Sorry for the delay, lambs, but I finally got to leave my house today after six days of snow captivity, and I wasn’t going to miss that opportunity for anything. But now that I’ve made it to lunch and back without careening off a frozen bridge, let’s have a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap to celebrate!

Last night was supposed to be something of a watershed episode, but really, it was more like a bit of relief. The other shoe had finally dropped on awful person extraordinaire Camille Grammer, and that shoe belonged to a 20-something flight attendant who misspells her own first name.

We started the episode with Kyle and Lisa having lunch and discussing Kyle’s oldest daughter’s graduation, but talk quickly turned to Taylor and when the ladies found out that she be dropping by to join them. Lisa and Kyle are old friends and Lisa is apparently a bit uneasy about Taylor’s entrance to the situation, and before Taylor arrived, Lisa pointed out that Taylor was likely the one who stirred Camille up in New York and caused the blow-up that we all saw at the restaurant.

The way Lisa explained her feelings about Taylor came off as slightly jealous, but also entirely correct. It does appear to be Taylor who fanned the flames with Camille on the New York trip, and when Taylor arrived at the restaurant, she went straight to work establishing that she was the one who was closer to Kyle at that moment. When the issue of her and Russell came up and Lisa told her to stop trying to laugh it off and pretend like she wasn’t bothered, Taylor acted like she was a crazy person, despite seeking Lisa out to talk about her marital problems at one of last week’s various and sundry parties. It seems like it’s a little late in the season to make a Lisa-Taylor rivalry happen, but perhaps they’re setting us up for some finale drama next week.

Over at Camille’s house, things were similarly weird. Camille admitted what we all already knew, that Kelsey had called her before the Tonys and told her that the marriage was over and then asked her to come to the awards show with him anyway. That admission was spliced in with Camille toasting Kelsey and the Tonys with her friends, most of whom were clearly unaware that they were headed for a nasty divorce. When one of them asked when Kelsey would move back after the play, she looked like she might throw up and then begged off from the question with the least-convincing diversion tactic ever: “Err, well, that’s the plan. I guess. Not yet. You’ll know.”

Do I feel bad for Camille? That’s a complicated question, I suppose. Do you feel bad for Camille? Are we all grinches with hearts two sizes too small? It’s difficult to not feel a little bit of schadenfreude (at the very, very least) for someone who has worn her marriage (to a notoriously womanizing ex-addict and mostly washed-up actor) as a badge of privilege and status for far too long and for no other reason than that he had a name that people knew and he let her use it. People get married every day. It’s not an accomplishment.

People also get divorced every day, and the vast majority do it under far less convenient circumstances. Camille will reportedly get somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 million in the settlement, not to mention all the fame and notoriety she could ever want as a result of her stint on Housewives and her desire to talk (very specific) smack about her ex-husband. She doesn’t have a job, and she won’t have one for the rest of her life, simply by virtue of having found a rich man at a weak moment and holding on for dear life until he got wise and kicked her to the curb. So, in short, screw her. Bring on the divorce.

You know what irritates me the most about Camille, though? She laughs with her eyes open. That’s the thing she does that makes everything else seem wrong. After reviewing hours of footage and spending far more time than a person who wants to maintain her sanity should spend on the issue, I finally figured it out. She can’t even laugh without making sure everyone else is looking at her and reacting appropriately. She did it for an entire half an hour on Watch What Happens Live last night, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Maybe Andy Cohen should wear his glasses more often, because they help my brain work better.


She did look a little thin and sound a little defeated, and I have a couple of friends who have recently gone through divorces and it seems like absolutely the most heinous and draining experience on the face of the planet. So I feel smug, but I also feel a little bad for feeling smug. And mostly I hate Camille, because now Camille is causing me to have introspective thoughts about my own flaws and meanness, and I didn’t really sign up for that when I decided to watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, now did I?

At Kim’s house, our very own Jan Brady was doing a phone interview with Disney Radio about her claim to fame, Escape from Witch Mountain. The DJ called her a sex symbol for reasons that I’d rather not contemplate (wasn’t she like eight when she did that move?) and Kim did the requisite bragging about her decades-old stint as an actress and then said that she wanted to restart her career, which seems about as likely as Camille and Kelsey getting back together after she told the world that he’s a crossdresser on Howard Stern’s show two days ago.

