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If you can all keep it nice enough, then debate away. This weekends debate is on Paris Hilton. Is she getting what she deserves? Does she belong back in jail? Should she be able to appeal?

Let’s enjoy a healthy weekend debate :grin:

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  • JNH14

    She should be no different than ANY other citizen! So yes, she does belong in jail where the rest of us would be had we been arrested for DUI, and then chosen to drive again!

    • cebran

      I think it’s atrocious that she is only get sent away for another month- the DWI laws have been changing alot- I doubt she’ll even retain a felony on her record. Everyone would be singing a different tune had she actually hurt someone during her drunken fiasco’s.

      I wasn’t aware in America freedom had a price.

      ** Note: Sarcasm **

    • JInnie

      In 2005 the wife of Los Angeles prosecutor, Michelle Delgadillo, was caught with a suspended license and fined only $186

      The year before, Michell Delgadillo was involved in an accident and could not produce proof of insurance.

      Paris Hilton is being unfairly targeted by this DA and the judge

      • Braddock

        I believe that judicial system has created a double standard as how the law is top be enforced and the results are that depending on one’s position one can receive a lesser consequence and that needs to stop. I think that the law should be enforced equally across the board. Money, position, status, popularity should not allow anyone to get any special breaks. If you break the law then you need to pay the consequences of your actions. There are too many celebrities, government officials, and corporate heads that receive special treatment due to this criteria and it is wrong. I am an ex-state and federal officer and have personally witnessed the special treatment of these individuals. These types of actions taint the definition of “Equal Justice.” I believe if you cannot do the time then DON’T do the crime! The judges that allow this to continue need to be convicted of dereliction of duty!

    • Amy

      Of Course Paris should go back to jail. Someone commented that she’s only human and that humans can only take so much. Well, everyone currently in prison is just as human as Paris, not any less just because they have less money. Should they be let out of prison? I don’t think so. Plus, house arrest is nothing but a slap on the wrist. I wouldn’t mind sitting at home, missing work, and shopping online all day. In fact, her sentence should be extended because of how comfortable it is. It’s a good thing that the judge is teaching her a lesson before she’s goes out and kills someone while driving drunk AGAIN!

  • girlie

    The judge sent her to jail, the police officer was out of line, why did the family think that they could get away with it ?

  • Joan

    Money should not be allowed to buy anything, she is where she should be
    until some Doctor determines she is unfit for Jail.

  • luce

    no, i don’t feel like she should. i think that she shouldn’t have been sent home in the first place, but i don’t feel that it is right to put her back after already sending her. if anything, the sheriff should be punished and not paris. also, i feel that if they did have to send her back, then they should have sent her back for 23 days instead of the original 45. and of course she should be able to appeal! i feel really bad for her.

  • TC

    At this point I don’t think she belongs back in jail. She deserved the first sentence but to take her out and drag her back out is unfair. They’re making a mockery of her and the media circus is escalating. At the end of the day, she is only human and you can only take so much. With that said, I think she will survive and come back stronger. Maybe it will set her life straight but I feel sorry for her.

  • HKY

    At 26 years you would think she is an adult but she behaves childish, at some point you will have to take responsibility for your actions, you can’t expect all the time others will take care of it. It was only 23 days…. she sits alone in a cell…. and she was there 23 hours a day, because she was afraid? and she can’t handle that?

  • Dania (fendihunter)

    Most people (regular, not celebrities) don’t spend even 23 days in jail for driving with a suspended license. It was her first time charged with that particular offense. The sentence was not in keeping with the norm across the country. She was singled out for her celebrity which could be construed as reverse discrimination. The original sentence was ludicrous as was the 23 day sentence. And, of course, it goes without saying that she has the right to appeal. This is still the U.S. where a socialite or a slob has the right to an appeal if they feel justice is not being served.

    • micamynx

      I think she should do her time in jail. I am a criminal defense attorney and I see people go to jail for this very same offense day after day. It is viewed as particularly heinous because her original charge was alcohol-related. Her jail sentence resulted from a violation of probation. Most judges frown on persons violating probation. Further, jails are required to have medical personnel. I have plenty of clients that have serious medical conditions, but it is rarely, if ever, a qualifying reason for keeping them out of jail.

  • handbagmad

    Yes she deserves to be there she knew she was on probation and she violated it and like anyone else who violates this they are sent to jail, just becasue she is rich and ‘famous’.

