Loewe‘s animal-shaped coin purses and pouches have long been popular with shoppers, and it’s not rocket science to figure out why: not only are Loewe’s leather goods uniformly well-made, but the pouches take something that’s normally pretty boring and make it a lot more fun without impacting its practicality at all. On top of that, committing to a panda-shaped pouch, for example, feels less bold than carrying a larger one as a handbag. But if the bag version were exactly right, would you be up for it?


In the handful of seasons he’s spent at Loewe, Jonathan Anderson has continued to expand the brand’s existing profile as a favorite among fashion insiders. Much of Anderson’s work is inventive and fresh-feeling in a fashion landscape full of retro rehashes, but he does it in a way that doesn’t make Loewe’s pieces difficult to wear or use. The Loewe Elephant Bag is a prime example of that: it’s weird, but in a good and well-considered way, and it’ll do just as good a job carrying your stuff as any other small crossbody.

A multicolored-stripe elephant shouldn’t feel as restrained or as tailored as this one does, but somehow, it totally works for me. It’s be an adorable little weekend option, especially during warm weather. If you feel the same, you can pick it up for $1,290 via Net-a-Porter.

Either way, tell us what you think: do you love this bag, or would you leave it?

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • FashionableLena

    It’s cute and fun which is what a novelty bag is supposed to be. Love the colors. It just doesn’t look very functional.

  • Dave

    Love, love, love!!!!! Loewe bags are handcraft pieces (look at tus details!) and they are funny, too.

  • TexasST

    So cute in the stripes!

  • Anna Dinh Nguyen

    this is the most functional compared to many other novelty bags including kate spade, it’s also very light

  • T Tara Bagnista

    I have an elephant coin purse in beige; however, the purse has too many colors and I don’t know how much I could actually fit in it.

  • Sara

    Adorable. I’d say why not if one can afford to spend such $ on a novelty bag.

  • Maya

    Hum…leave, I’m not 12 and really when you look at it as a bag…thanks but not thanks:)

  • Charlie

    Normally I don’t like this kind of cutesy stuff but I do like this one

  • Passerine

    Definitely leave — it’s too gimmicky and I would feel absurd carrying this thing around. The only reason I would purchase it would be if a substantial percentage of the purchase price was donated to a fund protecting/saving wild elephants.

  • Fawcett Proust

    I think it’s pretty and I’d love one as a pouch. It’s a bit too loud for me as a handbag, though.

  • Jerri R

    Yes for clubbing!

  • Ralli

    It looks like a part of the male anatomy, and once you see that you can’t unsee it anymore… Definitely leave.