Kim Cattrall Bag

We haven’t asked you all to Name that Bag on PB in a long time. With the addition of Bag That Style to our team we have moved most celebrity posts over there. But that doesn’t mean we won’t have a celebrity post on PB anymore, they will pop up from time to time.

I find many bags we are asked to ID from time to time and some truly catch my attention. This supple and luscious woven leather bag Kim Cattrall was spotted carrying around has me going ga-ga. The woven leather is not Bottega Veneta, as they do not do a weave as thick as this bag has. I adore this bag. I want this bag. And now it is time for you to help us Name that Bag!

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  • Sara

    This bag is a stunner!! I hope someone knows what it is!

  • airslady

    It’s Burberry from a couple of seasons back

  • Zarka

    Yes…It is Burberry prorsum Spring 2008…Someone in the purse forum has a pic…

  • I WANT IT!

  • gpc

    This bag is available on I have nevered ordered from them, so I don’t know what their reputation is like. On the site, it says beige, but it sure looks like a metallic gold…

  • papertiger

    Looks like a burberry to me too and it looks great on Kim.

  • LeaD

    like the bag, but love the hat! :)

  • jaz

    This bag is available at , in that exact colour.

  • Linda

    Wow! U guys r amazing! It is a Burberry! However, Burberry is now produced in China not Italy like Bottega Veneta and the leather won’t be as soft!

  • Real Bags ONLY!

    Hey jaz, luxurybagplace is a replica (i.e. FAKE) handbag website. BIG no-no!

  • Rashida

    I was way off I guess I have a lot to learn I thought it was a Ferragamo it looked a lot like a weave I saw a few years back at Saks but I guess my eyesight is bad! Lol!

  • WLG

    Ya, I think where the bag is manufactured really matter. That’s reason why I don’t have a Burberry eventhough I do like some of their design.

    What other brand is made in China? (I don’t mean to have any discremination of races, just a general question)

  • Liv

    I need my hands on it now! Im buying a lovely bag from this cool website which also does fabulous designer clothing too. This is the link pleaseeee go on it and tell me which colour is better. The mulberry natural leather bayswater bag in either tan or black? Please help need with what colour


  • sstellaa

    So nice~

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  • zeitgeist4

    I know it’s already been ID’d but Jimmy Choo makes a similar style, Lohla woven hobo

  • currystrumpet

    as far as i know, coach and marc by marc jacobs are made in china. so are some longchamp bags.

  • MJ

    A lady at my job brought in a bag that looks just like this today except it was a burnt orange color. It had the gold plate on it too. It was a Michael Kors bag. When I first saw it I thought of this picture cuz it looks JUST like it.

  • monica

    Look at the gold metal tag on the bag…it looks like a Marc Jacobs.

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