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Gucci Wallpaper Any of you thinking of remodeling your house? If you are I am sure you have to go through the never-ending process of choosing paint color, wallpaper design, cabinets, fixture selections, etc, etc. So when you are looking for that perfect wallpaper to add to let’s say your family room or your bedroom, would you ever consider this Gucci Wallpaper? I mean seriously… would you?

This unsightly Gucci Wallpaper I came across is designed with the small GG print in a beige pearlized color. If you would honestly consider it I will go on with the specs: it’s made of cellulose and vinyl with a polyurethane resin finish. There is 1 roll per pack (72 sq. ft., 28 inches wide) and the height of each GG is 0.7 inches. Gucci says that this wallpaper is not recommended for humid areas. Hum wonder why this expensive unpractical paper would not be able to go in any room of the house? So I suppose this leaves out your bathrooms. This wallpaper sells for $85 a roll on Gucci.

Personally I’d love to hear your opinions on this matter: I don’t even always like prints on bags let alone hanging all over my house. Would you use this to show people, ‘hey, I really can afford Gucci and I’ll even slab it on my walls to show you I have made it in this world!’ Yikes, I think not.

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  • Rhiannon


    • josh

      u people are pathetic, that is the exact reason why u get it, obviously u cannot afford it but if u could ur mind would be different

  • Vlad


  • Annette

    That’s quite funny. I can only think of one possible use – when I was a youngster (sadly many years ago), people would use wallpaper, duraceal etc to cover their exercise books. I can imagine some strange person covering their books in this gucci wallpaper.

  • dahat!

    best thing you could do with this is a narrow vertical stripe, no more than 12 inches, perhaps in your dining room or other suitably fine area.

  • Jillian

    only a status seaker would use this. it would be cool to have it in your shoe or purse closet … if you had one

  • Bag Diva


  • Zippy

    If it was put up sideways as a border, it might be quite passable. I am just not sure where…

  • cork

    very overated funny, but ugly

  • billyjoe

    what a waste…

  • Tuesday

    I can see using it somewhere just to be cheeky. But honestly, I doubt most people would even realize it’s Gucci. If you don’t know what you’re looking at, it just looks like any other pattern.

  • happy interior designer from Poland;-)

    well, no matter what You think or say about this GG wallpaper, its interesting that its been a subject of this disscussion. Controversial- that’s all it is, and in the world of labels this matters! So, I think GG has done good job:-) Congratulations!
    ps. I’m buying one roll, just for fun! Ideas will come later:-)

  • roxy

    must have it.

  • billyjoe

    ooooo….ur from poland?
    so am i!

  • Hollywood

    I like it! LOL

    The idea of putting it in your coset is a good idea!

    Id buy it, if i knew where I could buy it from.

    Dont all be hating bc u cant afford it! j/k

  • Audrey

    i have the gucci wallapr up in my living room…it is beautiful and flawless…i had it ordered in to my local gucci store and paid a professional to put it up. you will love it!

    • James.R

      Hi could you please tell me were you bort yout gucci wallpaper from please thanks alot

  • Donatella

    I LOVE IT … the darker version though…. and I WANT IT!!! ;)

  • bob marley

    its crap

  • kitti kat

    i dnt no weher 2 get it 4 me bdrm c im decoing it and i aint got a clue can u help me plz thx 2 all who doees lol i luv it but it a bit werd

    wite bac kitti kat

  • Me

    HEY! Ya’ll are some haters! I like this! I wer Gucci all the time and I definetly would not mind having my walls look like this! It’s gorgeous…. CHA CHING!

  • Kiss

    I love it! I am buying a roll to do a smaller wall in my bedroom. Who would not want this, I was thrilled when I first saw it a couple of weeeks ago on the Gucci website. I’d love to see Dior come out with a wallpaper as well.

  • jim

    Losers ! just because you cant afford it..,its very nice wallpaper

  • Jessssssssss

    It’s a sick wallpaper and I’d buy it anytime. And if you can afford it, why not?? And if not…oh well!

  • Jay

    Audrey – what Gucci store did you order it to?

    Been searching all over the net, and as i live in Denmark i can’t order it through the Internet. Afterwords i tried talking to the Gucci store, but they aren’t capable of ordering it. :(

  • Sara Buck

    Hey losers…all you morons that don’t like it shoulnd’t even be on this webbie. i have my dressing room wallpapered in it

  • Louis Heinz

    I have a friend that has it on his half bathroom in dark brown color; it looks amazing, he has it with venetian mirrors. All you people that say something bad about are just haters!

  • cyril

    see, this is way more complex

    first of all, its not bout the money. $85 a roll is not that mouch. i m doing one wall of my bedroom. and it turned out that the most expensive part is to put it up. cause you dont just put it up on the wall, thats cheapsh*t. you put it on an alu-plate and put this thing on your wall.

    second, THE question is; do you pick the version with the small 0.7 inches GG print or do you go for the big one.

