? Buy through Saks for $1374.

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  • Linda

    Sorry! But I think every one of the bags on the blog today are boooring!!!!

  • Sweet Pea

    Even with the 50% off, I am not feeling this bag!!!

  • kanakok

    saw it in person- its not that nice

  • linda

    I really really like this prada handbag. The bags so cool so nice! I seem to see the site( and then a similar style, but it was sell a knockoff bags, cheap and fake. I want to buy a real this prada purses.

  • Sarah Julie

    I’m not usually fan of a bowling style tote. But when it’s Prada I find myself making an exception… Remember that gorgeous fairyland print one they did last year? Shouldn’t have liked it, it went against everything I normally like in a bag. It was whimsical, screamed designer and was a useless shape for my lifestyle. But I WANTED it.
    Bit like this one. I’m not going to lie, over 50% of the reason is because it’s Prada. If Marc Jacobs had done a green snakeskin bowling bag, I’d hate it. Wouldn’t even have to look at it… Call me what you will – snob, silly, shallow. But this sort of wrong-but-good bag (and costing 2 grand too…) has to come from a very old school, European house you admire blindly and love everything the label STANDS for, not necessarily everything it creates. That’s what being a true fan means.

  • dimon

    Sarah Julie

    That was really well put. I too, have a special irrational part of myself that just loves Prada, and not Miu-Miu, just Prada. I think it has to do with Italy and my first visits there, the sexiness of the Italians, and the non-conformity of the Prada label itself. The only French equivilent for me (and I’ve lived in France for 22 years) is Christian Lacroix. I really think that the collections haven’t happened until Miucia shows and then we know what the following season will be about.

  • Mandy

    I am so phobic of snakes that even snakeprint bags give me the creeps (yes, even when I know they are printed leather). However, I can appreciate the beauty of this bag. I too love the colors. For a much more affordable option, especially if you know you’ll be on to the new latest, greatest thing next month, I have also admired B Makowsky’s snake print shopper. Even considered getting one…well, maybe not.

  • chirpy_gal

    Practical but a bit too loud :)

  • aidan

    i hate prada.
    i’m glad they are close
    to bankruptcy. they deserve
    it with all the crap ass bags they have.
    and the people they hire to work in their
    boutiques? puhlease!

  • Jess

    Aidan thats a little harsh,
    Prada has paid there dues in the fashion world, and i love them simply because they push the envolope.
    Alot like Marc Jacobs they refuse to conform to fashion, and what people exspect to see from fashion.
    I love this bag.
    Very practical.

  • Michelle

    I love this style and shape of bag from Prada. The bag is the perfect size in my opinion. I have a similar bag in black leather. The pattern/material on the other hand is a little much for my personal tastes. I love Prada handbags as a whole though. I did recently purchase a handbag online at one of those discount stores. It was an older style but the handbag was perfect. It was completely authentic and the people there were very responsive to all of my requests. They are also part of the Better Business Bureau. Check em out if you want at discount authentic handbags.

  • Sarah @ Salescoop

    Hmm I had to stare at this bag for good 5 minutes before I could muster up what I thought about the bag. I love the colors and the snakeskin print, not so much the design. However, I do think the design of the bag plays off well with the print. Definitely not for me, but I’m sure there are many Prada aficionados dreaming about this bag.


    Love the bag, its shape and everything else about it aside from the print. its just not me. But nice bag.

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