Moschino t-shirt bag

I try not to be overly negative about any fashion piece; I know that my taste is not for everyone, and the same can be said for anyone else’s. I appreciate the chances that designers take, and when I’m being more critical, it’s typically over the price and quality. Of course, there are plenty of items I don’t appreciate on an aesthetic level, but I try not to make it a focus on this site.

Moschino doesn’t shy away from getting people talking. In creative director Jeremy Scott’s short tenure with the brand, he’s already released a McDonald’s-inspired line, super quirky iPhone cases (which I love!) and a series of bags that look like iconic jackets. Now Moschino is taking the jacket bags one step further with a T-shirt bag.

Moschino T-Shirt Bag 1

I never wanted to carry one of the jacket bags, but I much prefer it over this t-shirt bag. The good: the bag is made of great leather. The bad: everything else. Not only do I not love the bag, I feel like it would be so uncomfortable to carry on your shoulder, with the stiff “shirt sleeves” poking you as you try to get in and out of it. The price of the bag is $1,495 via Net-a-Porter.

But, as I said when I started, what I like and what others like can be two very different things. So I turn to you, dear readers: would you ever carry this Moschino bag?


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I can’t tell you how much I’ve loved getting to share my love of handbags with you for almost ten years now. It’s pretty crazy to think that PurseBlog will turn ten this year, and it’s thanks to you that we’ve made it this far.

One of our major goals is to offer a wide variety of handbag coverage, including sneak peeks at new designs, handbag news and raves over our favorite pieces. When it comes down to a couple of humans picking things to write about, though, there will always be a bias. I’ve been on a Chanel kick lately (if you follow our Instagram account, you will see how intense it is!), and I’m also a major Gucci fanatic.

We try to provide as much variety as possible, but I am sure we’re missing some brands you love. We want to give you the most well-rounded experience when you visit our site, so I want to hear what brands or stories you’d like to see us cover more. Also, if there are features you love or new angles you’d love to see us cover, let us know. Tell us anything in the comments below; we love to hear from you! We will read all of the comments and do our best to integrate the best suggestions into PurseBlog.

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