Unless you’re recently coupled or engaged, Valentine’s Day probably isn’t your favorite day of all days (and even then, most young women I know approach it with dread), but beyond the opportunity to buy half-priced chocolates at the drug store the day after, perhaps there’s something to all of this V-Day hubbub after all. And by that, of course, we mean there might be a Valentine’s handbag we’d like to explore further, in the form of the Mulberry Valentines Bayswater Clutch.

We discussed what we’d all be carrying (or dream of carrying) for V-Day last week, but at that time, this little Mulberry bag hadn’t come across my radar. I’m not a lover of most things twee, let alone things spangled with actual hearts, but it’s hard to argue that anything could be more appropriate to carry on V-Day, even if that’s the only day of the year that you’d be caught dead with it on your person. We all have those out-of-character days, and why shouldn’t Valentine’s be one?

Have any special plans for tonight? Share ’em in the comments, and even if you don’t (I don’t), do a little something to treat yo’self.

Pick up this bag at Net-a-Porter for $850.

Very (On Sale) Valentino

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