Everyone shops for handbags in their own way, that I am sure of. Some may see a bag from a designer they recognize on a celebrity or a stylish stranger and decide that they must have it immediately, while others may mull over a specific bag for months on end until they finally pull the trigger. Then there are those that roam the mall for hours on end perusing all of their favorite brands when they decide they’re ready for a new bag. Personally, the way I shop changes with each bag I purchase, but one thing remains consistent, and that’s the designers that I typically shop. If I’m shopping just to get a feel for what’s currently out there, whether online or in stores, I typically browse the same handful of designers. Then I’ve got a second tier of designers that I’ll look to, and lastly, located in the very back of my brain remains the rest: those designers I know exist but often overlook. Of course, this is all a personal preference and while for me, Gucci may be top of mind, for others it may be a ‘back of mind’ designer.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the ‘back of mind designers’ and there are various reasons why a brand remains there for me. It could be the overall aesthetic or the price point, but sometimes I can’t even put my finger on a reason at all. For me, Miu Miu is one of those designers. I often overlook Miu Miu bags as a brand to purchase from, and I’m not sure why. Recently I was scrolling through Nordstrom and I came across a sleek and structured embossed croc bag with minimal branding. Of course I immediately knew the bag was Miu Miu because of the description and then I started wondering why I don’t browse Miu Miu’s selection more often.

I love the look of this Miu Miu overall, but upon a further glance it caught my eye for a few reasons. First, I like the overall silhouette and rounded shape of the bag—it’s timeless but still feels relevant at the same time. It’s ladylike when carried by the dainty top-handle, but also edgy because of the chain strap. I’m also a sucker for embossed croc, and though I know not everyone is a fan of it, I find it sleek and eye-catching. I’m giving Miu Miu a second look now and it got me wondering, is there a designer that you feel the same way about? If so, is there a specific reason why?

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