Marc Jacobs Robert Leslie Bag
Yep, we’re going back here again.


Honestly, though, I think these bags are worth a little more discussion, and not only because I’ve had a drinks this afternoon (trying to get the creative juices flowing, ahem. Also, because I just paid my taxes. And it hurt). So, we’re going to talk about them a little bit more. Starting with the Marc Jacobs Robert Leslie Bag.

I’d strongly encourage you guys to at least see this collection in person to really get a feel for it before giving it a thumbs down. While I probably wouldn’t buy any of these, they have an intricacy of construction that’s hard to appreciate in pictures that is apparent when holding one in your hands. The combination of leathers and colors is innovative, particularly in the shades that this bag combines. They obviously take a good deal of work to manufacture, unlike a lot of bags for which we shell out our hard-earned dollars, and how many bags can we say that about? Not many – most of them are based on a simple pattern with fairly easy-to-attach exterior adornment. And after looking at a dozen or so bags a day, every day, it’s nice to see something that doesn’t look like everything else, even if it might break the rules of good taste a little bit. Aren’t they made to be occasionally broken? Buy through eLuxury for $1995.

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  • Merve

    Argh my eyes!!!!

  • Shannon

    i actually kind of like it…. hahaha

  • jay

    Can someone please level with me and admit that that bag looks exactly like the Louis Vuitton bags ??

  • Sarah

    Are we seriously talking about these bags. They are too ugly to even deserve a post on this website. Good construction or not, Marc Jacobs has managed to make a handbag line this season that only looks good in a dumpster. Even though I hate when he does it, he should just stick to copying Chanel bags in cheaper designs.

  • Joe

    Louis Vuitton runway but cheaper…


    Now… i was soo close to purchase this bag, different color, but i realized i can’t fork over 2000$ right now. These bags are beautiful, they are made very nice, and the all over details are very well executed. but yes i do admit, i see this.. and think of Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacobs has worked with the creative side of Vuitton before to design handbags, so i believe this is a case of being influenced but another design/designer. These bags are Gorgeous and Made in ITALY!! THUMBS WAY UP FROM ME!! i still have to get one.

  • chirpy_gal

    These bags draw our attention just because they are novel in design … just a new style..

  • To clarify for some folks, Marc Jacobs is the creative director of Louis Vuitton. He oversaw the design of both sets of bags and, therefore, logic dictates that he’s not exactly ‘ripping them off.’ You can’t rip off something that you’re already responsible for.

  • tadpolenyc

    come now. what’s a marc jacobs blog post without accusations of him ripping someone off? in this case, he’s ripping off himself! i own this style in beige. it’s ornate, unique, and the color combo is beautiful. i love it. give the memphis bags a chance and see them irl before discounting them, folks, and if you still hate ’em then at least you kept an open mind. if there’s no department store where you can view them in person, just look for me and the robert leslie in your nearest dumpster. ;)

  • LDJ

    O ish! I LUV IT, I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • indi3r4

    personally, I LOVE and ADORE this bag.. hoping to get one some time in the near future.. and i agree with Amanda and tadpolenyc that you guys/girls need to see this collection IRL before ripping him a new one..
    And Jay, one of us needs glasses apparently, cause i don’t see anything in this bag that even remotely close to the LV that you posted..

  • Bea

    ….runs off to nearest dumpster….and comes back disappointed… Marc Jacobs bags in my dumpster :(

    Have you actually seen this bag? The picture doesn’t do it any justice
    at all, they are beautiful irl very intricate and different to the usual run of the mill bags a lot of other designers churn out season after season after season…………………………

  • ingrid

    ohhhh i get it. jay thinks that because they both have the hanging tassles, that the two bags are EXACTLY THE SAME! helllooooo take a peek closer my dear, they’re far from similar.

  • JJ

    While I’ll admit, this isn’t the most flattering color combination, the workmanship and details put into these bags are unlike any other I’ve ever seen, I own a smaller bag from this collection in black and the details are so stunning, not to mention the leather which is soft as silk.

    And jay, where exactly are the similarities between this bag & the LV you posted? Other than they’re both tote bags, I see absolutely NONE! LV=partial chain/leather strap; MJ=short leather handles w/long detachable leather strap; LV=monogrammed leather, MJ=lambskin w/contrasting patchwork design; LV=”horse tail” tassel, MJ=bell shaped petal with metallic color inside; LV=walking billboard/advertisement,MJ=no logos and/or branding

    EXACTLY alike?????

