Mulberry’s Lily Bag was an instant hit. There was nothing overly inventive about the design, but the design just works. And the price, compared to many other shoulder bags, is fairly reasonable.

For Spring 2011 Mulberry decided to give us an option of the Lily that is not only much more expensive but also blinged out. Yes, I just used the word bling because it is so fitting in the case of the Mulberry Jewelled Lily.


The interesting thing about Mulberry’s Jeweled Lilly is the process that it takes to create it. Each bag takes approximately 18 hours to make as much of the process is crafted by hand.

The production of a Jewelled Lily is a concoction of hand-cut leather, classic Mulberry components, pots and pots of crystals and plenty of love, care and attention. The same style and size as the regular Lily made in natural leather, this version has that extra sparkle courtesy of 2596 Swarovski crystals and 460 manually applied Mulberry rivets. The cutting of the leather, applying of the crystals and rivets, and the finishing of the bag is all carried out in the UK and takes approximately 18 hours per bag. The delicate nature of attaching so many individual details means that no two bags are exactly the same, making the Jewelled Lily a truly exclusive addition to your Mulberry collection.

This reincarnation of the bag is a limited edition piece and retails for £3574 via Mulberry. Do you like what Mulberry has done with this bag?

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • MsLabelsofLust

    I like it…cute

  • annabelle

    adorable bag. the effort that goes into designer bags is just utterly amazing. worth every penny!

  • Krista

    Way too busy for my taste.

  • the proper order of things

    LOVE… *love* it… even more so because from far away it’s an “embellished bag” but when you get up close it’s such a funny mix of random stuff on there that it really is quite novel, not just another studded bag…


  • Lulugurl

    Love this bag!!!

  • ninjaninja

    Feels kinda kitsch-ish.

    • Stacy

      I was thinking the same thing!

  • Pam

    Too much

  • Cathy Fitz

    WAY too blingy. Don’t like it at all.

  • DJ

    I think it just looks silly.

  • mia

    i think i prefer this bag plain and simple.

  • Ian

    I think it’s faulous…

  • Joyce

    A bit too blingy for my taste personally, but I appreciate the work!

  • 19yearslater

    I don’t love some of the buttons they stuck on there, but I do like the jeweled Lily concept. Most of it is lovely.

  • jingga18

    It doesn’t look as expensive as the price tag.

  • Millie

    I think it looks adorable. I don’t have the money/desire to actually spend 3574 pounds on it, but as eyecandy? Yes.

  • gacats

    I think Mulberry should have made 10 of these and stopped.
    I shudder at the thought of seeing these on more than one person in my lifetime.

  • Staci

    The craftsmanship is impeccable! I love it!