Meanwhile, Adrienne and Paul went shopping, and the most surprising thing was that Adrienne would deign to set foot into a place that uses plastic hangers. Even the Gap uses wooden hangers, y’all. Or do I just go to a very special Gap? Anyway, that’s not the point. The point was that they bickered, like they always do, and then Adrienne bought some stuff because it’s her money and he can’t stop her, nor do I think he would. She’d probably just break his nose again if he tried. Poor Paul. He leads a full-contact life.

Speaking of fabulous lifestyles, we then joined Lisa, Ken and Cedric in the Bentley to head up to a vineyard and “commission a new wine” for the restaurant. The awkward moving-out issue came up again, but it was mostly overshadowed by Lisa being marvelous and making jokes about spitting instead of swallowing, hiking through vineyards in Louboutins and the disease that is flat shoes. A nice diversion tactic, Lisa, and certainly better than Camille’s from earlier in the episode, but we need to discuss Cedric.

As you all know, I gave the Dickensian story of Cedric’s life the benefit of the doubt last week, but after hearing what he said to Lisa in the vineyard and seeing his little performance when they were back home, it seems as though he may indeed be running a long con on Lisa and Ken. His entire screed was like a study in emotional manipulation and he became clearly agitated (and not in a sad way, but in an angry and indignant way) at the implication that he should one day live on his own. When he got Lisa alone, he launched into the “BUT NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE ME” crap that people you’re trying to break up with say to make you feel bad for them and told her that he was the child of rape, and if that’s a lie, a gang of actual sexual assault survivors should hunt him down and beat the crap out of him. But they should let Lisa have the first swing.

Back in Beverly Hills, Kyle and her daughter were working out with their personal trainer when they got a phone call that they seemed to think was rather unfortunate but actually sounded kind of lucky. As it turned out, the cousins wouldn’t be able to make it to graduation. THOSE cousins. Paris, Nicky, Baron and their parents weren’t going to attend, and that was a tragedy. But really, who wants a bunch of sniveling famewhores who will just distract everyone’s attention around when you’re trying to have a special day? Perhaps the graduate (what was her name?) agreed, because she didn’t seem particularly gutted over those developments.

As it was, about a thousand people showed up to see her turn her tassel anyway, and in reality, college graduation isn’t that big of a deal. I didn’t go to mine, and here I am, gainfully employed at a job that I can do while wearing sweatpants in the middle of an absolute crap economy. All that and I didn’t have to sit outside in a giant polyester robe and ugly hat on a 90-degree day. I count that as a net win, even though I don’t have any graduation pictures. They’d just sit on my digital camera until I accidentally dropped it in a fountain or something anyway. I know myself too well to sit through things like that.

Since this is Real Housewives and all, there had to be a party attached to this momentous occasion. Everyone got together for a plated dinner and the presentation of gifts afterward, and Kyle’s daughter seemed incredibly pleased with the bling that her mother had chosen for her. What was perhaps less exciting was the giant potted plant (huh?) that the Hiltons sent over with two attendants, only adding credence to my belief that they would have acted like jackasses and stolen the show if they had bothered to show up. They did do one thing correctly, though – they sent a fat check. At another table, Adrienne and Paul discussed their marriage issues with Mauricio’s sex therapist mom, and when Paul decided he had had enough of that subject, he recommended she get a face lift. With the exceptions of Russell and Kelsey, the Beverly Hills husbands are easily the best of any of the Housewives franchises.

In New York for the Tonys, the show finally spent a few more minutes on the only story line that matters. Camille had gone to New York for the awards at Kelsey’s behest so that no one would ask why she wasn’t there, but she wasn’t permitted to stay at the family’s apartment, which struck me as cold even for someone who’s cheating on his wife, no matter how horrible she might be. Kelsey put her up in a hotel instead, and he was also nice enough to fly Nick in so that she would have someone to kiss before the ceremony. It was incredibly awkward and we weren’t privy to how many of the people in their group knew that they were about to have a disaster of a public breakup, but that almost made it a little more fascinating. Watching people try to keep secrets is always solid entertainment.