    I think she figured that it would never come to this so she decided to push it thinking that she would never be sent to jail and she deserves it I am sorry if that sounds cruel but under the eyes of the law all should be treated equally and hopefully this will wake her up to her ways and she will obey the law.

    I think that there should be an investigation against those who sent her home in the 1st place I mean it was ludicrous, house arrest oh boo hoo she would still have all the comforts of homw tv, food, phone etc. it would be like her parents grounding her!

  • HKY

    Violation of probation is not something light to take…. She was already arrested and was on probation, she was not allowed to drive, she knows what it means, and still was driving that car…

  • Melissa

    Who cares! This story is sooo overexposed. There are so many more important things going on in the world than her.

    • HKY


      • JInnie

        you guys should read this :neutral: ? perhaps

        Paris’ statement:
        “Today I told my attorneys not to appeal the judge’s decision. While I greatly appreciate the Sheriff’s concern for my health and welfare, after meeting with doctors I intend to serve my time as ordered by the judge.
        This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. During the past several days, I have had a lot of time to reflect and have already learned a bitter, but important lesson from this experience.

        As I have said before, I hope others will learn from my mistake. I have also had time to read the mail from my fans. I very much appreciate all of their good wishes and hope they will keep their letters coming.

        I must also say that I was shocked to see all of the attention devoted to the amount of time I would spend in jail for what I had done by the media, public, and city officials. I would hope going forward that the public and the media will focus on more important things, like the men and women serving our country in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places around the world.”

      • Aurum_girl

        Yea! Totally. But it’s just not fair that she gets to be in the spotlight even in jail. And, I think that she has to serve her time. And she shouted “It’s not right.” I mean~ God. Well, i’m doing a persuasive essay for school, and I need to write in a position in a topic, and i’m doing celebrities and jail. I’m againt them, like, saying they should be going to jail, and why the heck shouldn’t they? They are humans, just like the rest of us. :???:

  • hlpurple

    I don’t think she should be sent in for the original forty some odd days because her sentence was already reduced to 23 days…..because it’s not her fault that the sheriff released her…
    I do think she deserves to serve jail time, but i think those 3 days really did it for her already. it was already a shocking change for her to have to go into jail and live in a cell that is half the size of her bathroom.
    I kind of feel sorry for her too because of the sudden change in environment; from a huge mansion to a jail cell…..I know if i went to jail i would be quite upset and for HER to serve jail time…..

  • HKY

    for hjpurple…. if she had taken accountability, she would not have violated, I mean it is her own fault she is in jail, she decided to do it…. I can’t feel sorry for that. If she could have get away with it this way, she is doing it again tomorrow…. what if she kills someone next time …

  • xxcentrix

    She should have the proper punishment for the crime. However , you do have to take into account she is losing her mind right now. She is a princess – and well I don’t think a princess would ever expect to go to jail. It is such a terrifying experience.

    She is scared out of her wits I am sure. I personally feel sorry for her.

  • kiminla

    She should not be sent BACK to jail. The sheriff released her and that should be the end of her jail time. As many legal commentators have stated, people arrested for violating their probation on a DUI charge DO NOT generally go to jail. If they do, they are processed and sent home with in 12 hours. Our jails here in Los Angeles are overcrowded with violent offenders (I am not saying DUI arrests don’t have the potential to be deadly.) that DUI arrestees don’t usually serve time. House arrest is more normal. I think the judge is trying to make an example of Paris and treating her worst then the average person. I am not a Paris fan so this is not coming for her fan club president. I am too old to care anything about her.

  • HKY

    lets stay with the facts: she wasn’t jailed because of the DUI charge….. she violiated her probation of that DUI charge, she was not allowed to drive…. she was jailed for violation of probation….

  • Minette

    Ya know, I wish some of the writers for The Sopranos had been invited to do that last episode of Prison Paris Style…

    Oh wait, this is REAL!? :)

    OK…seems lots of different folks wanna have it both ways on this one, so the issue is seriously messed up at this point.

    Its my understanding that the typical non-violent probation offender really serves 10% of their sentence. If that’s correct, than it would seem Paris is being held longer because she’s a celebrity. And that’s not right.

    However! If everyone wants to go the non-celeb, treat everyone the same route, than she should have been treated that way from the start — not segregated from the other prisoners and made to serve her 10% just like anybody else, along with the other prisoners, sharing a cell and the like.

