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  • laura

    the color combinations are beautiful but I can’t stop seeing a cosmetic bag. I’m not sure I like it… yet

    • I never thought of a makeup bag, but I really like bowler bags so I am biased to the shape!

  • definite no for me. So the inside bag can’t be concealed?

  • L.O.

    Wait. Does that bag come out or is it meant to look like a bag inside a bag?

  • Nan

    Basically it means that you only get a small amount of usable space to put your wallet, keys, sunglasses, etc. Yet, you are still carrying a large bag? Not for me.

  • Passerine

    I’m a Prada fan and own several of their bags, but these just don’t do anything for me. Seems like someone is trying too hard. Overall, a miss.

    • Sparkletastic

      I so agree. I love my Prada bags and was hoping for something beautiful and interesting this season. But these bags are hideous.

      • Passerine

        There are some beautiful colors and leather choices offered and if they’d done the outer bag alone (with a shoulder strap), I would consider buying it. More staid, admittedly, but it would have been, IMO, a much better bag. The bag could have come with a small, removable dopp-style bag in the contrasting leather as shown in these photos, maybe attached with a small d-ring type chain. Then I would have definitely been interested. But as currently offered, no thanks, it’s both a design fail and impractical.

  • Nor Kam

    It doesn’t make sense…

  • Irene

    The outter design/silouette is very pretty
    I don’t like the inner pouch at all. Could they relaunch sans the plastic makeup bag?

  • Sandy

    I just do not get the appeal…it just looks like your cosmetic bag is too big for your bag. I do not like it…is there something more appealing about the bag IRL?

    • Mya Wilkes

      haha @ cosmetic bag being too big for your bag. That is such an apt description!

  • Smithy

    What a silly concept.

  • dela

    I like the slightly undone luxury the open bag represents. And I am sure it was meant to be a bit divisive. The design is in line with Miuccia Prada’s off-kilter aesthetic more so than other Prada bags. According to WSJ, the inside bag is supposed to resemble a man’s dopp kit, and the bag can also be completely closed off. Essentially, the design of the bag gives you three compartments. That as well as different ways of wearing it make it a versatile bag. Also, the basic design and shape of the bag will lend well to lots of iterations in future.

    • Amy Fremin Frascella

      I agree with you. When I first saw the post a day or so ago, I was left with a slightly uncomfortable feeling, but the second time I see the images I feel more at ease with the concept and feel this is almost a new bag segment…the colour combinations give it energy and beautiful contrast with the function being not dual, but triple purpose! May not bcomee a classic, but a brave new entry…very interested.

  • Yazi

    It looks like a make-up bag to be honest and I doubt it can be removed. Plus this makes the space inside the bag minimal. I really don’t see the aesthetic or purpose of this bag.

  • ottercat

    Where do I put my thermos?

  • Moesha75

    They should have called it Inception.

  • Denise

    It looks like a makeup bag that couldn’t fit into a handbag.

  • PJGambler

    Too peculiar for my taste.

  • klynneann

    They’re beautiful! But are they functIonal? They look like they’d be hard to get in and out of.

    • I’m hoping to get a sample soon to play with and see how it works to give you all a better idea of the functionality!

      • klynneann

        Thanks! Looking forward to hearing more about it! It’s too bad the inside isn’t removable.

  • mary

    do they get the intern to design this? must weigh a tonne with all that leather

  • Aforallie

    “The best part is the bag is so beautiful that it moves me when I see it.” I love it when Megs gets all poetical about bags. That’s why I started reading Purse Blog all those years ago. To me the bag is cute, but reminds of a certain part of the female anatomy.

    • ellavanw

      what part? this really confuses me!

    • Jerri R

      OMG now it can’t be unseen LOL

  • FashionableLena

    As much as I love pink, that grey and yellow combination is my favorite.
    To be honest, I’m not feeling the concept. It looks like a waste of space on the sides, and it looks like a make-up bag is sticking out of it. Not a highlight.

  • shky

    It looks like I didnt zip my bag properly and my make up pouch is showing.

  • Sparkletastic

    Blech! It looks like the Prada designers were enamored with the Fendi Peekaboo’s success and decided they had to have a bag that “peeks” at you. Just, No! This is an epic fail.

  • tim de rosen

    Some of these colour combos are truly awful. It’s a concept that should never have left the drawing board.

  • Mya Wilkes

    I’m sorry but this bag is ugly.

  • Jennifer

    I don’t understand this bag. Is the outer zipper supposed to stay unzipped? Is it sewn in? What does the inside of the inside bag look like?

