It’s All Happening, Phoebe Philo Will Debut Her Label in September

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Nearly four years after Phoebe Philo departed Celine, it was announced that she would debut her very own label, backed by LVMH. Few details of its release were given, but the fashion world collectively rejoiced.

Phoebe Philo was back.

Now, a year and a half after the initial announcement, we can report that Philo’s inaugural collection for her namesake label will debut later this year in September. The news came via the Phoebe Philo Instagram, revealing the launch date but little else.

“the inaugural collection will be revealed and available on our website,, in September 2023.”

Coming Soon…

While prior reports stated that PHOEBE PHILO’s label will consist of clothing and accessories with roots in exceptional quality, the latest update tells us little else, except that we can expect the brand to launch in September. This alludes to us to believe that Phoebe Philo may stick to the traditional fashion calendar, showing for spring and fall.

While previous news reports had stated that more information would be available in early 2022, this is the first official report of the collection’s release. The news is welcome to both #OldCeline fans and handbag lovers alike, who were anxiously waiting for the brand’s debut.

While the label is still shrouded in a cloud of mystery, one thing is certain: Phoebe Philo is indeed back.

featured image via @phoebephiloarchive


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