Y’all (I don’t even say y’all that much but this post’s urgency calls for a y’all), I need your help. You may be enjoying a fabulous summer vacation but I have a bag dilemma and need your brains now! After stumbling upon this photo that StreetPeeper took for Vogue, I have been wracking my brain attempting to figure out precisely who designs this clutch.

Upon first glance, Smythson came to mind as everything about this organizational clutch screamed Smythson. But after contacting the brand about this bag, they told me they make similar travel clutches but this is not theirs.

This bag is a statement piece that I am currently coveting. Can any of you help to Name that Bag!?

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  • Jodi

    How about the ‘Put the Fun in Functional’ Clutch! :)

    • JO

      Anya Hindmarch

  • Jodi

    Ok so I just realized you need me to tell you who makes it, not to re-name it LOL Nevermind! :)

  • dee

    D&G clutch

  • EM

    Looks like something Marc Jacobs would do…

  • lorena

    it’s D&G

  • Ollie

    I think it might be YSL, they do a very similar travel clutch with labelled pockets for passport, currently etc.

  • texashermes


  • stephanie

    someone please tell me where i can get it.

  • Penelope

    What about “Portfolio Bag” ?

  • Sam

    “Coupon Organizer Couture”

  • Kim

    It looks similar to the smythson travel wallet but it is not the same. I cant find anything from d&g or ysl that’s similar

  • Laura

    This is Coach from about 5 years ago. Good luck finding it!

  • gigi

    It’s by Smythson…who else would make this organizer bag? The lady you spoke with probably didn’t know. I called a Gucci store @ nordstrom last week asking if they carry the interlocking G cosmetic case that looks like a small bag being sold @ neiman marcus website and the saleslady said she only has the dome shape cosmetic case in the store. I then went to Nordstrom’s Gucci the next day and they do carry the one I was talking about! Never over-estimate the knowledge of these people about the brand they are selling. Some of them can’t even authenticate bags!

    • We spoke with someone at Smythson corporate about it, plus the closure hardware and placement doesn’t match any of the brand’s other travel wallets.

  • Jennifer

    Not sure what it is but if I had to guess I’d stick with one of the more American style brands like Marc Jacobs, Coach or Kate Spade. I have a MJ makeup bag that is in that same style but not quite. Let us know if you find it.

    • twinkle.tink

      With the usage of “Mobile’ I think this has to be European.

  • Vik

    Bespoke Anya Hindmarch?

  • Jacqueline Suzanne

    It’s D&G

  • Carol Wilke

    Not a fan of this. I bet this gal is carrying it because with it loaded, that chain would be murder on the shoulder. The only nice thing is the color. :-)

  • Chiyong
  • courtney

    That is definitely NOT Coach, but if you figure it out, I want to know.

  • jb

    i haven’t a clue but stick to european designers, americans rarely refer to bills as notes

  • Ania
  • rose60610

    Slap me up and call me “Silly”, but on observation: the model’s knuckles and age spots on the arms look to be of someone who is thin yet older (so low advertising budget?) The watch band could be a Rolex, but conveniently not labeled ( to raise the image?) IMO when a bag is blatently labeled with “Makeup”, “Notes”, “Mobile”, “Coins’, etc on what appears to be an older model (apologies if this is dead wrong) it cheapens the bag. The police car in the backgound looks european to hype the ad. The chain is nice but the flap looks flimsy. To me it looks “respectful yet cheap”. I’ve no idea as to the manufacturer, but I am not impressed with this bag. If it’s a la-ti-da thing, it isn’t to me.

    • ccca

      I don’t think that is an advert but a street style photo….

    • Chels K

      My goodness, I don’t like the clutch but I’m not reading anything about older woman model = cheap into it. Over 30, stick to a less expensive brand, eh?

    • It’s a street style photo, not an ad, so the person carrying it is likely an editor or buyer instead of a model. I think it was taken outside of one of the Resort 2012 shows.

    • Anthiea

      Rose, get a life, Slap you up and call me “Silly”, You need more then that. Why dont you observe the QUESTION asked…. you negative person.you say you are not impressed ppppft nor are we with your answer! GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Medina

    Yeah, It’s D&G. It was on Style.com for a few days.

  • Lilia

    I think is CELINE!!!! Very lovely!!!!!!

  • Voyance

    It’s D&G.. wonderful clutch! =) Voyance

  • mochababe73

    It looks like something Rebecca Minkoff would do.

  • Molokai

    I Think Ania is right. Maybe part of the labelled collection http://www.anyahindmarch.com/cat/Labelled/948/

  • Lynda

    D&G Wallet Clutch [:

  • mimi

    I’ve seem it in somewhere .. but can’t remember…

  • mimi

    I think i’ve saw it in nordstrom…

  • Tania

    It’s D&G Dolce & Gabbana!!!

  • aveed

    adore! it’s D&G

  • Mari

    It’s D&G, I saw it on style.com as well. I was really surprised actually, it’s so not like them.

  • Mari

    It’s D&G, I saw it on style.com as well. I was really surprised actually, it’s so not like them.

  • Phil

    Oh, I took the pic (thanks for the link, btw). I thought it was Smythson too, but it’s D&G Cruise 2011. I emailed their PR, and they confirmed its D&G.

    Everyone seemed to love that bag though — got a few emails from people asking about it… My mom wants one too, ha.

  • Mila

    Yes, it’s D&G. You just have to love this bag! It’s so simple and so creative! :)


  • Marry Lynn

    Maybe launer?

  • Thanks everyone for the valuable input!!

  • PhotoGirl

    So glad to see that the mystery has been solved! I was going to ask why no one had asked the photographer! :) (We are so under appreciated… :) ) Happy to see that he commented here.

  • Leah

    Anya Hindmarch, of course!

  • heidi

    Anya Hindmarch

  • grace

    is there a link to where you can purchase this?

  • angie


  • michelle

    Is this bag still available for purchase??


  • Ani

    yes let us know if this is available!! i want it badddd!!! :(

  • QQ


    i have been wanting this since i saw that photo!!

  • Penoirz


  • shari

    Balenciaga traveler clutch

  • massey

    Where do you get this?!!!!!!!!

  • Jo

    Where can we buy this clutch? I really want it hehe