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  • FashionableLena

    I LIVE for Dolce & Gabbana. If money were no object, I’d wear their clothes (and headphones) every day. Although, I may look a little overdressed for a kid’s basketball game in a middle school gym!

    • missarewa

      lol! no kidding. the detailing on some of those bags is to die for!

    • Dana

      You can never be overdressed. Just channel your inner Gabor sister. Besides, it might inspire the other Moms to step up.

  • abigail

    these are all amazing!!

  • anon

    Usually I dislike overtly ostentatious looking accessories, but these are beautiful! I love the headphones (both are pretty, but I like the green one better on the count of the furry ears). I would honestly wear that every time I listen to music.

  • Wilma

    Unfortunately, I can’t get into the headphones so my cat will remain the only furry eared creature in my house.

  • clarkbrown505
  • shueaddict

    Presumably they can dub as fancy hearing aid for those grandmas from the ad.

  • whitebrown170

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  • Lynnie

    The headphones certainly look beautiful (especially the green version), but the practical side of me wonders how the technical aspect stands up. It would be quite the let down if the headphones were no better than your regular Apple earpods

    • Elisa

      I love headphones but I imagine those are quite heavy.

  • Elisa

    They’re social politics as well as their designs are over the top. LOVE the accessories/purses, not sure I like their opinions about fertility.

    The headphones remind me of a tiara! The little girl inside me wants them but the grown-up me imagines that they’re quite heavy and unpleasant to wear.

  • Giselle

    I wondered when I saw their fall collection whether those drawings were done by children or imitated by the adults:)