Leslie Mann Hermes Kelly Bag

The stars of the upcoming revenge comedy The Other Woman have been jet-setting all over the world these past two weeks to promote their new flick, but actress Leslie Mann has been consistently “bag-blocked” by the large, luxurious bag choices of Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton, who always seem to be leading the pack. But at long last, we can see her press tour bag of choice – the ever-classy Hermes Kelly Bag, in a lovely shade of cerulean blue.

Pup Instagram Roundup

While most of our Instagram feed tends to be fashion-filled (with sprinkles of seriously good food porn), few things are as cute as some of the pups we follow. This week, we’re interrupting your regularly scheduled fashion-centric Instagram Roundup to bring some a handful of puppies that have melted our hearts these past few days. We could’ve chosen 100 of them, but we realized that would be a really, really long slideshow. Read More…

Bloomingdales Private Sale April 2014Lately, the sales just keep coming. Today’s is a bit of a secret – the Bloomingdale’s Private Sale is on from now through April 27, and it includes discounts on everything from wear-now spring apparel and shoes to extra discounts off home goods and bedding. If there’s something you need or want to get ready for the new season, odds are that you can find it marked down at Bloomie’s right now.

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J. Mendel Midi Clutch

J. Mendel is already a name that many fashion lovers know, but when you think J. Mendel, you probably think of the brand’s stunning gowns and impeccable furs.

I’ve been a longtime lover of J. Mendel, and when I heard that Giles Mendel decided a focus on bags to be integral to his brand’s future, I was thrilled. Each season, Vlad and I sit at the show and feel ourselves taken into a world of majestic beauty on the runway. Seeing the items off the rack takes it to a different level, and my newest love revolves around J. Mendel bags. Read More…

The Many Bags of Supermodels

Models and great handbags go together like peanut butter and jelly. Some of our all-time favorite collection profiles have come at the hands of supers like Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss and Alessandra Ambrosio, and if there were a photo agency dedicated purely to documenting their daily outfits, we’d gladly delve into the handbag closets of even more models. Because there isn’t, though, we’ve decided to put together all that we could find from five of our favorite supers whose collections we’ve yet to dissect: Karlie Kloss, Chrissy Teigen, Kate Upton, Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel. Read More…

Born Free Celine Tote Bag

It takes a truly special cause to get brands as exclusive as Celine and Prada to abandon their normally sky-high pricing structures, but with Born Free, they’ve done just that. Born Free is a charity fashion initiative that combines the powers of Vogue and ShopBop to bring together 22 top designers in an effort to end fetal AIDS transmission worldwide by December 31, 2015. A big part of that effort will be a limited edition run of special pieces designed by some of the biggest names in fashion. Read More…

Ariana Grande Chanel Flap Bag

Here’s Disney starlet/pop singer Ariana Grande, arriving at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday in Washington D.C., carrying a teensy gold Chanel Flap Bag. As you can clearly see, Ariana has chosen to pair her Chanel with an oversized lavender sweater and white go-go boots. I might’ve chosen to wear a skirt (or a longer skirt, if there’s indeed one under there) if I was invited to the White House to sing in front of a group of small children, but you know, that’s probably just me.

BV-initials-smallDon’t forget to visit the Bottega Veneta artisans who will be in NYC this week! For three days only, the brand’s artisans will be on hand to showcase the personalization service, Bottega Veneta Initials. The demonstration will take place on Friday and Saturday, April 25 and April 26, from 10:00am – 7:00pm and Sunday, April 27, from 12:00pm – 6:00pm, in the New York City flagship store at 699 Fifth Avenue.

Click to see more details about the event!

Want It Wednesday Metallics

Metallics can be a little bit tricky; in their worst incarnations, the finish can look cheap and tacky, but when a metallic is good, it’s something you can wear no matter the season or time of day. Because we’re in one of those oh-so-delicate seasonal transition periods where a good metallic is worth its weight in literal gold, we’ve used this edition of Want It Wednesday to round up our favorites. Read More…

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