Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Large Leather ToteMarc Jacobs is, easily, one of my favorite bag designers of all time. I love all the wacky stuff Louis Vuitton has done under his creative leadership, and I love both of his signature labels. He lost me a bit last season, though…some of his bags were kinda misshapen, am I right? And the colors were a bit drap. And had a random stud or two on them. In any case, I think those were a rare misstep for a brilliant designer. Even MJ is human, and everyone makes mistakes. What is NOT a mistake, though, is the new Marc Jacobs Large Leather Tote. I see it as a perfect work bag for those who are lucky enough to work in a slightly laid-back environment. It’s rendered in staid black leather, but Marc manages to get the stud detailing right with this one, having it accent the strap attachments (instead of, you know, just being stuck on there randomly). I’m not sure I entirely agree with the price, but if you’ve got the cash, go for it! Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1295.

It is just not for me. The glistening purple or fuchsia leather with the glitter stud details seems more suited for a tween than myself. Or maybe I am just not cool enough to wear it? The Marc Jacobs Glitter Shoulder Bag rocks out the vibrant hues on this bag that was spotted in the Marc Jacobs ad campaign. This bag offers more of a punk feel than other Marc Jacobs bags. There have been other studded bags from MJ that I have adored, but this is just not cutting it for me. There are two shoulder straps for carrying and the handbag is big, boisterous, and bold. Not for me, but is it for you? Buy through Net A Porter for about $1,010.

Marc Jacobs Love Story Zip Pouch

Trying to find last minute holiday gifts? Who else out there did not really start their shopping yet? My hand is raised way up high. Holiday shopping is hard for me. I don’t like giving gifts that will become another dust collector. As we grow older, many stocking stuffer gifts end up being impractical and eventual dust collectors or garbage can fillers. I would love to open my stocking this year and see a cute little treat. Something unexpected, something designer, something fun. Santa/Vlad/whoever is getting me a gift, are you listening? (more…)

Marc Jacobs Big Heart Zip Clutch

Love him or hate him, we all know Marc Jacobs. I tend to love this man, his designs, his ambition, his talent. There are misses, but between the Marc Jacobs Collection and the Marc by Marc Jacobs Collection (among others), this man has proven himself worthy of praise. Some pieces are much more eclectic and fun like the Marc Jacobs Big Heart Zip Clutch. I know what many of you are already thinking, ‘Looks like an art project for Valentines Day’. Indeed, it does in many ways.

There are heart appliques of varying leathers decorating the front and back. And the price is for the name, of course. But the clutch is a good size (11″x 6.5″x 2.5″), the idea is cute, and I happen to like this clutch very much. What I do want to know is if there really is python skin or just embossed python. This is the kind of clutch you take out with your significant other, or when you are dressed super girly. What say you all? Buy through eLuxury for $795.

NYC was damp, grey, and a bit chilly the whole time we were there. I am not complaining, it was actually a welcomed change from the typical sunny blue skies and low 80’s in South Florida. But I couldn’t help but wonder if the weather made every New Yorker, who usually loves to wear black, wear even more black. My red coat stood out like a sore thumb, but I didn’t mind. I paired my red coat with a golden olive cardigan and my mustard yellow Lambertson Truex Sienna clutch. But I somewhat felt like Ugly Betty and her colorful ensembles in a sea of grey, navy, and black. It didn’t keep me from wearing color and wanting to spruce things up a bit. (more…)

Just last week I wrote about the Marc Jacobs Stam Embossed Snakeskin Bag. The comments about the bag were sort of split, some of you loved it and some of you hated it. So, it got me thinking, was it that bag in particular that some of you didn’t like or could your dislike extend to other bags Marc Jacobs has put out there with similar features? The Marc Jacobs Cecilia Embossed Snakeskin Satchel shares many characteristics of the Stam Embossed Snakeskin Bag. However, I think if I were to choose between the two, I would choose this one. This bag is a little smaller, a little softer and I feel like it could be used more often than the other. At the same time, I definitely like the color better. In fact, it reminds me a bit of the color of the Lamarthe First Class Drawstring Bag I wrote about on Purse Blog Savvy. The pink snakeskin-embossed leather, silver metal hardware and rolled handles look fabulous together. The only thing I would change is the shoulder strap; I really don’t think it is needed for this size of a bag. So, what do you think, did Marc Jacobs hit or miss the mark? Buy through eLuxury for $1,250.

We all know the old saying, two heads are always better than one. But when it comes to handbags, are two handle options always better than one? Take the Marc Jacobs Stam Embossed Snakeskin Bag for example. I am going to go on the record and say that I don’t have a handbag with two handle options because for the most part, unless the shoulder strap is removable (like in the case of this bag) I feel like the extra handle might just get in the way. For this bag in particular, I think I would rather use the rolled leather handles than the shoulder strap, but that’s just me. Now as for the bag itself, I think I kinda like it. The orange snakeskin-embossed leather is eye popping. This is definitely the kind of bag that would grab almost anyone’s attention. I really like the contrast between the different shades of orange. Sometimes, a bold color like orange is one of those colors that can make a handbag look cheap if a designer is sloppy or on the flip side, if done correctly, the bag looks elegant and down right stunning. The zipped pocket on the front of the bag with a leather pull is a great way to break up the bag a little bit while the gathered pleats add what I like to call, loose structure. So what do you think, should a designer make up their mind and have a bag either be a shoulder bag or a hand bag OR do you like the options? Forget about that for a minute, and let’s say you simply want to add the bag to your collection; buy through eLuxury for $1,450.

