neiman-marcus-coupon-code-december-2016If you’ve got some holiday shopping to do, Neiman Marcus wants to make it a little easier for you, as long as you shop before December 10. Until then, you can get $50 off a $200 purchase with code DEC50, with a huge selection of merchandise to choose from! All the qualifying items are marked, too, which takes the guesswork out of exclusions.

Get $50 Off at Neiman Marcus Now!
Tory Burch

If you have old ideas about Tory Burch as a line full of logo medallions and sensible preppiness, it’s probably long past time to be a little more open-minded about what Burch and her team …


You’d think bag lovers would be easy to shop for, but that’s often not the case. An interest in designer accessories often brings one to the point of obsession with rarities, discontinued styles or colors, …

Buzz Worthy

Although Vogue has a questionable history when it comes to predicting It Bags (the publication tends to be far too generous with the label and far too willing to give it to weird, editorial-centric designs …

Victoria Beckham's line has long been impressive for its clean-lined, tightly edited designs with real adult women in mind, and this beautiful, simple white bag exemplifies that look. The Victoria Beckham Baby Half Moon Bag 0 Comments Read More
Bottega Veneta

Reliability is probably an underrated characteristic, both in people and in fashion brands. Seasonal flash is fun and merry-go-round of creative influences at a brand is intriguing, but when it comes down to it, the …


The holiday season is fully upon us, and celebrities seem to do a surprising amount of holiday shopping themselves. (Though we’ll never be able to calculate the untold hours personal assistants spend shopping for them …


We live in an unpredictable world. We work long hours, we take care of our families and ourselves the best we can, we try to be good people. We all, once in our lives, deserve …


There are times when you can leave the house in sweatpants and no makeup, and times when you are a Victoria Secret model who has flown to Paris to appear clad in lingerie during the …

Bag Deals

We’re officially one week into sale season, and this is a pretty great time to be looking for a deal on a designer bag. Not only is the selection still huge, but a lot of …


It would be fair to say that I have a small problem with beauty products. I’m at the top tier of the Sephora loyalty program, I’ve got an entire piece of furniture dedicated to beauty …

Bag Deals

The holidays are no doubt a time of joy, but they can also get stressful; there’s so much party-planning, gift-buying, hostessing and traveling, on top of our already full lives and careers, and we all …

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