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  • tata

    do i feel sorry for camille or not… really, such a hard question. but i agree with you. at the end of the day, when you see camille all over the tabloids portraying herself as a victim, you begin to wonder… how genuine is this? and seriously, have you noticed just how much publicity camille’s had lately? i think she hired a new publisist and is on a mission to fix her image by portraying herself as a victim… she’s everywhere telling her story and “implying” all kinds of negative things about kelsey! pleeeez, she’s no elin woods!!

  • Lisa in Oregon

    I’m sorry but I don’t feel even the tiniest bit sorry for Camille. (Guess that makes me a grinch, but so be it.)

    You said it perfectly in that she found a rich man at a vulnerable moment and took advantage of it. How is that an accomplishment? I don’t get it. I also don’t buy her new fake-nice personality. She’s repulsive. Know that.

    The Cedric issue: I was undecided last week, but after last night’s performance, I’m convinced he’s a big con artist. (Albeit a very good one) Now he says he was a child of rape? No one can love him? Oh he’s goooood. He earned himself another six months at the mansion. Next he’ll say he has learning disabilities due to the beatings he received from his mother’s “Johns.” Brain damange. Can’t find employment. No one can love me. Oh please.

  • Sue E

    I could care less about these BH wives who tote more birkins than Sudan has food to feed there ppl..(ipad)

  • ninjaninja

    Cra cra crazy. (ipad)

  • BLynnT

    As much as I have enjoyed disliking Camille throughout this whole season (and think she should probably just keep her mouth shut about her personal life now), I don’t think anyone deserves the treatment she’s getting from Kelsey – from the cheating, to the middle-of-the-night divorce phone call, to the parading of the mistress (I mean, fiancee).
    I will definitely still turn my nose up to Camille’s snooty comments and generally stomach-turning antics, but let’s face it, no one should feel sorry for Kelsey either. Good luck to his latest “lady.” At least she’s got a front row seat to a preview of what will likely be happening to her in a few years’ time.

    • BLynnT

      Forgot… (ipad)

  • Jan

    These women bore me…there’s not a nice, normal human being among all of them. If the world was filled with women like this-we’d not have any love in our lives as children or husbands of them.

  • katieax

    Wonder if Camille always goes to Mason’s dance class or she attends only when the cameras are rolling…

  • Melissa

    I still don’t like Camille! Her getting cheated on and getting a divorce does not exempt her from being a decent human being herself.

    The Tony pre-celebration was SO tense and awesome! Her passive agreesive digs were great – saying ‘I love you’ in front of everyone so he’d have to reply in kind, saying ‘here’s to 13 yrs of marriage’ then doing her head-bobby thing and Kelsey just plastering that face on and grinning back.

    Her crush on Nick is just too much – I have never and will never request a kiss on the lips from a married man (or one in a relationship, or one other than my boyfriend!) in front of his wife then wink and slink away seductively. blegh.
    But I love to hate her so I hope she comes back for Season 2 without her ‘A-list husband’ to elevate her social status.

    Also, I was glad that Lisa brought up that Taylor may have instigated the NY fiasco as I was wondering why no one else had. Kim has tried to imply Taylor was involved but then Oklahoma Taylor would scream that Kim was crazy and no one else said anything (that we saw) until now.

    re: Cedric, I’m willing to believe his general story about mother’s occupation and being abandoned, but I wouldn’t be surprised that over the years he has found certain elements of his story to be more compelling and sympathetic and then molding it a bit. My mother is in a similar situation but without Lisa’s means, and we’ve known the mooch for 15 years. But it’s one catastophe or emotional heartache after another and he still won’t stand on his own. It’s too easy not to when you know you have it made as is.

    Amanda, I saw your tweet last night wondering how Kyle could have a daughter graduating college and she (@KyleRichards18) tweeted that she had Farrah at age 19.

    Can’t wait for finale and reunion – should make for great reality TV! Thanks for the recap, Amanda and I am so happy for you to have gotten out of the house following the Snowpocalypse!

    • Kate B.

