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The Mulberry Bayswater: A long time favorite by many Mulberry fans and a handbag that somehow many times brings up a debate.

Does the Bayswater look like a Hermes Birkin, did it intend to look like a Birkin, why would you buy this if you wanted a Birkin, is this a copy? Every single one of those questions gets picked apart by a handful of people time and time again, but the the Mulberry Bayswater remains a staple piece.

Mulberry Bayswater

Frankly, the resemblance is merely that, a resemblance. The Mulberry Bayswater is a staple piece, a simple black bag with double top handles. But there is less structure to this bag, it feels and looks more casual than a Birkin. And then there is the price, which is astoundingly under $900, which compared to other handbag prices is ridiculously low. Of all the Mulberry bags, this is my favorite, always has been.

So back to the Mulberry vs Hermes debate. I have no qualms saying that I feel one designer is imitating another, but for me it is just not the case. When it comes to the Baysater versus the Birkin, what do you think?

Buy via Net A Porter for $850.

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  • otter

    I really like this classic style. Would like to purchase one ASAP.

    • Debra48

      I think that this Mulberry is a very Classic handbag; It appears to have alot of room in it but yet to be a small handbag at the same time. I would love to purchase one.

    • helen

      I think that this Mulberry is a very Classic handbag.

      i bought this bag from www(.)Fashion925(.)com

      i love my bayswater bag!!!!

  • emma

    It’s nothing like a Birkin! LOL!

  • MizzJ

    I agree, the resemblance is only very slight and anyone who knows what a Birkin is would not call this a copy!

  • imacantik

    i love them.. i love the short version too, i don’t know what it calls..

  • JenG

    I like this bag. It only reminds me of a Birkin slightly. Only because you mentioned it. And the price should tell anyone it is not a Brikin!

  • Beth

    It certainly recalls a Birkin, but it couldn’t be confused with one and I think it stands on its own merit. Not all of us can have a Birkin (although I am determined to have one someday!).

  • swags

    I love the look of this bag. I also have admired the birkin for years. There are some similiarities but I don’t think the bayswater is trying to be a birkin. I think its happy being a bayswater!

  • luvyrselfish

    reasons 4 my black Bayswater
    1 allow me to be organised with A4 size files at ease to present a professional image
    2 versatility – not only fashionable with formal office attires, but also chic when matches to slightly casual outfits, such as an oversize jacket/T-shirt with leggings
    3 price’s reasonable comparing to many other designer handbags
    4 making a statment without burning a hole in my pocket, less skepticism/jealousy from other about how much I spend on luxury goods

  • Eve

    The Mulberry Bayswater has found its own following in the past years that it’s been released. The leather is not as firm or as structured as a birkin.

    Let’s just say it may not be a cult following, but a younger functional spiffy bag that is indiscreet, subtle yet stylish. I loveee it, as with all Mulberry bags.

  • amelia masniari

    Hey.. they are different in every thing… i have one baywater, and it is my very best friend.. use it every day and become more and more stylish year after year.. so classic and practical. The price is also affordable.. I love Mulberry bay water bag…

  • sndc99

    I own this very bag and I would never compare it to a Birkin. It’s a classic in it’s own right. thank you for sharing and the price has went down it use to be 995.00 Its a great deal

  • Rach

    LOVE the bayswater, esp in black. Much lighter than a birkin, IMO.

  • BagPurist

    Love it; it’s on my list!

  • girlcook

    I wear the heck out of my Bayswater – it’s a classic shape and size, extremely sturdy and functional (which is something a bag of this size and structure should be, in my opinion); It doesn’t have Birkin Envy – it doesn’t need to. I agree with those who say it stands on its own merits. And I didn’t have to take out a second mortgage to buy it! :-)

  • atrophia

    It does bear a similarity to the Birkin, but nobody well-versed in fashion would ever mistake the two. The Birkin has a more structured bottom half that is easily recognizable. I’m not especially keen on the Birkin’s structure myself and I have no desire to own one, though I will admit I find all the myriad options for them fascinating. I think I’d own one of these first, but honestly, even for being softer and cuter, it’s still just not my thing.

  • M

    I’d rather have a Bayswater than a Birkin. That little belt would just bug me .

  • Vicky

    I like the Bayswater and I’ll choose this over the birkin anytime. I think the Birkin’s too granma for me. (Maybe I’m not that classic. ;) )
    When I saw it the first time, I just think it’s a cool bag. Well, now I just think it’s played too much though.

  • soooooon

    i have it with lipstick it

  • Èííîêåíòèé

    Íó è ÷òî, ðåçóëüòàò åñòü ?

  • Jem

    I have several Bayswaters and love Mulberry as a brand, I’m British so I’m biased I suppose!

    I’d love to take a trip to the Hermes St Honore store in Paris to buy a Kelly at some point and I love Hermes scarves but I swing to and fro on the Birkin – can’t quite decide whether I like it or not but I wouldn’t Say the Bayswater is a copy at all

  • Me

    The first time I saw the Mulberry Bayswater bag it brought to mind the Hermes Birkin bag, but on further inspection I would agree that while the shape may slightly resemble the Birkin bag I think the Bayswater bag looks less structured, more casual and less grandma-ish then the Birkin bag and has a much more affordable price.

  • lili

    i have to agree with previous message that when i first saw the Bayswater i thought of Birkin as well, but Bayswater appeared to me as far better idea of clasiic style, similar size and shape, carry everywhere bag. i prefer Bayswater for being less formal, with more relaxed shape, muted hardware, no fuss opening and aging beautifully. i even managed to sell my older version of Bayswater in black to replace it with newer version with improved buckles and slightly matter leather. i only wish it was lined.
    i guess that mulberry designers were inspired by Birkin when created Bayswater, and now when making Bayswater in so many different colours and finishes, they are definitely repeating the concept of Birkin. but it by no means is making Bayswater less appealing and only proving the model being a success.

  • Alanna

    i love love love the bayswater, it seems younger and much more casual than the birkin. i prefer the light brown version though (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    alittle too structured for me, but nice bag for the appropriate businesswoman. (fb)

  • Carina

    they are super similar!!!

  • Jason

    themulberrytrees. com