Manolo Blahnik Over-The-Knee Suede Boots

Many days I forget what we ladies must do to impress men. It is a vicious circle that takes hours of prep and in the hot and humid summer my attempts usually just fail. My hair is disheveled, I begin to sweat, my skirt sticks to my legs, my heels kill my feet, but I am sure trying to make an impression for my man and in general. There are certain accessories we can wear that simply make any man turn his head and many women be quite envious and stare too. I have found the perfect pair of boots to get the job done ;-) The Manolo Blahnik Over-The-Knee Suede Boots are eye-catching sexy and sultry black suede boots. Can you imagine pairing these with little white shorts, a tight tank, and a hot necklace? The men would flock to you. These boots feature diamond cutouts on the cuff, zip up the back, and sport a 4 1/5″ heel. Ok so these boots would make me taller than Vlad, but they are sexy nonetheless. Tell us what you think- sexy or trashy. I’d love to go try these on babies on- I’m sure Vlad would appreciate it. Available exclusively via Neiman Marcus online for $1450.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Odie

    These boots are hot. Worth every painful step. Not painful from the lack of heel & ball of foot cushion that all of his shoes have. But painful from the price.

  • Bina007

    I can imagine a correct way to wear those boots but with white hotpants on a hot day?! Pure trash, and god help you with the kind of men such an outfit would attract. In the UK we have a phrase to describe such an outfit: “Essex girl”.

  • sara

    black suede in the middle of summer? no please!

  • jenna

    totally trashy! like pretty woman, minus the julia.

  • Laura

    I dunno. Depends what ya would wear them with. I’d say nice out over a skinny pair of jeans. Or Maybe nice with a dress which just comes over your knee. Don’t think I would wear them with shorts – then you are really getten into the Hooker lookalike sorry

  • v-ron

    i think im in love

  • jaynie

    What kind of woman wears those? I do love them, but you have to either be a really rich young heiress or a you-know-what to pull them off. And in summer? The very idea makes me sweat.

  • bob

    the ladys that have complained about the looks of these boots must be fat ugly cows,
    these boots would look good wearing jeans and a short skirt in the fall and winter they will add a bit of zip to any meeting the wearer shall have

  • sam

    :smile: these boots would be very cute when worn right. in the movie, the devil wears prada, the thigh high boots were a good look.

  • evenbetta

    Honey these boots are to die for, they are a MUST have, for anyone that can afford them. I of course CANT hahahahahhaha, and as for BOB, baby I’m fat, but far from Ugly and I would wear the hell out of these boots with a Skirt that sits right above the top of them…….. ump ump ump ump ump….. It would take me 2 years to pay those boots off, but you know they are worth every damn penny. Off to Neiman-Marcus I go.

  • sandrine

    tro bel la bote
    je voudré en avoir un moi

  • biiia

    Liiinda .. bota dos sonhos

  • Godess

    These boots can be (if worn right) very sexy and classy..
    But I sure wouldn’t wear them with hotpants..

    They really are to die for..! :-)

  • princess

    those boots are hot!!! i would rock them in a minute. i will make sure to get them! i can afford them, so they will be worth every penny of money. well credit card….. lol

  • roxanne

    they re lovely. if worn right. shorts…tube top….my lord, how trashy. but in winter, with a pair of skinnies, a cute jacket and an elegant beanie..sigh. wish i had money

  • Naggy

    Those are not form-fitting and not really sexy. (ipad)