      Isn’t Kyle 41? Well, if she had her daughter at 19, and said daughter is 22 (the typical age of the average college graduate) that would add up to 41. Makes perfect sense. (iPad)

  • Shana

    Wow, I dunno if Camille or Kelsey is coming off worse. (ipad)

  • jennicer

    Didn’t Cedric say he was abandoned at age “7 or 8?” Wouldn’t you know how old you were when you were abandoned by your mother? That made me very suspicious…

  • gpc

    Here is my recap: I won’t ever feel sorry for Camille. Cedric is a con. If I were Mauricio’s mother and Paul said that to me about a facelift, my reply would have been – “ah,yeh, so I can look as scary as your wife and Taylor, no thanks”. I am beginning to believe that Kyle has got to be the most insecure person around – talk about living through your daughter. Kyle, get our own identity. Lastly, the Hilton’s are disgusting…

  • suz

    OK…just a few thoughts…Isn’t it bordering on child abuse to make your child do the splits until it really, really hurts? And, last week, wasn’t Cederic just the son of a protitute, while this week, he’s become a child of rape? Loved, loved loved Paul turning the conversation to…”you need a facelift”…no better way to flatter a woman. I have to say, I have a problem with their constant “bickering”…very passive-agressive. Thought the graduation bling was strangely innappropriate and frumpy…but then maybe that’s just Beverly Hills. And, really, I thought Kyle was a little over the top emotionally. Isn’t graduation a time to rejoice… more tuition! Didn’t like the interaction during the lunch with Kyle, Taylor and Lisa….very mean girls/junior high school. I hope it was scripted to drive some future plot line. If not, Taylor, whom I have always been ambivalent about, just fell to the dark side. Loved your observation about Camille’s eyes. Can’t begin to muster any empathy for her, even if she was a tiny bit more “real” on WWHL. $50 million is a mighty fine paycheck for crazy. And, no matter how loathsome Camille is…..Kelsy is, by far, the biggest douche bag of all time.

    Thanks, Amanda. Late is always way better than never!

    • Ashley

      I totally related to Kyle during the graduation because my parents reacted similarily. Maybe it was because I was moving two states away, but I thought her reactions were appropriate- not the thousand dollar ring but the sentiments.

  • SS

    Camille is crazy, but incredibly insecure people often are. (ipad)

  • shallowgal

    What’s up with Kyle being married before? Or did I miss something somewhere? That was strange.
    This franchise is really paying off in a big way, I am loving almost every moment of the crazy/horrible/comical goings on of these women.
    I am left puzzled, however, by Lisa & Adrienne’s involvement. What’s in it for them?

    • suz

      Mauricio is certainly a step up at any rate. Fortunately Paul is a character (for better or for worse) because Adrienne doesn’t pring much to the party. I’m sure she’s in it for the PR for her casinoes.

  • ninjaninja

    I think Cedric is lying his ass off because he doesn’t want to lose his sugar mama (they’re probably not doing, but you know what I mean. (ipad)

  • suz

    I agree….Cedric is a scammer….I can’t get a handle on his accent….sort of an affected Euro-trash mishmash. If his Lisa gig doesn’t work out, he might have to get a job. Horrors… Actually, did I hear they’d parted ways?

  • Nicole

    What a great recap!! I loved your bit about the Hiltons…

    I thought Cedric seemed offended that Lisa and Ken would want him to move out…which leads me to think he lying…I been hearing they parted ways as well.

    Also, I feel like this is the first time Camille has really made mention of her children.(ipad)

    • Nicole

      Also– I heard that Lisa has been taking care of Cedric since he was 15?? is that true?

  • Kells

    I’m Team Grinch. I can’t feel bad for Camille since she appears to have a little buddy on the side as well. If Nick is married, what wife in her right mind would be ok with Nick and Camille’s relationship??

  • Elizabeth

    OY. (ipad)

  • Ashley

    Camille is horrible and I couldn’t help but feel that she’s getting exactly what she deserves and probably wants. I would imagine the minute she married him she was looking to the divorce settlement. Also, we’ve clearly seen how little time she actually spends with her children. Their interactions could not be more awkward when we do see them together. So I can’t feel too sorry for her about having to tell the “children” and take care of them herself. I’m sure the nannies are still doing all the work and giving all the affection.

  • S.J.

    i felt bad for camille in this episode(ipad)

  • S.J.

