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Remember the Thursday Friday Together Totes emblazoned with images of the iconic Hermes Birkin? The bag generated a ton of conversation when we first wrote about it back in January, and although most of you found them distasteful, lots of women didn’t; I think I see at least one a day being schlepped through the streets of New York.

Unfortunately for Thursday Friday, Hermes also found the idea distasteful and decided to sue their pants off. Fresh off a private settlement with the French luxury giant, Racked reports that Thursday Friday is ready to take on another iconic bag with its Together Tote: The Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag. Lawyers, start your engines.

If Thursday Friday made enough money from the Hermes-aping totes to pay a settlement and still stay afloat, then perhaps this isn’t a bad choice on the part of the company. Perhaps for them, getting sued is just part of the cost of doing business, sort of like Forever 21 and all of the designers it knocks off. If that’s true, then I sincerely hope that they sell as many Chanel totes as they did Birkin totes, because they’re going to need the cash. At $90, $65 and $35 for the Super Together, Together and Pouch bags, respectively, would you buy one of these bags? If you would, get can get them via

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  • Kayla

    They remind me of tuxedo t-shirts. Made me look, but the novelty wears off very quickly.

    • Lynn

      that’s exactly how i feel…. good analogy

  • 19yearslater

    Maybe a pouch. I find this clever. It’s not like forever 21, they’re pretty obviously not trying to recreate the Chanel. But they are using the image, and I don’t mind. I don’t have too much loyalty to mega-fashion brands.

  • Desma

    What would make them do this to another iconic mega brand like Chanel? Do they like being sued? Or maybe they struck a deal with them ahead of time? Hopefully part of the proceeds will go to charity or something. I wouldn’t buy it.

  • Ashleyg

    I think the little pouch is adorable. I understand the problems with these, but seriously? Chanel is not going to lose any Chanel-price paying customers over these. Legalities aside, I think they’re fun-though the totes would have to be reserved for the beach and travel…

  • Jilly

    They remind me of those beach cover-ups that have a bikini-babe bod printed on the front and back.

  • Janinevs

    Obviously they made out pretty well in their lawsuit with Hermes. What did Hermes sue them for, making fun of them?

    I love the idea of these and agree with another poster that it’s not at all along the same lines as what F21 and others do.

  • ninjaninja

    Ultimate hipster wear – can’t you see the irony!

    • Jackie

      I don’t see hipsters with these! I feel like they would roll their eyes at this bag and hop back onto their bikes and ride away!

      I think people who buy these think that it is clever — and it is, but I think it’s also a knock off in a sense that everyone recognizes the bag and you have something that represents it but you don’t have the real thing because you can not actually afford it. My thoughts probably have to do with the fact that I see more fake Speedy’s in a day than I see the Longchamp Le Pliage bags in a month. Okay, I may be exaggerating a tad but every time I see the fake Speedy’s (too many!) I roll my eyes and shake my head and if I ever see someone with this Thursday Friday tote, I’d probably do the same. I don’t mean to diss those who would buy this tote because I know that there are a handful of people who just find it to be entertaining but this is just my view because those people are hard to come by especially in a city of fake Speedys.

      I wish people would buy what they can afford. There’s a way to be stylish without having to wear luxury brands and although trends start with those brands, they always translate to something more affordable down the line which aren’t exact replicas of the luxury brands but are inspired by them.

      • hikarupanda

        I don’t think you should assume that people can’t afford the real Chanel flap bags and hence buying these totes….I have been buying Chanel bags for years and love what I have now in my collection, including the flap bag, yet I am buying these totes coz I think they are fun. I don’t look at these as fakes at all, to me, there’s something about it that makes it very “pop-art looking.” I am getting two of these totes just so I don’t need to worry about getting them dirty when I am busy being a mom with a small child.

  • bloom


  • nina lee

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  • serene

    I would actually love to buy pouch and one of those bigger bags as my grocery shopping tote! ;) but would it be cheating (against real designer bags)..?

  • Gloria

    If you’re fortunate enough to have a brand that’s a cultural influence, you’re to have expect it to be parodied. Channel is not a religion.

  • Leslie

    As a person who bought the Hermes version of this bag…The canvas is fine…however, the print on the bag wears off FAST. My bag was worn out almost immediately….And I ended up waiting a long time for the bag. I use it as a gym bag and fine humor in that…but not enough to actually to purchase another one…
    Just food for thought!

