Oh, Karl Lagerfeld is so clever. Or crazy. Maybe both! Yes, probably both. But this time, I think he might be crazy like a fox – the Chanel Casette Clutch is not only kind of hilarious (you know, in a droll fashion sort of way), but it’s totally useable (well, if you’re the type that would use a tiny, clear clutch.)

UPDATE: The clutch is vintage and for sale! Make the jump for more info.

Thanks to lovely commenter V., we’ve been pointed to the real origins of this lovely clutch: ShopLuxirare.com. Several blogs picked up these pictures from Luxuo.com yesterday, who did not indicate that they had taken the pictures from a vintage shop instead of from a press release or editorial, as is far more common. But now we know the truth!

The clutch is a lucite relic from the 80s (ok, nevermind, it seems as though no one is exactly sure when this clutch was made – perhaps as recently as a few years ago), and the shop owner says that it’s one-of-a-kind (take that with a grain of salt.) Not only is the clutch utterly lovely and available for $1500, but ShopLuxirare.com is absolutely chock full of awesome finds, both vintage and contemporary. Even if you don’t want to buy the clutch, you should check out the site for the awesome eye candy. Buy through ShopLuxirare.com for $1500.

Lucite box clutches like this one are sort of popular lately – the Spring/Summer 2010 Fendi lucite clutches are selling out all over the place. The material and shape has a midcentury modern appeal to it that fits in with a lot of emerging trends, so it’s only logical that they’d be popular.

What Chanel did, however, was give the lucite box clutch some 80s cred. At this point in the iTunes universe, cassettes are an object of pure, good-natured nostalgia, and as someone that associates them with my childhood I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this bag. Although we’ve seen the 80s trend wane a bit in the past season, it’s nowhere near over and this clutch is a welcome addition.

For pricing information, please contact your local Chanel boutique.

Photos via Luxuo.com

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  • KC

    What’s the material? Plastic?

  • KE$HA

    Is this new?
    Before I even bother asking Chanel, approximately how much would something like this be?

    • Pictures of it just appeared online yesterday, so yes, I believe it’s new.

      If I had to take a guess, it’s probably a couple of grand but I don’t think pricing info is available just yet. It’s too much, obviously, but I still think it’s kind of funny. I’d buy one if they were cheaper, but I tend to like fashion objects with a sense of humor.

      • KE$HA

        I agree, it’s lucite for crying out loud!
        I also think it’s quite quirky and if I had the money to drop on this piece, I really would.

        Thank you for the post! :)

  • Val

    leave it.
    It’s not even elegant.

  • Amanda R

    I think its really cute, I just hope it’s not super expensive.

  • Claire

    Of COURSE it’s super expensive!

    • It’s CHANEL, after all :-)

      Super expensive is part of their schtick.

  • Giu

    Yep just like the russian doll clutch…so cute but so unaffordable even for some of us that do own some Chanel!

  • Jenny

    Leave it to Chanel to come up with something like this :)

  • Sofia

    I want one!

  • V.

    i believe that this clutch has been around for a while; it’s vintage, i believe it was from the 80’s. the picture you have was taken from luxirare.com/shopluxirare.com, who is selling her own vintage Chanel Casette clutch.

    • Well I’ll change the post then – I read several places yesterday that were reporting it like it was a new bag.

      • Natalie

        Yes! I knew it looked familiar! I was searching for it on the Luxirare site but had to go back to work :p

  • digby723

    I don’t think it’s from the 80’s, I saw it at the Woodbury Common’s outlet about 5 years ago. I doubt they’d still have stock floating around from the 80’s…it’s not new though, that’s for sure.

  • Sofia Nolan

    it`s cute, it`s original, but I could never walk with it on the street, even if it was my favourite brand – LV

  • agrasshopper

    I remember seeing something similar from Chanel a few years ago. It’s a whole rock n roll collection with record disc earrings and etc. But don’t quote me on that, am getting old. heehee

  • Staci

    I love it!! Chanel does quirky well!

  • JiChi


  • annabelle

    it’s cute, and i’ve seen this pic before…are you sure they just released pictures yesterday?
    oh well. fun and creative (fb)

  • Valentina

    I don’t know if I would pay $1.500 for something my little cousins would want to steal to play with, break it and ruin it while thinking it’s a toy, and live with that fear, the fear of losing my fashion treasures that are supposed to be for my future daughter or gay son. But I like Lucite and the clutch is really cute.

  • louch

    I think Karl must have a very quirky sense of humour. It’s hilarious

  • gacats

    I’ll leave it. (fb)

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  • Karin bag4bag

    Brilliant ! But I don’t want one !

  • Practical Girl

    I do think it is a stupid looking clutch. It’s not even worth $9.99 for that design unless you are VERY crazy about the brand name.

  • I Tso

    This is the cutest clutch, but I would rather buy a clutch that I would most likely use. I already have enough things that I don’t use. SO cute and funny.

  • LOla

    It’s not from the 80’s..it’s from the spring summer 2004 Collection….This collection featured Vinyl Clutch….
    :D..I heart CHANEL!!!

  • Jane

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