    :( (ipad)

  • Sherry

    did you see the ring kyle bought her daughter (ipad)

  • Sherry

    can you say bling blow

  • Sherry

    can you say bling blow (ipad)

  • hfxshopgirl

    oh my…i actually felt bad for camille. kelsey did seem heartless (ipad)

  • Titi

    I have never left a comment but enjoying reading your recap alot! This recap was by far my favorite for the BH women. Love you for that! I did feel bad for Camille for a quick minute, then I watched her on Andy Cohen and I was reminded while I dislike her. Yes I didn’t go for my graduation either, UGA’s huge stadium graduation is just not appealing.(ipad)

    • I went to UGA too! And there was no way I was going to sit out in the Athens heat and listen to our terrible graduation speaker talk about being our best selves. No. Way. Jose.

      I went to DePalma’s and had stuffed mushrooms with my parents instead.

  • Pam

    Don’t feel sorry for Camille. She stands to walk away with $50 million, which doesn’t leave much for the homewrecker airline stewardess, Kayte (sp?) I liked the interactive bickering between Paul and Adrienne, but Taylor’s lips make her luck like a relation to Daffy Duck.

  • Joy

    Camille and Nick are disgusting. The only reason I can think of that his wife passively lets Camille kiss her husband on the lips is that they’re SWINGERS. (iPad)

    • Lorie

      You know, that’s the conclusion I’ve come to. I think Mrs. Nick lets it go on because maybe she is into it. Maybe even watches or participates. Why else would she let it go on in front of her face and in front of her friends?? Just a theory.

  • PhotoGirl

    Sorry for Camille? Not one whit! I know all too well the pain and discombobulation that divorce brings, but I’ll be perfectly honest and say it’s nothing that 50 million dollars can’t cure.

    As for college graduations, I totally understand the pride Kyle took in Farah’s commencement. In my family, graduations still mean something, too, and if you fail to show up at your own commencement (something that no one in my family has, to my knowledge, ever dared to do) you do so at your own peril. Something about being the descendants of slaves,immigrants, women who had to sneak to learn how to read, etc., makes one understand that walking that walk means something enormous. It is an homage to the hard work and sacrifice of all those who have gone before and an inspiration to all who will come after. Or at least that’s how we roll in my little corner of the world. Just sayin’. . .

    • I abstained from attending my ceremony for political reasons over the speaker who was chosen, which I won’t get in to here.

      At UGA, people don’t walk at graduation and no one’s recognized by name, there are simply too many people. I went to my certificate presentation for the journalism school instead, where they actually called names and recognized everyone, plus I didn’t have to wear a hat and everyone could see my outfit.

      My parents were thrilled that they didn’t have to go to the big stadium foofaraw. But my family is very, very lax with tradition in almost every way that you could imagine, so that’s probably just us. We had a Christmas balloon instead of a tree one year when I was in high school because no one wanted to go get the tree.

  • Manuela

    Had I only seen this episode and no other, I’d feel sorry for Camille. She was truly shaking, greiving and bereft of…something.

    Previous episodes let me know Camille was shaking in her shoes at the idea of losing Kelsey’s clout and the weight behind his name. Not the man or the husband, no matter what we might think of him.

    Camille was the one person who was supposed to love, honor and treasure him, not any of us. And instead,uh,she found herself a Nick. Her relationship with him isn’t too hard to figure out. How long did Kelsey have to live in BH watching this BS?!

    So while I don’t entirely excuse Kelsey for his relationship w/ Kayte…consider that he’s willing to make her a legitimate wife, while Nick is still someone else’s husband!

  • Jenn

    French feet lol (ipad)

  • Nikita

    I love Lisa and her CLs! (ipad)

  • amy

    When it comes to Cedric i called it from the beginning. He has to be Conning them,.. Lisa stated early within the season that he followed them around for years. Lisa clearly wants to get rid of him.
    As for Camille, i remain the Grinch on the issue too. With that attitude, and her obnoxious behavior she had it coming.

  • Engrmom

    Paul was really rude to Mauricio’s mom. Only in BH would someone dare to tell someone she needs a facelift. Paul and Addrienne relationship is strange. Kim need to be self reliance and Kyle need to stop being responsible for her sister. Lisa is a very smart women she didn’t get to be where she is being dumb. She’s beginning to figure Cedric out. Camille has no ounce of humanity in her everything she does is to satisfy herself.(iPad)

    • I think that the spontaneity of that statement was largely editing. It didn’t entirely make sense how it was shown, and Mauricio’s mom’s unsurprised reaction seemed to indicate that they had been discussing plastic surgery in some way.