    • Mochababe73

      I own one as well, and your assessment is right on the money. However, I love it and find it fun.
      I don’t have the bag to try to fool anyone. No one is fooled by a printed canvas bag. Give people a little credit. Besides fashion is supposed to be fun!

  • Spazy

    The little pouch is absolutely adorable! I would love to buy one. :-)

  • Linda

    I think they’d make a great knitting bag.

  • annabelle

    saw a few women carrying the birkin ones…i despise them.
    it’s gross.

    • annabelle

      like i say to many people. if i can’t afford to buy expensive purses all the time, going for a unique cheap purse is great! i don’t believe in fakes. i can see this company is doing a comical twist with fashion, but ugh…it’s not for me!

  • Bagolicious

    I bought the last one with the Birkin, but I think they should have been more creative this time round.

    I got the e-mail from the company last week announcing the above ones. I won’t be purchasing the totes. The little pouches are cute, however.

    My last order took forever to receive. I put it in and was to take the tote to Paris with me in April, but I didn’t receive my tote until May. I had planned to use it as my Paris grocery shopping bag. It was supposed to have reached me in March, which was already a back order month of several months of delay.

    • Amanda

      Although I love my tote, I also didn’t receive mine until May. They have some serious CS issues. I ordered my bag in January, was supposed to get it in March, and didn’t get ANY emails letting me know what was going on or why it was taking so long. I emailed them a few times and they did respond, but I think that it should have been the company’s responsibility to let customers know what’s happening with their orders.

      I used my tote quite a bit this summer, and a lot of the decal is peeling off – especially on the back and near the bottom, and I’m not hard on my bags. I did kind of expect this to happen eventually, given the materials that the bag is made from, but didn’t think it would start peeling within three months.

      I definitely would not order from ThursdayFriday again and would encourage others to stay away from the company as well.

      (Sorry for the random rant!)

      • Leslie

        Couldn’t agree more….well said!

  • Carrie K

    so…I just brought the large tote after seeing this post & I don’t feel guilty about it at all lol I m a proud owner of 4 authentic Chanel bags & I don’t consider this to be a “fake” Chanel bag at all. nobody is going to see this bag & mistaken it as a real Chanel bag. I think that they’re funny especially since the price of a real Chanel has gone insanely expensive & personally I don’t think it’s worth the money anymore. I’m just glad I brought all my Chanel purses years ago when they were reasonably priced.

  • Linda

    I find them wimsical and not a threat to Chanel at all! More of a compliment actually.

  • Ashley

    I would buy one to use as a beach tote or something. Cute alternative to ruining the actual thing!

  • strabagsmus

    It’s actually cute but I would use it as a “dust bag” or “raincoat” for my Chanel flap when traveling. It wouldn’t be painful to see my bag go into the security conveyor on a dirty tray if it is protected with this bag :)

  • rose60610


  • CTA

    I think they are great in an ironic way….I would definitely rock one along side of my real Chanel! How fun to mix it in!
    I believe you can also buy them at A.sweeT. boutique in Beverly Hills. Or on their website…just an FYI.

  • maggie

    I really dislike that they raised the prices. $35 to $65-$90? I think the idea of them being infamous got to their heads a little. I love the idea, but cmon! I can get the real infamous Birkin one on ebay, for the same price! Sadly, a ton of them were removed today, I’m assuming by Hermes.

  • Annalisa

    I don’t see these as knock-offs at all. I don’t even see them as “inspired by.” It’s a canvas tote. No one is going to think it’s Chanel. It’s not trying to BE Chanel. Knock offs try to get people to think that a fake is the real deal. “Inspired by” is trying to get you to by a lesser quality item in lieu of the higher-end one (this is what F21, et al, do). This is simply a canvas tote that is screen-printed with the image of something famous. I ABSOLUTELY would endorse these as pop art! It’s so Warhol! Did anyone think that the Campbell’s soup cans on canvas were a “knock off” of the soup? Did anyone worry that Warhol’s representation of the soup, take away from sales of chowder? I think these are fun and tongue-in-cheek. I also think that if you loved Chanel (even if you own and carry Chanel), you might like this as an homage to your favorite flap bag, to be worn on an occasion where a canvas tote is much more practical (beach, anyone?)

    • Annalisa

      *”buy,” not “by”

    • kathryn

      I totally agree with you. If someone actually thinks these are the real thing, then they obviously don’t know much about bags. Most people will just see this as a funny, quirky bag idea. nothing else.