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When we first shared news of the Coach Rogue Bag, many of you (myself included) fell for the bag. Under the direction of Stuart Vevers, the designs at Coach have taken on an entire new life: a very approachable and stylish vibe that has countless celebs, fashion stars and, of course, consumers rushing to add the brand’s bags to their collection.

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Coordinating your nail polish with your favorite handbag is more important that you think. Our hands come in contact with our bags countless times and this interaction is the perfect way to show off your freshly painted nails.


Celebrities are making the most of the waning days of summer. They have their obligations, of course–grocery shopping, brunch, the VMAs–but they look picture perfect whatever they do, and their handbag picks this week are tres chic.

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Labor Day Weekend always causes me a lot of mixed feelings. On the one hand, three day weekend! On the other hand, a reminder of the eventual return to winter and my own mortality. At any rate, today is the last day of August and it’s time too look back at what we’ve learned over the past month.

TV Show Recaps

At first, I had intended this recap to cover two episodes’ worth of ground because we missed last week’s episode due to vacation, but when I watched the episodes last night and this morning, I was struck by how little actually happened during them.

Gucci Leather Mid-Heel Loafer

Labor Day Weekend is quickly approaching, and that always brings about some bittersweet feelings. Summer is coming to its unofficial close, which means it’s time to start thinking about ditching the sandals and shorts in exchange for some cool-weather accessories like boots, pumps and lots of sweaters.

Limited Editions

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting the one and only Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, you know how breathtaking the legendary store’s Main Floor is. The display area, in all of its regal, vintage charm, plays host to most of the store’s handbag inventory, as well as jewelry and other accessories, and now, after a remodel, it’s even more gorgeous.

Louis Vuitton

I’ve always been extremely fond of the Louis Vuitton SC Bag. Designed by filmmaker Sofia Coppola in collaboration with Marc Jacobs during his tenure at Vuitton, the bag is rendered in soft calfskin, generally in a solid, neutral shade, and finished with little in the way of hardware, beyond a metal padlock.

Rich velvet, a handle saddle bag structure and a gorgeous shade of chocolate make this bag for everyday wear in the coming cold months. Prada Pionnière Velvet Saddle Bag $1,770 8 Comments Read More

It’s not even unofficially fall yet, but still, winter is coming. If you focus on the winter handbags, that doesn’t seem like such an ominous promise, and thankfully, Dior is here today with its Winter 2016 handbag lookbook to remind us that cold weather isn’t all bad.


The simple design and small shape of a clutch lend themselves to all manner of artistic expression, and yet so frequently, that meager bag real estate is overwhelmed by logos. On the flip side, of course, you have your customizable Edie Parkers, your little Alexander McQueen skulls and your iconic Judith Leiber creations.

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