  • nick

    I don’t know if I’m buying Cedric’s story… (ipad)

  • Patty

    Don’t like Camille. ( Ipad)

  • S

    I feel bad for Camille – getting a divorce is tough enough, but with two small children and also knowing your man pretty much replaced you must suck.
    What’s with Lisa being envious of Taylor and Kyle? So strange. I’m not a huge fan of Lisa – she seems a little catty. Adrienne is my favorite but she could be a little nicer to her man.

  • S

    Also Amanda I want to point out that I believe Kyle grabbed Taylor’s hand not the other way around. And the way Taylor said “I know your jealous,” makes me think Kyle may have mentioned something along those lines to Lisa. Notice Lisa reacted to that statement by looking at Kyle, not Taylor. I watched that part again, because I thought it was so strange ;)

  • Blaine

    Cedric is a right foul git, preying on Lisa’s sympathies & no amount of childhood abuse can absolve him of that. He is a grown man. I’ll match my childhood with Cedric’s imaginary one any day & twice on Sunday & never ONCE have I ever been tragic enough to use it as an excuse for my bad behavior.

    Cedric trawls for pity – in my own experience & in dealing with abused children for ten years in my profession I can tell you this – most of them don’t trot out their stories over appetizers. They’d sooner die than let strangers know, let alone encourage anyone to treat them as emotional cripples. Exactly the opposite.

  • quimerula

    I don’t follow it. (ipad).

  • helen

    I don’t follow the show, but their hair look nice. :) (ipad)

  • Adrienne C

    Camille appeared alittle bit more “real” on Andy’s show than she had all season. I do like her just a SMIDGE more than before but not much more than that.

    I’ll have to keep my eyes open for the open-eye laugh – I loved your psychologic evaluation on her. I think you hit the nail on the proverbial head. She’s divorcing because Kelsey saw through the charade/facade and finally got fed up with the subserviant “sacrifices” she constantly reminds everyone of and all of the wonderful qualities she’s been blessed with that gets crammed down our throats at every glance in her direction.
    I was married to a Martyr once and that gets old real quick (15 yrs). I wonder if she’s a Pisces (?) according to the century-old chart…..
    She’ll become her own person at some point without a famous name attached to her personna if she doesn’t suction-cup herself to another wealthy ignoramus any time soon. It would behoove her personality to stay single and tackle some actual responsibility for a change. I’m curious if she decides 4 nannies is about 4 too many.

    • NANCY

      Camille is a virgo – she said it at a dinner at her home in an older episode.

  • PoshFan

    I don’t buy Cedric’s story for one minute, and apparently Lisa stop buying it also, according to Life and Style Weekly during the upcoming Reunion show Lisa informs that Cedric has since moved out of her house and they are no longer speaking, I can’t wait to see how it all goes down. You can add me to the list of people who don’t feel sorry for Camille, if it was any other woman that was being treated this way by her husband I’d be sympathetic. However Kelsey being such a douche and Camille being just awful I think they deserve each other! I also think that Taylor had instigated a large part of what happened in New York, and I’m suprised the ladies took so long to arrive at that conclusion. Counting down to the reunion. (ipad)

  • Angie

    Kelsey and Camille deserve each other. These douches should get back together!

  • Linda

    Camille could take some lessons from Tiger Wood’s ex – wife. Take your money and run and keep your ugly mouth shut….there are two children from this union so why make their lives miserable? I think she is just dreadful.

  • JenG

    To find out that your husband has had an affair and his mistress was pregnant, had a miscarriage and he calls you in the middle of the night to tell you he is finish with the marriage. Regardless of how crazy Camille maybe. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment. I can imagine the pain she is feeling. And all of this is played out in public. Divorce is bad enough, having to deal with rejection and I’m sure depression from the hurt. I feel sorry for Camille. And I hope that she can get through this mess and find happiness again! I’m sure the 50 million will help, but it will not erase the pain!

