First Hermes (and then no more Hermes because they got sued), then Chanel and now Balenciaga – tote company Thursday Friday seems like it won’t be satisfied until every iconic handbag under the sun (except any made by Hermes because, well, you know…) has been immortalized on its Thursday Friday Together Tote Bag. This one, naturally, is called the “Moto.” Clever.

I’ve heard no news of a lawsuit against Thursday Friday for its Chanel tote, perhaps because even though it was clearly meant to depict a Chanel bag, there was no outright branding in the photo – it lacked the interlocking C closure or the word “Chanel” anywhere on the tote. If that’s why the brand hasn’t tried to interfere, then perhaps Balenciaga is out of luck if it wanted to stop production of this bag as well; despite the signature hardware and design, there’s no explicit branding on the outside of a Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag.

Come to think of it, that’s probably why we haven’t seen a Louis Vuitton version of this tote – not only is LVMH the most litigious of all the luxury conglomerates, but the most universally recognizable Vuitton bags are all in monogram canvas, the reproduction of which would make a lawsuit a veritable slam dunk. Has your opinion of these bags softened at all? Mine has a bit, if only because they seem to pretty clearly be going nowhere. Were you a fan from the beginning? Are you still appalled? Let us know, or if you so choose, you can pick up one of these bags via for $35-$95, depending on size.

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  • 19yearslater

    I was never appalled. It’s a fun comment on the luxury industry. Obviously I like nice bags as I’m on this site, but the no-touch put on a pedestal of brands like Hermes and Chanel could use a little parody.

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Thursday Friday reminds me of all the YouTube personalities who attempt to get famous by filming spoofs and parodies of their favourite celebrities. Guess that strategy is working for them. And no I am not appalled….it would make a great grocery bag.

  • Liz

    I’ve always been appalled. Not that I think bags shouldn’t be fun … but these are just plain tacky.

  • Sandra Rowley

    I guess I cannot fault the manufacturer, if people are willing to purchase.  Who would want to purchase this…I cannot figure that one out.  

  • Unhappy customer

    This company has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!

    I ordered one of their ‘Chanel’ costmetic bags as a Christmas gift and the image was peeling off the bag. I emailed them several times for a refund, took photos at their request in order to prove that the item was defected. It was clear from the photos that the corners of the image were peeling up, like a bad iron on shirt from the 70’s but after sending the requested photos I NEVER heard back from them. The quality is horrible and their customer service is even worse.

  • Pixiegirl

    Well I wouldn’t wear/use them but I’m nit appalled by them. Actually it’s not a bad idea considering how the economy is at the moment, it let’s people who can’t afford or isn’t willing to spend that kind of money still have a bit of fun. While they are clearly copying the design of the handbags for some reason they don’t bother me as much as fake/counterfeit bags do. It’s a bit more satirical like a spoof of the real thing.

  • camilla

    No, no no. I would buy the original or nothing

  • Subbz

    I just checked out there site, a new style the “braids” copies the Miu Miu coffer.

  • jackbrown

    Wow what beautiful clutch bags  you have, I really like your collectiion.

  • richardsmith

    I really like color combination of these clutch bags. Really you’re having a marvelous variety of leather handbags

  • Mandy

    I was never appalled and have one of their first bags that I use for carrying my shoes and other items I need to carry and don’t want to put in my purse. I don’t look it the same as an exact knock-off, more like a parody. However they have awful customer service so I will never order another.

  • Edoardo Perni
  • Kirstenreilly

    Ditto 19yearslater. Exactly how I see it. I think its pretty funny. I love designer bags (obviously) but we have to be able to laugh at ourselves and the industry too. Not to be taken too seriously.

  • rose60610

    It’s too stupid for words.  Let alone completely lacking in originality, quality and appeal. For those aspiring to “buy the real thing”, save your hard earned money for something other than laughing stock canvas.  One observation:  Not one single tattoo on these designers is visible.  Tats are like grafitti to one’s body.  If others have tats, (September- February) I can’t go near the water.    Each to his own, great, yadda yadda,  For all the work gone into these bags, Lucky was a show on up it.  

  • kathryn

    the idea is funny, but the bag isn’t very appealing, esp. for that price…

  • Primarily, though, pieces like this one serve a public relations
    function; not only do they get people talking, but they represent the
    designer as a purveyor of the sort of rarefied goods…

  • Rashida_16

    I wouldn’t dare… I will save up my pennies until I can afford the authentic thing!

  • J N

    this is disgusting


  • Jack Taylor

    rather funny they would still have the guts to more but I do not belive in fakes !! 

  • sirius max

    I kinda like the bag in the bag idea!

  • bluelly

     Sac Louis Vuitton envisager d’utiliser des cartes postales comme un moyen de publicité de l’entreprise. Mis à part le fait que ce n’est pas cher à produire et à les envoyer par la poste, les clients potentiels obtiendrez le message plus rapidement que si elles ont pour ouvrir une enveloppe. Avec l’impression de carte postale, dès que la carte postale est entre les mains du destinataire, le message est re?u.

  • storboz

    These folks should get a grip, how cute are these I have two great for a brief case or a golf purse.