    If the system wants her “treated like everyone else,” than they needed to “treat her like everyone else.” They didn’t — from the start. They’ve created a mess now that’s beginning to rival Paris’ insanity! I don’t think any other regular folks have been sent back like this after they were sent home.

    The dysfunction started with Paris — but the system jumped on that wagon, along with the media, her family, the attorneys … etc ….

    Poor Tinkerbell.

  • HKY

    you are quoting the police man who let her go out of jail. I wouldn’t take his words very seriously.

  • Joelene Wahlbreg

    Reality is a harsh mistress. I feel for her only because she became the pawn between two powerful men.

  • purse=heaven

    i think she deserves to stay in jail, just maybe with her 23 day sentence and not the original

  • John

    her fitness does not fit the crime. paris should not be going to jail in the first place.

  • John

    ok that should read “sentence” not fitness. hehe i’m about to go to the gym. :oops:

  • HKY

    thats not true john, violation of probation is found a crime, because of her DUI she was not allowed to drive, she did anyway this is disregard of the law.

  • Dania (fendihunter)

    She was arrested because she was caught driving with a suspended license which was a violation of her parole. Again, most people charged with this same offense don’t even serve a few days in jail. I can’t speak for Los Angeles, but most other places around the country would not see a judge sentence a first-time parole violater with 45 days in jail, or 23 days in jail for that matter.

    Just look at Court TV and the current case of the pastor’s wife who killed her husband. Her crime was pre-meditated murder and she might not be in jail very much longer because of time already served.

    While I’m certainly not a Paris Hilton fan nor do I give a fig about her life, I can see she was singled out by this particular judge to be made an example of. Many people want to see her in jail because they think she’s a spoiled, rich brat who should be taken down a notch or two. After reading many comments across the web, I find it just as reprehensible for people to think this is the reason she should be behind bars.

    Three days in jail for someone who has no concept of what life in prison is like can be more than enough time to scare them straight.

  • HKY

    she was not allowed to drive anymore because of her DUI. She didn’t had a license.

  • HKY

    here it explains what it means probation and why she shouldn’t have driven the car, when on probation you should stay out of trouble.

  • Stephen

    I feel she shouldn’t go to jail. I read today in my local newspaper that a man in LA was driving drunk and killed a young man, and he reveived 60 days. Paris orginally received 45 days and she was driving without a license. That doesn’t make sense. I have also read that the many people that have done the same thing Paris did in LA didn’t even get a jail sentence and the few who did only had 5 days and Paris has 23(after they shortened her sentence from 45). I think she is being pointed out because she is a celebrity.

    • JInnie


      Please take this honestly. Think carefully don’t just say things just because you hate her.
      Its been too much for her if compare to others which are all human living in the same place,same rules..and if Paris win this, ofcourse every one will blame on her just because of who she is, and i will too, but why? when she recived 45day in Jail sentence people still blame on her instead of feel sorry for her. you all knew in your heart that this is too much for her! :?: :!: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?:

  • suzannah

    well she¨s has just recently said that she is a role model and should act this way instead of weeping for her I think she has proofed she is nothing without her money and when they can’t help her she is only a spoiled child, so community service hours and a shrink would proberly do better for her instead of this where she’s only getting more attention…

  • loveitwantit

    PH broke the law! I’d have more respect if she just sat and served her time. We all answer to someone or some order, and that includes PH.

  • fendifemale

    LOL @ her screaming for her mommy! You weren’t screaming for your momma when you getting drunk and falling off of bar tables!

  • mizpopo

    I worked in a county jail facility for 2.5 years and am currently a police officer during my time working in the jail I saw many many ill people come in and out of jail even some without limbs, the common procedure for very ill inmates is first they have to be examined upon entry then if the medical staff feels as if the inmate needs emergency medical attention the inmate along with a licensed deputy are then transported to the hospital. In very rare cases the inmate has to stay hospitalized and a deputy by his/her side 24/7. I have never never seen or heard of an early release due to a “medical condition”. But whomever has the pasos has the sayso’s, i’m sure there was probably a healthy “donation” to the elected sheriff’s campaign along with the commissioners seeking re-election. My opinion, due to the interruption of the judicial system she should start her time over and serve it day for day.

  • Sofieshopaholic

    I kind a feel sorry for her :sad:

  • Fourmods

    Honestly she should just do her time in jail. It’ll do her good. She’s so spoilt rotten and a princess like her might learn a few humbling experiences while she’s in jail.

