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Discover the New Miu Miu L’Été Collection

Contemporary wardrobe essentials taking inspiration from innerwear worn as outerwear

Miu Miu continues to be the cool-girl luxury label that the who’s who in fashion reaches for. Whether a viral mini-skirt, a coveted new It-bag or the hottest actress wearing custom Miu Miu, it’s impossible to do a scroll through your social media feeds without seeing the latest buzzworthy Miu Miu news. Recently ranked the 2nd most popular luxury brand by Lyst, the Miu Miu movement continues, and today we’re taking a look at the latest from Miu Miu.

Ease of Wear

Lingerie-inspired pieces continue to be a trend to follow, and Miu Miu’s latest capsule, the L’Été collection, is inspired by the allure of innerwear worn as outerwear. Nods to men’s tailoring and the fluidity of sportswear are also present throughout the collection as well, which features stripped-down pieces meant to act as contemporary wardrobe staples. Logo bralettes sit alongside crochet knits and delicate, gauzy pieces in beachy neutrals. Looks are summer-ready, whether worn on a warm breezy day or accompanying one on a fun night out: think sparkly metallics and silky separates.

Accessories complement the RTW pieces like breezy beach hats, crocheted logo bags, and Miu Miu classics: matelassé leather, including the Miu Wander Bag. The collection feels youthful and fresh, oozing a certain confidence. Discover the collection and shop now via Miu Miu.

Miu Miu L’Été Collection

Miu Miu L’Ét Collection 11
Miu Miu L’Ét Still Life 3
Miu Miu L’Ét Collection 2
Miu Miu L’Ét Still Life 4
Miu Miu L’Ét Collection 13
Miu Miu L’Ét Collection 10
Miu Miu L’Ét Collection 9
Miu Miu L’Ét Still Life 5
Miu Miu L’Ét Collection 3
Miu Miu L’Ét Still Life 2
Miu Miu L’Ét Still Life 1
Miu Miu L’Ét Collection 7
Miu Miu L’Ét Collection 4
Miu Miu L’Ét Still Life 6

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