    • Carla

      I’m not sure that is pain she is feeling. Maybe more embarrassment. I’d be mortified if I got all uppity on tv acting like Kyle was jealous because Kelsey was a big star and Mauricio was a lowly real estate agent and then I was dumped in front of the world.

      Kelsey really hasn’t said anything, she’s the one telling everyone she was dumped over the phone. She could have kept quiet, said they split over mutual differences or grew apart and kept her dignity.

  • ninjaninja

    Kyle’s oldest daughter looks exactly like her father! (ipad)

  • Lorie

    oh mercy. A little bit of me does feel sorry for Camille because Kelsey is rubbing her face in it being so public about the whole thing. But then, I think Camille’s so intolerable that I’m shocked he didn’t run off years ago.

    Whether Cedric is lying about his childhood or not, he’s a grown man. Grown men should live in their own homes and take care of themselves. I could see where he might have needed help years ago when he was younger, but he’s clearly capable of being on his own now. Time to go out on your own, Cedric.

  • Lorie

    And WTH was that plant that the Hilton’s sent to Farrah?

    Looked like the delivery guy took it out of the lobby of one of their hotels.

    • Dawn Snow

      Funny about the Hilton gift coming from their hotel lobby…I agree, awkward. (iPad)

  • coachwife6

    Can’t watch this Real Housewives. (ipad)

  • moi

    wow (ipad)

  • Ellen

    I feel a bit sorry for Camille any time Kelsey does something horrible, but then I remember that is what she signed up for, and she is getting the money. I expect that she is putting on a scene when she acts devastated about the breakup because I think she cheated on Kelsey. Although, since the editors do not show everything, I hate to judge them completely. (ipad)

  • Bijou

    wow (ipad)

  • Bijou

    kelsey doesn’t seem like such a nice man (ipad)

  • Lina

    Ugh, hate this sort of non-celeb reality tv type of nonsense! (ipad)

  • Joanna

    I hope Cedric is at the reunion show. (ipad)

  • Handbag Lover

    I kinda felt bad for camille, I guess the medium was talking about her. I am glad Lisa brought that up about Taylor being the one to start all the drama because I felt that way all along. (ipad)

  • Kathy

    What a show. I love, love, love it! (ipad)

  • BeHappy

    i love this housewives.. what a guilty the recaps Amanda (ipad)

  • KY

    Wow I love this show! (ipad)

  • aisha

    i had the same sentiments about the whole camille situation i feel bad for not feeling bad for her if you know what I mean. also i found myself emotional throughout the kyle’s daughter’s graduation story line…weird because i watch this show for the drama not the emotions (ipad)

  • Emma Glass

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    OK. I’m prepared to agree with the majority this week on one issue though: I’m afraid Cedric is indeed a scammer. What a shame if it is true as I ADORED him and Lisa together…they were so fun:-(

    I can hardly wait for this coming Thursday’s RHOBH and the reunion! (ipad)

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  • Bijou

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    There you go, I never thought about it but you have Camille nailed. I don’t feel sorry for Camille. She threatened Mauricio’s livelihood and through him his children. And laughed as she did it. No Camille is rotten clear through. And NOT in a fun way!

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    IMO Kelsey has never been able to keep it in his pants. This isn’t news. I don’t think he’s ever been faithful in a relationship. (ipad)

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    i liked the scene with camille in her daughters ballet class! is tis the first were seeing of her interaction with her kids? not gonna lie, i do feel kinda bad for her, as much as i do loathe her (ipad)

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    I don’t feel sorry for Taylor either. She chased Russell because she wanted a rich man. Well, Taylor got what she wanted. So be rich, miserable, and loveless.
    Cedric may have been abused, but he is using this to mooch off of Lisa. She has an empty nest and wants to fill it with Cedric, her little project.
    I love Adrienne. She is fabulous. She is the one with the shadow boxed wedding dress, right.
    Kyle is still my favorite housewife. Now, I’m thinking that she should adopt me so that I can have a pave’ diamond graduation gift. And, yeah, I went to my graduation. Nothing special since I got married on August 3 and graduated August 10. So, it was either blow out wedding or blow out graduation. Guess which one I chose?
    Again, I say Kim is boring and should be replaced by Faye Resnick.

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