TS Notice 7_1 You can tell we’re pretty excited for this upcoming 4th of July weekend on TalkShoes, and these red and blue Gianvito Rossi pumps prove it. Also, it looks like this new Christian Louboutin pump is gaining quite a celebrity following. First, we saw these Louboutin Toerless Muse Pumps on the feet of Kendall Jenner, and over the weekend we spotted them on Amanda Seyfried. In case you missed anything over on TalkShoes, be sure to check out the five post everyone couldn’t get enough of in June 2015. Of course, don’t forget to shop the weekend’s 10 best shoe deals you don’t want to miss!



The super-popular Chanel Boy Bag and the new-but-coveted Christian Dior Diorama Bag have a lot in common. The bags are both fairly new marquee additions to their respects brands’ lines, likely intended to appeal to a younger audience that might find their respective’ brands legacy offerings a little too ladylike.


When I really sit down and think about it, it seems like being very wealthy would be, among other things, super weird. It would be great in a lot of ways, of course–for instance, I could command someone to grill me a medium-rare steak for lunch, and I would surely enjoy that.

Saks-70-Off-Sale-July-2015We told you earlier this week about all the splurge-worthy deals still available at the Saks Designer Sale, and now we have some even better news: Saks has increased the discounts to up to 70% off, which means the best prices of the season are now upon us. If you waited until now to spend your end-of-season budget, you’re about to be rewarded handsomely.

Shop Up to 70% Off at Saks Now!

Today’s the first day of July, and summer’s hottest days are still in front of us. That means a lot of skin is going to get exposed to the harsh light of day in the next two months, and there’s no reason to look like you just got taken out of your winter mothballs.


Summer is busy. Kids are out of school, people go on vacation, people eat lunch outside instead of in front of their computers. That means you might have missed something here on PurseBlog, but on this, the last day of June, we have you covered.

Matches-Fashion-Finale-Sale-June-2015If you’ve been saving your sale season budget for the biggest markdowns, now’s the time to pounce. MATCHESFASHION.COM‘s sale section is now up to 70% off, and there’s still a pretty big selection of good stuff left at those prices, including bags from brands like Chloé, Givenchy, Saint Laurent and Valentino. As always, we recommend swift and decisive action; these are final markdowns, so the numbers aren’t going to get any better.

Shop Up to 70% Off at MATCHESFASHION.COM

If you’ve been contemplating the purchase of a Céline bag for fall, we have some information you’re going to want to consider while you plot. We just got ahold of the brand’s Winter 2015 lookbook (which, confusingly, is the group of bags debuting with what the industry generally refers to as “fall” collections), and we’ve got all the images below, plus pricing for each bag.


If you thought sale season was over, think again. We dipped into the sale section at Saks yesterday, and it didn’t take very long for us to start filling our shopping carts with totally lust-worthy bags, shoes and accessories, all up to 60% off. If you’re looking for a serious deal on a super-fashionable piece at far below regular retail, you’d be smart to give Saks a look ASAP–many of the best items in the sale are 50% off or more, and that means they’ll soon be snapped up.

Below, we picked over a dozen of our favorite Saks sale finds to get you started on a little bit of mid-week shopping. Check out our favorites from the bag, shoe and accessories sections below, or shop the full sale via Saks! Read More…


Pity the A-list celebrity daughter: born into wealth and privilege, hounded by the paparazzi simply because of her heritage, able to get her hands on any luxury item she desires with just a little namedropping…wait, did I say “pity”? ENVY. I meant envy.

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