Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Congo Vlad and I had popped into Louis Vuitton Bal Harbour on May 1st to see some of the newly released bags in person (as well as buy a few goodies ourselves). Our fab SA told Vlad to give the new Congo line from LV a chance. Not a huge fan of Monogram, Vlad was skeptical, but both the SA and I found the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Congo GM to show lots of summer fun potential. This messenger bag contains the usual specs one would expect from LV, but then there is an added net pocket under the front flap. The Congo name pays homage to the well known African river. For some reason many people associate summer with traveling and tropics, so this bag is perfect. Then again, you would only equate summer with tropical and safari traveling if you are one of those lucky families, couples, people; but come to think of it, the buying crowd is most likely much of the traveling crowd too. The messenger is trimmed in leather and sports a waterproof interior pocket. Dimensions are 17″x 11.95″x 4.6″. Pretty chic and fun for summer. Buy for $1800 via eLuxury exclusive Louis Vuitton boutique.

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  • janis

    i would NOT bring this bag to the congo.

  • devlo

    Too true to the review who posted first. Looking at that cargo net, I’d have a fear that I’d snag and bust the net with a ring or keys or something ~ then it would be ruined! They also remind me of fish nets. Not so sure if that equals luxury in my book.

  • carryingcontraption.com

    that bag is heinous. it’s so patronizing to name the bag after the congo river.

  • n/a

    This bag is hideous! = Nobody should buy it!!

  • Louis Collector

    I doubt many of the bashers have seen this bag or even have any real Louis.
    I have had this bag a couple mths and it has seen a LOT of travel.
    The netting is VERY strong and it ripping isn’t really a worry.
    Its perfect for taking on the plane, I put my laptop and Bose QCII Headphones
    in the main pocket and a book. 2 outer pockets, one will have my IPhone and
    a couple other gadgets then the other packet will have my wallet, keys etc etc.
    Lastly, I will usually slide in newspaper in the netting pocket.

    I can’t think of a better carry on bag when you aren’t carrying a ton of stuff.

    Lastly IF you are foolish enough to screw up the netting that bad (it would take something
    serious to cut the cords) Louis will replace that part for about $200.

  • Naggy

    This is super boring. (ipad)