As I mentioned earlier today, we’re proud to say that you can find some extraordinary things on our PurseForum if you dig around a little bit. The goodies don’t stop at what our members are able to find, though – sometimes what blows me away the most is what a diverse, interesting, talented group we have. From doctors to lawyers to small business-owners, our purse lovers run the gamut and we’re proud to call them all part of our community.

Today, though, we’d like to highlight one of our members in particular, who goes by the handle BalenciagaPlaneT. She’s a Manhattanite who owns her own cookie company, Peapods Cookies, and she recently shared a batch of 23 Celine Luggage Tote cookies that she hand-decorated for a bag-loving customer. How adorable are these? Almost too adorable (and true-to-life – check out the tricolor and leopard options) to eat, but I bet they’d taste as great as they look (with a tall glass of milk, of course). Check out two more shots of the Celine cookies after the jump, or you can order all kinds of beautifully decorated goodies via the Peapods Cookies Etsy Store.

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  • mlle p

    Those are adorable!  Great attention to detail.  

  • Mareedamm

    I love these !

  • gpc

    How great are those!  The detail is amazing – that takes a lot of talent and a lot of work.

  • pixiegirlie

    Yummy they do look almost too good to eat but I know I’ll cave if they were infront of me.

  • So adorable!

  • Sil G

    wow, she´s really talented! and patient! 

  • remyanne

    those are the cutest cookies!!!!!!!! love the “keep calm and eat a cookie” signage too hehe


  • Those are, as you say, just too cute to eat :) Adorable!

    • ? ?

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      the arrival of the happy, oh, recently the buy a nice package, I liked it, do

      not mind, you see,the stuff inside is also good, oh!

  • amazing!

  • 19yearslater

    Those are absolutely adorable. I love Etsy, the creativity is astounding. 

  • Shar Mackey

    If you can’t wear it, then eat it.   I love the idea :)  
    We did that at CC SKYE when I was there.

  • I LOVE these! Too cute to eat! (almost)