  • Janelle

    I don’t feel bad for her and I don’t care either way, but it is hilarious to see this worthless spoiled brat get knocked down a few pegs. It’s entertainment, that’s all it is. I don’t feel bad for her as a person, not when she drives under the influence and has no problem calling people “fags” or “niggers”.

  • Elverta Whitaker

    Paris disregarded the law because she lives in a world where the rules normals live by are routinely flaunted. Because punishment happens so rarely to these people it’s a shock for her and fun for the press. Jail is harsh no matter who does the time. It’s unlike any environment you will ever be in short of war. At the same time I feel that Paris got what she deserved I also feel badly because she’s probably going through withdrawls and she’s doing it in public AND and to get out only to be put back.
    At least though she’s doing it with grace and a few forgivable tears.

  • Travelbliss

    I will gladly look after her handbags while she is “indisposed” !! :wink:

  • BBGur1

    lemme me c…ummm…. YES !!!!!!!!

  • BBGur1

    Lemme C…Ummm..YES!!! She Need To Get Her Act 2gether.

  • Mchelly

    I rather chat about bags im over this :roll:

  • Bryan

    For the record I can’t stand Paris Hilton and by even reading about her let alone participating in a conversation about her goes against my normal beliefs. I hardly even consider her a real person as is with her attitude and lifestyle. Anyway, I feel this is a good chance to express views:

    My chronology of events

    1) Paris Hilton is arrested in September 2006 for “weaving between lanes” on a late night hamburger run. Punishment is fines, suspended license, and probation.

    2) Cops pull her over a few months later driving with a suspended license. She signs a document acknowledging she has breached her probation and should not be driving. This is considered enough of a warning to not pursue matters further.

    3) Again she gets pulled over. She is now sentenced to appear in court for a breach of probation.

    4) Judge sentences her to 45 days in prison, to which her reaction and commentary made me feel that it was a very orchestrated procedure and that no one (minus the judge) ever intended on her being in prison for more than 3 or 4 days. The liability with looking after a Paris Hilton is in reality extremely hard. It was also made very clear by the judge that the sentence was to be served in prison, and not at home under electronic surveillance.

    5) After a few days in prison she is released due to an unspecified medical condition and will serve out the remainder of her sentence at home under electronic surveillance. Her release is sanctioned by the prison sheriff in charge of her. She speaks to the media and talks about how prison had changed her and how it was extremely beneficial. She even volunteers to serve out her entire 45 days at home.

    6) The judge who sentenced her, learns of her release from the media. He orders her to return to court. When her court appearance comes on Friday (June 8, 2007), she is not to be found. Upon telephoning her, she claims to have thought the court case could be made by telephone. She is picked up at her house crying and taken back to court, where she is sentenced to return to prison. Her crying and screaming and hysterics displayed here only add to my belief the previous events were orchestrated.

    I agree:
    – Paris is no different than any other person. If it was a simple driving with a suspended license she would not have gone to jail. The fact her original charge was alcohol related and that she was pulled over two times subsequently and that this was a direct violation of her probation. Hence, jail.
    – Her sentence was light as is. She is being catered to in prison as we speak. I imagine right now her manicurist is just finishing up her nails for her next “mug-shot.”
    – She deserves to go back, regardless of being released initially as the screw-up doesn’t change that she broke the law.
    – The sheriff should have been held in contempt for violating the judges order. He directly disobeyed the judge and stepped beyond his boundaries.
    – She does not

  • hsl

    i do not understand why people are defending her and trying to kiss her behind. she was digging her own grave on this one. she got caught not once but twice (while on probation), and did not show up to the alcohol progrm she was supposed to months ago. she showed up to court late which shows disrespect and blamed it on her publicist. when she first got the dui, she was informed that her license was suspended. and when she got caught the first time, the officer mentioned to her that her license was suspended. there were papers in her glove department that said her license was suspended, but no, she refused to listen becuse she thought she was above the law.. if this was just a average plain jane, she would have had the same sentance. obviously the sheriffs dpartment are getting paid for this. thy are fightin so hard for her and refusing to do things the judge ordered. do you think they would do that for you if you were in the same position? they would not give a damn. she does not deserve a house arrest in that mansion where she could have hot parties. she has 5 assigned officers and honestly claustrophia happens to everyone who goes to jail for the first time. what makes her deserve special treatment.. because she has more money nd fame then us? celebrities think they are superior compared to us and its not right. justice was served when she went back to jail. people are saying she is not a threat to society. yes she is! she could have killed someone and i dont know why people are comparing this case to the city attorney’s wife case and nicole richies case. it is something COMPLETLY different. people should not agree with me just becuse the fact they hate her or you shouldnt disagree because shes your role model. but if this situation was to happen to you (dui, get caught twice with probation, didnt sign up for the alcohol program) you would have gotten a similar sentanc within a heartbeat.

