Autonomize Your Bag With The Bag Drone™

Carrying your bag is so passé.

As much as we love and appreciate bags on PurseBlog, we’ve come to realize over the last few years of running this wonderful community of bag aficionados that the fashion industry as a whole has been failing the demands of modern consumers in one fundamental way.

While we applaud fashion houses erasing gender boundaries, pushing the envelope with new sustainable materials, and offering exciting new looks to accessorize yourself, modern handbags have been stuck in the same ancient, pedestrian mindset that this ground-breaking new product is aiming to advance.

Introducing the Bag Drone, the world’s first fully autonomous, self-flying handbag carrier. Inspired by recent advancements in drones and self-driving cars, the Bag Drone is aiming to offload the tedious burden of carrying one’s own bag and opening a whole new, previously unthinkable sphere of possibilities!

Fully Autonomous Operation

Propelled by four powerful brushless motors and jam-packed with cutting-edge radar and camera technology, the Bag Drone promises to carry your bag in your own immediate vicinity and land itself safely when summoned by you to retrieve something out of your bag. No longer will your bags suffer the horrors of being placed on filthy grounds, the integrated Hover Mode will keep your bag suspended in mid-air nearby.

Aided by sophisticated AI algorithms, the Bag Drone will detect and avoid obstacles and clear them safely, such as other humans, small children, or pets. The Bag Drone will register and recognize its owner and reliably follow them without straying and flying off with someone else (that would be awkward).

Flight time for an average tote is promised to last all day for normal use, though overstuffing your bag may lead to decreased flight time.

LV Mini Dauphine Drone

Carrying Capacity & Bag Compatibility

Its lightweight full carbon fiber construction allows for seamless integration with almost all handbag styles, including totes, clutches, popular wallets-on-chain, duffles, evening bags, and shoulder bags. The extendable strap holder assures that your bag’s handles or straps stay clear from the propeller blades while also assuring your bag looks at its best in flight.

The clever construction ensures that your bag is securely embraced by its adjustable frame without damaging your bag’s surface.

Unfortunately, micro bags are incompatible with the Bag Drone, but rumors suggest that a smaller Micro Bag Drone is in development for 2023.

Availability & Price

Seeing as this product is a figment of our imagination and not real in any way, we expect it to be available eventually in the distant future, but not just yet. In all likelihood, it will also be severely overpriced, you can count on it. Happy April 1st, all.


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