Marc Jacobs Quilted Jersey Tote

Once upon a time I saw this bag in an all leather version, in pink. I kept meaning to talk about it, kept reminding myself to tell you all about it, and plain and simple forgot. But Marc Jacobs is in my head somehow, perfectly planning the time to bring a new version of the bag to the forefront so I would cover it. And I have to say I love this bag! The combination of soft cotton knit accented with leather stands out on the Marc Jacobs Quilted Jersey Tote. And while the body of the bag is mostly Jersey, it is a deep blue which will not show wear and dirt as much as a lighter color. I know, I know, jersey is no where near as sturdy or luxurious as leather, but it does bring the price down. The conversation can now still spin away from the details of the bag when in your head you are saying ‘but really, $1000 for jersey??’. Let me just tell you, I know and I even agree.

But I still like this Marc Jacobs bag! The first thing that drew me to this bag was the leather belted strap on the front, which somehow looks like the perfect feminine accent. There are double top handles and goldtone hardware. On the inside there is storage galore, an inside zip, open, and cell phone pocket. The inside is lined with canvas. Measurements are 15″W X 14″H X 5″D. So no, this bag is not perfection, and I am not running out to buy it, but I do like it! And the all leather version in the girly pink I like even more! Buy through Saks for $995.

Marc Jacobs Rolls Royce Fold-Over Clutch

I’ll freely admit it – this is an odd little clutch. I mean, it’s got an old car on it. That’s weird, right? Why does a purse need a picture on it? And why a cartoon of a vintage Rolls Royce?

Honestly, I have no idea. I don’t have the answers to those questions. It doesn’t make any sense to me. But, for some reason, I think this little Marc Jacobs Rolls Royce Fold-Over clutch is completely adorable. And I’m not even sure that I can explain, in words, why I feel that way.

I’m not much of one for decoration of that type. I don’t think I own a single t-shirt that I’d wear outside of the house that has anything on the front of it. I don’t own any patterned bags, and normally I think extra stuff on the outside of the bag is there to distract from a boring design.

But this clutch is so whimsical and seems like such a sly throwback to a bygone era that I find it charming and smart. And I’m kind of worried about myself because of it. Buy through eLuxury for $1495.

Marc Jacobs Multipocket Bag

This is a handbag that I’ve been trying to find online in order to write about it for a while now, and finding it at Nordstrom made me realize that their online collection of designer goods is oft-overlooked, which it shouldn’t be. They had a lot of stuff that I didn’t even realize! So at least click through to check it out, because it might be a good place for you to find something that you’re looking for that is sold out at the Neiman Marcuses and Saks Fifth Avenues of the world. I don’t hear it mentioned nearly as much, and although the list of designers is shorter, they had a lot of the big ones.

Now, on to the bag at hand! (more…)

I worship Marc Jacobs. He’s my favorite. Really, I think just about everything he touches is brilliant, even the stuff that a lot of people don’t like. The one bag I will never eBay (and everyone that knows me and my handbags knows that I eBay everything eventually) is my black Stam from several years back. So when Megs asked me if I wanted to write up a show from New York Fashion Week, my response was more or less, “MARC JACOBS!!!!!!11!!1!,” because one of the most wonderful moments in an aspiring fashion writer’s life is the opportunity to write about one of the premier shows of New York Fashion Week, even if you don’t get to go (and besides, his show always starts late anyway, that diva).

So what did Marc have for us this season? Well, lots of things, my dears.

80’s shapes – sweaters and blazers with pronounced, exaggerated shoulder shapes were a recurring element in both brights and pastels, as well as some grey here and there. Often they were paired with long, skinny, high-waisted skirts for maximum effect – when compared to the thin line drawn on the bottom, the boldly shaped tops were even more striking.

Brights, sometimes mixed with pastels – I think cobalt blue is going to be for Spring ’09 what royal purple is shaping up to be for Fall ’08: the color that you have to have in some way, shape, or form. Solid-colored bright pieces were often mixed with softly colored, usually patterned pastels for a bit of an art school student look – wear that part of the trend with caution. For me, though, one of the highlights of the show was the mixing of brights with other brights, most notably when mustard yellow mixed with violet and cobalt rugby stripes on two of the collection’s most striking dresses. (more…)

Marc Jacobs Ostrich Stam

So this is love?! I am on handbag love overload. Yesterday I brought you a metallic Bronzo true love, the YSL Volcano Tote, which I literally dreamed about, and now I am bringing you the feminine exotic from Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs is a man of many wonders. His designs at times are misses, but with the Marc Jacobs Ostrich Stam he found his way into every woman’s heart, with the perfect combination of color, pale pink, and leather, ostrich. I don’t know about you but this bag rocks right to my core, sending me notions of girly wonders that remind me just why I love being a woman. The ability to pair a powerful suit with the perfect feminine accessory is something men must have bag-envy over! Amanda recently covered this rendition of the Stam, labeled the Marc Jacobs Sunburst Stam, and at the time I was not sold on it. It was nice, but it took the exotic skin and color to send me into the world of ohhing and ahhing. The silver tone link chain strap is detachable. I am just all kinds of sold on this. Sold on this and yesterdays YSL bag. My fall handbag list would be complete with these two bags. Buy this Marc Jacobs bag through Net A Porter for $5,500.