  • hsl

    if she walks free, city officials have A LOT of explaining to do. and everyone who has the same situation should walk free also. EVERYONE.

  • ta

    alot of opinions and different view points… hmmm
    I am neutral. What she did WAS SO WRONG..But she was singled out as a celebrity.. Punishment does not fit the crime IMO
    My lil 18 year old cousin was hit by a drunk driver..his first accident- car was totaled.. The drink driver had 2 previous DUI’s and his liscense was/is suspended.. WHere is he now.. OUT- no jail time served- His liscensed perm revoked- but no jail time- I bet you he is driving somewhere again, while drinking..

    • Stephen

      I agree with you! Her sentence isn’t fair.. Sorry about your 18 year old cousin :sad:

  • Dania (fendihunter)

    My husband’s uncle was killed 3 years ago when he was hit by a car. No criminal charges were ever filed against the driver, hence, no jail time. A civil suit was filed against the driver and my husband’s aunt won the case as the driver was found negligent and caused the accident that resulted in a death. Still, no jail time.

    As you can see, this is probably one of thousands of cases where people are KILLED by reckless drivers and these drivers never see the inside of a jail. So where are these district attorneys and judges to hold these nuts accountable for their actions when you need them.

    BTW, the woman who killed my husband’s uncle had her license REVOKED 8 months prior to the accident for driving while under the influence of pot, and before that had 3 accidents where one resulted in a 14 yr old girl spending days in the hospital with a fractured skull.

    My point in relating this story is that there are PLENTY of people out there who ARE NOT CELEBRITIES that get off scott free. The system is used by those who work in it as they see fit. The prosecutors and judge in Paris’ case pursued her case to the fullest extent the law would allow. I’d be curious to see their records and find out whether or not other defendants with similar charges received comparable circumstances.

  • fendifemale

    I’m glad MADD is going after her. :mrgreen:

  • TheRealLouis

    I’m so sick of hearing about her. Every station on Friday was blasting her across the screen. Doesn’t the LA Courts, DA, and Sheriff’s Department have something better to do? Like process and deal with criminals?!? Yes, Paris shouldn’t get off easy because she’s rich bladdy bladdy blah…..but she drove on a suspended license. SOOO many people drive without licenses at all and get away with a slap on the wrist!!

  • Rapunzel

    There are a few things that I would like to take note of.

    1. Paris Hilton LOVES attention. We all know that. The more of a scandal she creates, the more press she gets. The whole sex tape incident just boosted her celebrity. Because, when it comes down to it, she’s only really famous for being a party girl and doing outrageous things. If she lead something even vaguely close to a normal life, we wouldn’t even know who she is.

    2. pretty much everyone in the country heard about her license being revoked wether he or she was updated on celebrity current events or not.

    3. She only has like a bizillion paparazzi following her around and taking pictures of her 24/7 and it would be pretty much impossible to get away with driving sans license without getting caught.

    4. I know Paris prides herself on being a dimwhitted blonde, (no offence to blondes in general, I’m one myself)but it would take someone who literally couldn’t put two and two together to not be able to figure out that if she drove while her license was suspended that she would be spotted.

    So, using our deductive reasoning, Watkins, I think we can conclude that she knew very well that she would be caught driving drunk without a license. As a matter of fact, she WANTED to be caught. What a fabulous scandal to land her on the front pages of all the tabloids, and celebrity news.

    She WANTED to have to go to jail for a few days, and hoped to serve under house arrest for the remainder of the time. What a great excuse to throw a jail slut themed party!

    However, things went a little awry when she was sent BACK to jail. She may have been a little upset about this (the jail slut themed party will have to be put on hold) but it’s not really like jail is going to be a terrible experience for her. I have pictured in my mind the jail life that the character Velma Kelly from Chicago lead while behiend bars. Surrounded by chocolates and flowers, and weapped in a silk robe, taking the time to perfect her curls and nails. Doesn’t that sound just terrible? Poor poor girl. *sarcasric sniffles*

    Besides, what better way to drag out the publicity for the whole incidence?