    -> big one: to me this is as exklusive as a cheap imitation of some gucci, louis, watteva handbag. why dont you just buy the biggest edding out there and write guuuuucci on ur wall, even thats more classy.

    -> small GG logo: the shiznit. imagine spankin sum chic’s a** from behind and pullin her hair, her head towards your wall and ONLY THEN realising this is actually gucci. damn. that will probably make her squirt.

    long story short: nothing says better I CARE than gucci wallpaper in your bedroom and gucci ice cubes in your grey goose vodka martini

  • deeps

    i like it
    its cool
    and if u dont like then u just cand afford it

  • natasha

    I have the large logo print in chocolate brown on my chimney breast wall and its really nice everyone who comes to my house comments on how nice it is and where i got it from but of course i don’t share that info cause I like to be one off,

  • Mr. Pate

    Many people are forgetting that different places have different ideas of cool, beautiful etc… As Gucci is a European based company many of it’s inspiration comes from right here and therefore may not be to everyone’s taste. I perosnaly think it’s nice in the darker colour, it would make an amazing feature wall, for example, on the wall nearest to the head of the bed. Obviously anything can be tasteless if it’s done wrong or these too much of it, but this wallpaper has an attraction. About the cost of the wallpaper, I perosnally think that the cost is really reasonable, don’t forget that the wallpaper is from a luxury brand. I like it, I’m seriously considering getting some for my new place.

  • benz

    then pick some floral crap like everyone else in the usa…

  • Tanya Butler-Henderson

    Actually, it can look very nice, I have it, and it’s not meant for the whole room, just one wall as a feature wall – It is in my bathroom and does fine, I suggest that they say not for humid places in order to cover themselves.

    In fact it looks stunning. I accept that you may have different opinions on it, but without seeing it insitu – I don’t really think your opinion is valid at all!

    …And I live in England

  • mette nielsen

    can you still get it in Gucci london?

  • carol

    Hello, dou you know where can I buy it? is there any skoponline?because I live in Poland or Spain. Gracias amigos :)

  • Tanya Butler-Henderson

    Carol, have you tried Gucci’s official site? That’s where I ordered mine from! Although, I can’t find it anymore – as they’ve revamped the site. Do you have a local Gucci store near you? If you ask the retailer, they will be more than happy to order it in for you!

  • kk


  • kelly

    i wood buy ths fuhr meh jottahs aht skl can iht b chnged intae poonds insteed ae dollahs????

  • Da-Vixta

    Ever since i went to Italy-Milan, in Gucci shop, I had to have it! I love the pattern and colour and I have recently had an extension done to my house and thought that wolud look great in one section, and the rest painted in red and green with accessories everywhere. Don’t really care whay peolple have to say about it, whether it’s a statement or not, but my room will look the bollox!!

  • baby flea

    i hate it its over-rated and too expensive!wow its gucci! so what its crap-get over it!!!

  • Jasmin

    I have this wallpaper! I love it it looks great in my walkin closet… Everyone loves it.. I even have Gucci shelve liners.. :)

    • luvr

      That a great idea :!: :!: :!: Where did u get ur Gucci shelf liners and bout how much did they cost :?:

  • mary

    I THINK IM IN LUV lol i LUFF dis ta bits im jealous ov n e 1 hu has it :evil: :cry: :!: :!:

  • Aundrea

    I love Gucci!, But I sooooo can’t afford it! :roll:

  • Gucci Lover

    only rich people and rich-wannabe people would know it’s Gucci.

    Hey! If it’s being sold in Gucci Botiques, then I’d buy it. I’m a huge fan of Gucci products.

    Don’t get me wrong. I do have the money to buy them.
    I’m not just one of those people who drool OUTSIDE the Gucci Botique window.

  • Toochi Enyioha

    Man, you’re all bitching.. Who wouldn’t want a Gucci wallpaper for their house? It’s the height of creme.. Picture it. It would go so fucking well! You really should think more openly to such things if you are indeed a lover of gucci

    man u r all bitchn who wudnt want a gucci wall paper in their house? its very creme, like me and i think it would go vry well too pls think more openly to things like this

  • I love it…i realy want it in my room…i didnt even knew u were considerin doin the wallpaper n i said to my mum i want gucci wallpaper…then i came across this website n i was like what….I WANT IT…..i love GUCCI too much…n i need it in my room xxxxx

  • Love it….i need it in my room
    i would buy it
    Ive got a watch by gucci n gettin the new gucci watch out senerio with diamonds…gucci bag n even gucci candle which my mum got when see went to a meetin in london…i need that wall paper xx

  • Vardan


  • Kamilla

    :wink: its great where can i purchase it :razz:

  • Kamilla

    great wallpaper i want it for my room where can i purchase it???

  • coachi

    Hi people,

    I am from Germany and also already look for a long time for this wallpaper!?! Can somebody call here please sometimes concrete adresse where this is to be found? I have already sold on a tick gucci directly, unfortunately, I get no answer… :twisted: :shock: :cry: :twisted: :?:

    Thanks and greetings from Germany…

  • jamie

    I CAN afford it and still think it’s tacky. There are real highend wallpapers out there for people who really care about having a nice looking home.

