Little Pink Tool Kit

Roughly three weeks ago, when I left Megs in Columbus to what I like to call the lonely bitterness of a masters degree at the other end of the world, I had my layover in Charlotte, NC. For the past year and a half, since Megs and I started the whole long distance thing, I must have travelled through Charlotte a good 15 times. That particular airport became my favorite layover because US Airways, my airline of choice, flies Airbus 330s for the long 9 1/2 hour trip, which have individual TV units with remotes for each seat. Score! Also, because Megs and I are still going strong, despite the ridiculous distance, CLT has become a symbol of something wonderful and I like it. Ok, enough of the sentimental shnazz.

As I walked from one terminal to the other, I noticed a screamingly bright pink booth that caught my attention. Being the resident bag blogger, a pink bag attracted my attention. More specifically, it was the Little Pink Tool Kit, a 10 piece tool set in pink, nicely organized in a pink carry case. From what I read, a portion of each sale are donated to breast cancer organizations. Not sure how much of the $80 tool bag actually go towards a good cause, including that information would be probably helpful. I should have mentioned this bag for weeks now, as the brochure had been sitting on my desk, but I guess I was just too lazy. The Little Pink Tool Kit is available through their website.

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  • SpoiltBitch

    wow this is really cute and adorable and so organised and compact I want it…It’s my bday in 2 weeks so I’ll ask mummy and daddy it’s soooo nice and PINK!

  • anon


  • Scott

    Interesting how an anonymous person might say the tools are no good. Actually, they’re extremely high quality, lifetime guarantee and worthy to be in any person’s tool kit. What a great gift!

  • phocid

    I bought this kit last year. I love it. I’ve used it to hang and level pictures, assemble Ikea furniture, and measure interior dimensions of windows so I can order shades. It’s functional, and most important of all…my tools never get absorbed into my husband’s tool shop. There’s no question which tools are mine!

  • Anita

    Love mine and she’s right- no chance of hubby stealing MY pink tools! He’d rather go without then use a pink hammer! Word! :cool:

  • D

    Why in the world would someone spend $80.00 on crap tools that can be compared to Harbor Freight junk? Unless $60 of the original purchase price was donated to breast cancer organizations (and real ones that actually use the money for research rather than fund someone’s Ferrari fetish).
    Let’s start with the Hammer. This is a $1.00 hammer with pink on it.. It’s too light to use for anything worth while and let’s face the facts, most women who are married to a man would just get a man to hang their pictures anyway because 1, it’s usually a two person job, and 2 Pictures are often too heavy for a lot of house wives who don’t frequent the gym on a regular basis. Well, having said that you can throw out the need for a level and 90% of the household uses for a tape measure. Both of which are included in this kit and absolute junk, once again. The screwdriver is the cheap plastic handled garbage with no form of magnetic backing so any screw you try to use will simply fall unless you press it against the wall before actually letting go.. It’s about $2.00 for that nifty piece of work.. Onward to the ONLY piece that looks 1/2 decent. The Hex Keys. This looks like a “quality” part. I’m sure it’s made of plastic and will break the first time you use it on anything with resistance. But wait.. What do women in the house use a hex key for? Nothing.. The only thing I’ve ever used one on is putting my son’s crib together. Lord knows I need my own personal set of tools for that..
    Well, I guess my point is.. Just because it looks cute doesn’t mean it’s worth money.. and trust me.. If my wife had that dumb kit and I was in a pinch and needed to use a tool and didn’t care how crappy it was, I’d still use her pink tool kit.. It’d be blackened with grease when I was done with it anyway..
    Rather than spending money on MORE STUFF you should all take a moment and watch the video at this link and pass it on to friends and family..

    (note: I’m a computer systems engineer, not some backwoods hillbilly who beats his wife in case I came off that way.)

    • mike

      :twisted: you are a dick!!

  • D

    Oh, forgot to mention I know my way around tools. I’ve rebuilt engines, fixed exteriors on cars, installed DVD systems in my wifes car’s headrests, installed my own irrigation systems on both of my houses (over 1500ft of piping), have done my own tile, surround systems, built rooms, added bathrooms and the list goes on and on of things I’ve done and uses I’ve had for all of my tools.. I know a quality tool when I see one and these aren’t quality just from looking at the pictures. I can assure you anyone who disagrees has never held a real hammer. They’re heavy for a reason.. The heavier the hammer the less work to drive the nail..
    Screwdrivers are built with heads that are designed to grip a screw rather than strip it when you have a hard time getting a screw out.. These probably won’t do that..
    And.. I’d like to apologize for some earlier comments, like women having no use for tape measures.. I forgot about blinds and things of that nature.. It’s good to see so many women who hang their own picture, but when I say pictures I mean things like the 4X6′ paintings I have through the house.
    Sorry if I offended anyone.

  • D

    Oh, to further prove my point about the lack of “value” in this tool kit..

  • Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  • Naggy

    I’d rather use one of my pretty bags as a tool kit than use this one even though it’s much more functional for a tools; that’s how much I don’t like it. (ipad)