Price increases for the big brands all seem to be hitting around the same time this year, and that is not good for anyone in the market for a new bag. First we told you Hermès was upping its already steep prices in the beginning of the year, next came the rumors of the Louis Vuitton price increase, and now it’s Chanel.

Amanda recently provided a rundown of the many of the Chanel rumors we’ve read on the PurseForum, but the price increase wasn’t included. Now, we have multiple shoppers on tPF relaying information from their Chanel sales associates about a price increase that’s coming, and soon.

Along with the news of the price increase, some are being told that production of the brand’s classic bags is going to decrease, which means longer waiting lists for some of the most sough-after classic bags, including the highly coveted Quilted Boy Bags.

However, this rumor is only a rumor right now. Quite a Forum members were told the increase would happen March 1st, but the first of the month has come and gone and prices remain the same. Some have been told to expect March 15th, and still others have been told that it won’t happen until fall, but that when it does, it will be more than the usual high-single-digit increase that we usually see for brands like Chanel.

Rumors around price increases can differ greatly during the lead-up, but it is almost a certainty that an increase of some sort is coming. If you’ve had your eye on a piece and been thinking of buying, now’s the time.


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