    There’s a difference between people who are affluent and understand quality and value and people who are label whores desperate to show others what they can afford. Gucci wallpaper says nothing about your or your decorator’s taste or your ability to arrange a room. It says that you are too ignorant to know the differece between a handbag and a living room wall and very desperate to have people think you have more money than you do.

  • Affluent One

    It wasn’t made to decorate an entire room nor was it to show status. It works perfectly in one’s walk in closet by their purse shelf or shoe rack. Does one by a Baume & Mercier watch just to show status? Can’t they just like the style? They could’ve just got a quality watch or even a rolex at that same price but they like the way it looks. Same with this wallpaper. Only tacky people can make things appear tacky. Only ghetto people would make it look ghetto. If Paris Hilton had it no one would question it but if Lil Kim had it then it would look ghetto. So look in the mirror and not judge the product but yourself.

  • Donatella

    Would anyone know if there is LV wall paper available anywhere?
    Have tried to search it through the internet, even the LV site, but no luck so far…
    Thanx in advance for your help peeps :)

  • tatooxxx

    I have this wallpaper in my bedroom on one wall and i think it looks amazing.

  • i luv u guys, u are amazing people and i wanna meet u some day ! Remember i luv u always and forever ! :oops: :razz: :lol: :mrgreen: :smile:

  • Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucciiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    i luv Gucci so much omg :shock:
    i love gucci & boys :oops:
    but im sure that gucci better than boys :wink:


    CHAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if chavs hadnt ruined designer labels then it might have been cool to have but as the chav population have to have their copy cat poor man version of designer gear then its justplain tacky!!!

  • jo

    where to buy it, please let me know, send link or web site…
    thanks for help,

  • Paolo

    I got 9 rolls of the stuff still in boxes and untouched in my loft bought from Gucci on Sloane Street by myself, still have receipt. Any offers?????

    • Ana

      hello, came across ur comments regarding the wall paper I know that this is old but if u still hav a rol 2 sell i would like 2 purchase one i had purchase 1 but still need 1 more in choclate brown respond if interest thanks

    • andy

      hi paolo very interested in the gucci wallpaper how much u after per roll?

  • savanah

    if it were in a darker shade, then maybe. I saw a fendi comforter bed spread, and it was designer looking Hello! i am fendi, look at me! of course..i didnt hate it. in fact i have been thinking of (not buying) about what it would look like in my room. from a business standpoint..bleed that puppy till it’s dry.

  • Paolo

    Is the dark brown chocolate colour

  • harri

    ah really how much would you be selling it for, have been looking for it for a while…

    can you email me and send some pictures

    thanks alot ‘PAOLO’

  • Fashion Archives

    Wow. How do they find all the time to do this?!

  • Paolo


    Dunno how much I will be selling it for exactly, but I will expect a premium price! I was thinking of placing them on Ebay in the coming weeks/ months or maybe sit on them as they are a collectors item! Postage would be expensive as they are very heavy (I know I carried them home on the Tube!)

    I will have some pics tomorrow if you’re still interested and dig out the original receipt.

    Regards. Paolo

    • barbs

      hi ! if anyone has this wallpaper could they let me know I would like to buy some thanks !!!

  • Freda

    I was on the Gucci Site & couldn’t find it anywhere….does anyone know where I could find the Gucci Wallpaper in either color ??

  • playmaker sound

    I would buy it the same as I buy other gucci items

  • label whore

    I love this stuff – I purchased it 5 years ago – I only needed one roll – I framed out rectangles underneath my chair rail and had the wall paper inside – the chocolate one – I love gucci and getting something for only 85 bucks was great – now I have a few more gucci pieces and relish them all

    • Amir

      Sell me a roll :-)

  • Naggy

    First, the LV tats, now this on your wall? No thanks. (ipad)

  • KY

    I think one wall with this wallpaper could look great! (ipad)

  • KB

    Where can i get some off thisss ???????

  • sara

    hi can you send me the contact to buy the gucci wallpaper?
    My e-mail add is

  • juventus

    hello please let me know how i can get this wall paper from.thank you
    Gucci is the best

  • Not broke, no joke

    Your all hating on it because you can’t afford it. I’ve got a full Gucci interior bedroom and it looks great! I can afford it and I like it. If you poor beggars could afford it, I’m sure you’d buy it! Grow some balls bitches!

  • Wiley2006

    Hi guy were can I get da Gucci wall paper from, I want it for my living room and I’m from da uk.. I would be great fully if some would get bk to me thanks.

  • Wiley2006

    Where can I get this wall paper from please email on thanks.

  • amran

    hi guy’s can anyone email me the contact where i can buy this wallpaper please i have been looking every where.
    many thanks

  • don

    Go to Gucci website online and you can buy this. I did and it looks amazing in the bedroom

  • bob

    it is not on the gucci site

  • Mo

    I have 2 rolls in chocolate brown , but the big g design , g being in gold , I want £300 a roll, originally released around 2009