Marc by Marc Jacobs Q Bags

When we first covered the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr Bag, everyone went crazy bananas over it and we actually had the store sell out in a matter of hours. Since then, Marc Jacobs has expanded this line to included clutches, patent leather, hobos, totes, satchels, you name it, it is there. And this is why our weekend obsession this week is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Q line of handbags. They are versatile, fun, usable, chic, and most important affordable. I don’t think I can even remember the last Marc Jacobs bag that I loved over a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. And why this is good for all of us? The Marc by Marc line is more affordable. I don’t own a piece from the Q line, but it is truly an ideal line for many reasons. Rock on Marc!

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  • mette

    I took a look at these bags and understand perfectly well why you don´t have one of them yet ;) !

  • erin

    I really don’t understand the fascination with these bags. They look poorly made and boring to boot. Nothing special here.

  • Mette, I knew you don’t like them!

    Erin – most people do like them!

  • Mandy

    I love the cognac hobo. Unlike the other commentators so far, I do like MBMJ bags, and like this line. They are casual and comfortable. I have not experienced the quality issues that others have mentioned in TPF, and am pleased with the prices. MJ was my first real designer love in the 90’s, and my heart is still with him. I found myself standing next to him on the street in NYC once, and I was so excited you’d have thought I saw the President. Sigh…Marc…

  • Tracy

    I have the classic q groovee and the huge hillier hobo and I LOVE them. The leather is delicious and sturdy, they’re easy to carry, and I actually love them more than my normal Marc Jacobs bags.

    True, the line is not so consistent what with cheap feeling leathers and ugly linings on some MbMJ offerings, but the Q line has some great shapes that are executed really well.

    I thought they were nice but a tad too boring at first but the fit and function is AMAZING. I didn’t want a hillier until I tried my friend’s hillier on for size. It was stuffed with bowling balls but still felt really comfortable on the shoulder. And that was when I was sold on the line.

  • MizzJ

    That clutch reminds me of these great little clutches Coach has and their leather feels super soft – both are pretty!

  • Sue

    I’ve long been neutral about this line and pretty much ignored it, though, having spent much of my life looking for a great blue bag, I did take note of Amanda’s blog about the Huge Hillier in blue – didn’t act on it, but thought about it. Then, about a week ago, I saw it on sale on Barney’s website, bought it, and I AM IN LOVE! I know it’s cliche, but pictures don’t do it justice… I think it’s definitely a line you have to see IRL to judge. Do yourself a favor & check it out!

  • Ursula

    I own four of them and they are certainly NOT poorly made. They’re comparable in construction to premier designer labels. Critiques on style can be made of any bag, but dissing these bags on construction makes no sense. Those judgments can only be made from those who own them or those who’ve carefully examined them.

  • @Sue – OMG, you got the blue Hillier at the Barney’s sale? I put it in my shopping bag on Friday for $250 but it was already sold out :-(. I was so sad! I’m glad that a reader got one while they were still there, though.

    As far as quality issues with MBMJ bags – I have one, and I know several people that have multiple, and I’ve never experienced or heard anything but nice things about the quality, particularly for the price. The leather used on the current Q offerings is AMAZING.

  • Merve

    Im with Mette. I dont get the fascination at all.

  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    I have always been devoted to Marc by Marc Jacobs. Whether it is clothing or bags, I love the line and I love the prices even more. Perhaps the Q line is a tad boring compared to other designer bags, but this also makes them easier to wear on an everyday basis. I love the funky shapes and colors, and having owned a couple of Marc by Marc bags, I can also vouch that they are well made!


  • misslola

    I never owned one until I bought the Hillier in Blue from Von Maur. I loved this bag, owned it for a week, and then used it all day on a hot day walking around downtown. The dye transferred onto a white blouse I was wearing, and left a weird, faded looking streak in the leather. Then I noticed the corners had almost a “peeling” effect on the leather. Underneath was almost like a neon blue color. Von Maur was shocked and gave me a full refund.

  • Ellez

    I have the Dr. Q Liz Riz hobo in balck and I absolutely adore it!!! It is definitely my go-to bag. The leather is so soft and I am constantly getting compliments on the style!

  • dangster

    Mette, I think most people here were already aware of your grudge against Marc Jacobs bags ;)

  • Priya

    You really can’t judge the classic q until you feel the leather on the current version. It’s amazing. I bought it just for that, I’m not too sure about adjusting to a long shoulder strap though…

  • Anne

    I just bought the MBMJ classic Q bag after watching it and coveting it on the most recent season of Damages. I’m a journalist, so my bags get a lot of wear and tear, but so far this one is standing up well. And it can somehow accommodate a notebook, a paper calendar, pens, a tape recorder, a wallet, two cell phones, press credentials, a small umbrella AND whatever press releases have been jammed in my hands without seeming puffy and overly stuffed. It is def the best summer purchase I’ve made.

  • Kendra

    the brown and red one are my favorite. These are great simple designs that look like they could easily go with any outfit. (fb)

  • Eric

    wiah to have one marc jacobs of my own, either better luck next time or work harder and extra hours to have one of my own hehehe-(fb)

  • Shine

    i really wish to own one of of these.. any marc jacobs bag,(fb)

  • Nicole

    The Hillier is an AMAAAAZING bag. I have two. And I’ve never had 2 of ANY bag, before. It’s that great. Very functional and wearable. And a million colors for everybunny.