    • I’m planning to borrow a sample from Prada soon so I can show you more of how it works and looks (plus I haven’t gotten to play with that aspect of it yet).

      • Vicky

        Great! I’d love to see more of this bag. I like the look, but am doubting the practicality of it.

    • Jerri R

      Whether it zips all the way or not, the fact that you can show off the design only if you leave it unzipped, makes my OCD flare up.

  • dave

    It’s so easy to see this is a sponsored post.

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Way too contrived. Someone was trying too hard and had a brain hernia.

  • Rosa Lily

    By far, the ugliest and most impractical bag of the season.

  • Gpc

    I’d like to know who considers this to be one of the biggest bags for fall? Whoever “they” are, I think they are about to be proved wrong… Prada will be giving these away in droves to celebrities and bloggers to try to convince the rest of us that we need this boring bag.

  • Violet

    I read somewhere else that the inside bag cannot be removed. It’s sewn on.

    I’m more interested to know how this was ever dubbed “the next ‘it’ bag”. It doesn’t seem to have what it takes to even take off. But what do I know, eh? Maybe when we see every celebrity toting it, we will all change our minds. Who knows!

  • So much hate for this bag! Lol I thinks it’s supposed to be a weird bag, I think it’s kind of cool how it makes you doubt yourself haha we should wait till Meg shows us how it works in real life, maybe it surprises us?

  • Imgoingbroke

    This “it bag” is a terrible design. What you see is what you get. The outer zipper is fixed and does not zip OVER the inner bag. You can store little things on openings next to the inner bag (eg: lipstick, sunnies, keys) but the inner bag is the main storage area. Also, the bag is really boxy and wide. Not my taste, but I bet it will be well received by Prada fans.

  • denton

    This is possibly the silliest bag concept ever. And the ugliest.

  • ladypeperell

    lots of wasted material and space here.

  • Elisa

    I love bags inside bags as long as they are really removable and both zippers really work. Otherwise it’s just extra weight and bulk.

  • Stefanie

    This is really ugly…

  • Jason Jones

    this bag is such a daring concept, I wish you girls would give it a chance.
    I personally love t!

  • Judge & Jury

    “The best part is the bag is so beautiful that it moves me when I see it.”

    I understand that a blog has certain obligations and considerations to its supporters, but this seems like an overstatement considering you have not experienced the bag in person.

    At this point, it reads like you are simply “pushing product” as opposed to being a relevant, objective and authorattative voice on leather goods.

  • klynneann

    I saw these IRL yesterday and they are beautiful! I loved the look of it from the pics above but was concerned it would be hard to get into. It absolutely is not! The leather is incredibly soft and the bag zips all the way down on the side so it’s very easy to push aside and get into. I still wish the inside part was removable, just because it would have added another dimension of usefulness to the bag, but this bag is definitely on my list!

    • Vicky

      So the inside bag is not removable? I wish it does. What do you think about the zipper of the outside bag scratching the inside one? Any possibility? I like the look of this bag, but I have concern. Oh… Also how big is a medium one. I really like their pink one. And maybe green. :)

  • June

    Any pics of the strap? I like the color contrast but would think the bag would be heavier as 2 bags in one.

  • baglady

    Fugly. Sorry and I love Prada bags.

  • Casey

    This bag is absolutely stunning in person, the nappa lambskin is softer and more luxurious than any other lambskin I’ve ever felt. I’m not surprised that most people here don’t like it though, it’s not exactly a commercial look but the people who truly get Miuccia will appreciate it.

  • melvel

    I want the pink one. But not for that price.

  • Vicky

    Good to know it has a removable shoulder strap. Now, I wonder of the inner bag is removable.

    Here’s my concerns;
    Will the zipper of the outer bag scratch the inner one?
    If I keep the inner one inside, how can I put anything in the outer one without worrying about it falling off seeing the zipper of the outer one goes down along the way? Only be able to put stuff in the inner compartment doesn’t do it for me. I need easy access to cellphone and stuff. Are there any compartment system in the outer one?

    Now, that’s something I’m curious about and wish you could do a feature on this bag again.

  • Susan Butler

    It should be called the Ripley and Prada should send one to Sigourney Weaver.

    • lizarde

      Yes!!! That was my first thought. It so looks like the alien!

      (Also a lady part as noted above, but that bugs me less. The zip dividers kind of do too, but they’re practical, so whatever.)

  • lizarde

    I’d rather have the green crocodile one alone.

    Actually what I really want is the all green frame bag from spring 2012, but I didn’t find one until I was out of work…even used it was pricey. Sigh.

  • Vicky

    I really love this bag. I don’t know how many times I visit this post to ogle. I wish I have a money tree!