MICHAEL Michael Kors is among the most classic of American handbag brands; its simple, sporty, luxurious silhouettes are beloved by fashion lovers all over the country. Today, as we count down to National Handbag Day, we’re proud to showcase the MICHAEL Michael Kors Susannah Quilted Bucket Bag, available through our NHD partner, Bloomingdale’s.


The Susannah is the third in our series of five special handbags and it’s a perfect piece to get anyone through a midweek slump. The neutral color and carry-anything shape make this bag an ideal piece to take to work, but the soft construction means that it’s also casual enough to be a polished weekend option.


The quilting gives the Susannah a touch of texture, while the gold hardware ups the glamour quotient just enough to turn a few heads. Michael Kors has done as much as any other American designer to define the country’s accessories aesthetic, and this bag is a perfect example of the casual glamour that the brand has come to represent.

You can buy this bag, through our Bloomingdale’s pop-up shop for $378.


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  • sev2108

    Did you guys see this article a few weeks ago about Michael Kors’ bags? http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/21/nyregion/michael-korss-locked-up-luxury.html You posted awhile ago asking us what bags we’d never carry, and a lot of people said Michael Kors because most of his bags look like knockoffs…anyway…

    • Renee

      Why what a snotty, horrible,pretentious and racist article you’ve chosen to enlighten us all with. Seriously?? I don’t know what DB wrote that but what’s wrong about these women, who maybe live in a “lower class” demographic, or “projects”, wanting a quality, stylish, affordable handbag? Actually, I buy MK
      All the time and I have my own business, earn over 100k a year drive a Mercedes, and own 3 homes. I do own some higher end pieces but often go to the MK website to see what’s new. I hope everyone clicks on that link you posted just to see how horrible that article is. Anyone who’s maxed out their credit cards and is in debt, paying rent and lives paycheck to paycheck just so they can carry a 2500.00 bag is only perpetrating.

      • eli

        I’ve read the article and I don’t see anything wrong with it. You either like MK or you don’t–the same way people either like Chanel, Hermes, LV, or they don’t. I like MK’s design but I don’t like the brand for the simple reason that when I bought my first MK bag (the Hamilton, and I thought it was beautiful), the quality was really off. I’ve been very embarrassed to carry it since then. It’s not even about affordability or lifestyle or how much you’re getting, people just have their own preference–and since mine is quality over anything else, then I’d rather stick to Hermes, or if I’d prefer value for money, would go for Coach.

      • Hierophilic

        Thaaank you! I’m so tired of this kind of attitude, it makes me want to give anyone who thinks this way a good slap.

      • sev2108

        The article isn’t racist – it’s just identifying the stereotyping that sadly accompanies the displays and sales of these bags. The article is disturbing to me because it points out that prejudice and inequality have extended themselves into the sales of handbags. I never noticed before that Michael Kors’ ads were so blatantly about the jet setting lifestyle (according to the article) with the majority of the people (maybe not you – it’s obviously a generalization) who carry his bags live so far from that life. That’s all. I don’t know why his bags are so popular among the mid-priced bag lines out there – the article says specifically he hasn’t reached out to a diverse demographic, so I wonder why. That’s all.

      • Renee

        Yes, I understand the part about the ads, however, it also says the as are “sold out” in the more “lower income areas”, and that most people who buy MK aren’t white. So does the popularity of the bags not hold as much value if the women who buy them out of stock aren’t white? It is an awful article. Period. Can’t believe the NY times published it.

      • Gregg Rodriguez

        “Over 100k a year”

        That’s not a lot of money, especially if you’re telling us you own there homes. Next time you’re lying to strangers online be sure to get your numbers right. Something like 300k a year would be belieavable. I make 85k a year and I’m a 24 year straight out of grad school,

  • anon

    Hmm..I’m not really a fan of the finish:/

  • Renee

    I think it is beautiful and eye catching. I disagree about calling his bags knock offs. Those would be replicas, not inspired. I think what people don’t realize is that the reason we pay 2,000 for a designer bag is just that, “designer”. They come up with the concept and original silhouette. Take the classic LV speedy for prime example. That style was created by LV and every line has made their own version.
    MK uses these original “designs” and makes his version. This allows everyone to enjoy that trend or silhouette. People who can’t afford to spend 2,000 on a designer bag they love can get that same look/style.
    I do think that his own original designs of past years were really beautiful though and he doesn’t need to be inspired by current trends.

    • LizzieHollowaybot

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  • kevin ailsa

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  • Stacy M.

    I read the article linked by sev2108 as well as some of the 109 comments left on the article’s comment section and this one comment struck me. What do you all think?:

    H. G.

    Detroit, MI
    This article is scolding lower income women, quite rich for a paper that regularly fetishizes the uber wealthy, both in its advertising and coverage. I regularly read about say, a wealthy couple who have multiple homes in multiple locations (urban, dessert, ocean) or some trustafarian with an $18k Birken bag or parents buying homes next to their kid’s boarding schools. These pieces are short on irony and long on self indulgence. Against that 1% fluff, spare us the judgmental whipsaw on lower income women of color.

    If you want to cover the fact that many women from all economic backgrounds buy fashion items they can’t afford, well, that might be an actual story.