    If you ask me, this idiotic chicken looking half human waif is a bit smarter than she feigns to be. After all, she’s what’s on everyone’s lips, and yet she really has no real reason to even be known to any of us at all. She may be seen by many as trash, but she sure knows how to market herself.

    She’s an immoral tramp, but she’s got all the tricks to keep her on the headlines, right where she wants to be.

  • Fijibuni

    From what I heard after break probation ( i dont know if its called probation or something else) twice, not signing up for an alcohol class, no community service, driving on a suspended license that she lied she didn’t know about… it showed her utter disregard for the law and severity of the situation. It made her look like “I’m paris hilton I can get away with whatever and it doesn’t matter that I had a DUI”. It all goes farther than her money and partying and being spoiled, she didn’t respect the law and showed disregard for it several times! By all means the sheriff had no right to undermine what the judge in the case had order… the judge specifically stated she could not be on house arrest, she could not do certain things only jail. Plenty of people commit misdemeanors and stay in jail for their whole sentance even if they’re having a mental breaking down. In the law alone when someone gets a misdemeanor they can be fined or have UP to a year in jail!!! And with her aggravating factors she brought herself up to the 45 days!!!! (I’m criminal justice major/pre law so thats how i know about the time) I just want her to do her time and learn from it and have more respect for the law and her actions.

  • Misan

    Cest la vie! I think she has to face the consequences of her actions in the real world. The Hilton family probably tried to meddled and perhaps that is what the judge is reacting to.

    Worse things have happened to ordinary people with no opportunity for their story to be voiced. She is not above the law and if the judge has the power to set the sentence,the law must take its course.

    I am sure if the judge was lenient, there would be public outcry

  • lisa

    I think she should go back to jail. She drove drunk with a suspended license- twice! not just once, but twice! so she certainly deserves more than a fine to teach her how dangerous her actions were and that she could have killed someone. Perhaps if she had shown up on time to court and owned up to her actions, instead of blaming everything on her lawyers and publicist, then the judge might have respected her and given her a lighter sentence. but it was obvious she took no responsibility for what she did and was disrespectful to the judge. Also, he have her 45 days knowing perfectly well it would be reduced for good behavior and she woudl get out early- but he was thinking she would serve 2 weeks not 3 days! If there are two things a judge hates- its when someone disrespects him and when his authority is undermined- both of those occurred here. For whatever reason, the sheriff let her go after only three days- whether its because he is a scientologist or because her lawyers and psychiatrist drove him nutz or he was paid off is besides the point. but he undermined the judges authority by releasing her early. so of course the judge would be pissed and throw her ass back in jail- he has too demonstrate that he means business and paris is not above the law. This will be the best thing to ever happen to her. Maybe she will get some perspective and stop acting like such a brat.

    • Stephen

      She didnt get caught driving drunk on the suspended license. She was caught speeding!

  • Charna

    I think that Paris deserved to be treated the same way as anyone else. I think she deserved the jail sentence because obviously she was not going to respect her suspended license and hire a chauffer which she could have afforded. Many people lose their licenses and have to endure hardships to get to work. Paris doesn’t work. She certainly could have hired a driver to take her to her parties. In California, many people are allowed to pay $5000.00 a day to go to the jail of their choice for a first offense. Maybe it would have been a fairer sentence to place her in a prison where traffic violators and non-violent offenders are placed.I just think the judge seemed to be sentencing her more harshly because he doesn’t like her. Think about it. Should the judge have resentenced her to the original 45 days because the sheriff let her out. She didn’t escape. I am not a Paris fan. In my mind she is a rich spoiled party girl but in our society that is not a jailable offense.

  • jean

    I think Paris should make another reality show as call it: “NOT JUST A THE SIMPLE LIFE… :mrgreen:”

  • tawira

    If she needed to go somewhere so bad why didn’t she just higher a driver while her license was suspended. I think this story is overexposed and I do think the judge is being extremely harsh. I have a coworker who just went to jail for 60 days for DUI but after his 3rd offense.

  • Milly Anderson

    I feel bad for Paris. I think it’s sad she is getting critisized for going in jail.

  • Miss glam

    give her a break pple!!!! shes a human being just like us, i know she deserves to be in jail but the paprazii wont leave her alone…. :mad:

  • jade –

    i dont think there is 2 sides to this. fact is shes done wrong & shes broken the law. therefore she should do the time just like anyone else would have to do.