  • spacey

    I guess I’m a glutton for punishment or something, because I keep subjecting myself to the frustrating hate-babble that the Marc Jacobs post on this site illicit. funny though, I still haven’t the foggiest idea WHY Marc’s design rub people the wrong way as badly as they do. More often than not, I seriously wonder if I’m actually seeing a pic of different bag :confused:.
    The Robert Leslie is gorgeous. I’ve seen it IRL and in pics, and its just stunning. Personally I’m always impressed by how Marc’s designs are so different and quirky, while being extremely functional both in a utilitarian and blends-smoothing-into-your-existing-wardrobe kind of way. In keeping, this line has not disappointed fans IMO.
    Unfortunately according to many of the responses here, I suppose I’m going to have to come to terms with the fact that I have such terrible taste that the clothes and accessories I love and own belong in a landfill. It is indeed too bad that I can’t find them there though since my DH and may wallet would be much happier with that situation.

  • A-T-G

    I like this bag. I can’t justify the 2 grand it would take to purchase it, tho. I just can’t! So, pass for me – which kind of sucks because I think I could rock this bag so hard!

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    Well I tell you….this bag is a work of art & I think only a TRUE DIVA should try to pull this one off. Again, thanks for bringing this one to our attention Amanda! :)

  • HMW

    How on earth does this look cheaper than LV? MJ’s designs for LV and for his own line are so different. First of all, what is the big deal about LV anyway? Coated canvas with enormous branding? Yawn. How contrived and attention-grabbing. How pitiful and usual. But then you get works of art like this, and everyone goes ballistic. Perhaps the exquisite detail of LV’s cheap materials and ornate adornments of, um, a lock here and there escape me, but THIS is what I call a genuinely creative handbag – a diamond in the rough.

  • HmMmluvthatbag

    *Sigh* some people just can’t see art. It’s easy to just follow what the masses say about art.

    But true genius never does.

    This bag rocks.

  • Cherie L.

    People either get Marc or they don’t. I actually like this bag, talk about different but not garish. Yes, his juices are starting to interbleed between his Vuitton and MJ lines but don’t call him a counterfeiter; they’re all the creations of the same man.

  • Julie

    LOVE IT – even in this colour. Haven’t seen it IRL but I love the detail, the tassles etc etc.

  • Jess

    I’ve seen in irl. It’s not for me, but I don’t find it ugly or even all that overdone.

  • me

    I love it! My favourite kinds of bags are the ones that don’t look like all of the others.

  • Merve

    Just to clarify i dont think this bag looks anything like the LV someone posted and I dont think Marc is ripping off anyone (including himself !) . It is really well made and I have seen it IRL however i just really hate the pattern and colour combo. Thats my complaint.

  • Linda

    I seen this in purple. The details are lovely and the leather is very soft but the handle is so limiting. It’s too short to be anymore than hand carried. You can’t even put it in the crook of your arm.

  • Caroline

    Haha I have to admit… as soon as I saw this bag I gasped because it was so beautiful. *hides from the haters*

  • cammy@kiki

    I agree…at first this bag came off as ridiculous. After messing with it a bit, I’ve grown to love them! The long strap can be manipulated so it can be worn as a shoulder bag but it looks the best in hand. Also, the picture shown is the WORST color combo it comes in. My store has it in Red, Blue, Purple, and best of all Beige w/ metallic pink! FAB…

  • nala

    i actually fell in love with this bag .. but in black python .. now if only i had the money :(

    should i go for the robert katy ?? or maybe wait for it to go on sale?? or maybe look at the dumpsters??

  • dee

    this is my FAVORITE bag of the season. i absolutely love it, and yes like some other commenters stated, it is nearly a work of art. I go to nordstrom and just swing it in my arms in front of the mirror :) wish i had the money to buy it, i’d buy it in a heart beat. the blue with silver/red diamond stitching.

    i don’t know why people hate on marc jacobs, i think he’s genius. my best friend was a designer for bcbg a few years ago and now is independent, and she loves MJ too.

    and i think jay is blind to think this bag looks like the LV. like HMW says, YAWN…! if you haven’t seen this bag in person, you have no idea what you’re talking about, either way.

    and to spacey, you don’t have horrible taste. all the haters just doesn’t know how to appreciate a great aesthetic when it’s right in front of their face. i would totally rock this bag, and you shouldn’t let anyone make you feel bad for your own personal style and taste. didn’t we all learn that in high school?

  • MIMS

    All of these Memphis bags are $1995 which is just too much!!
    So I wonder… how much would people who actually like this bag pay for this bag??? I would pay $995. Is that too low?

  • Lauren Hemmingway

    Amanda Mull, you’re absolutely right, you have to see the Robert in person. I just bought one through Neiman’s… I ended up knowing more about it than the sales person thanks to your blog. Thanks Purse Blog. I love it!

  • dani_twotwo

    bit too busy for me. hard to pair with just anything, outfit wise.

  • JJ

    MIMS — ALL of the Memphis bags are NOT $1995. There are smaller ones that are $995, pouchettes and wallets that are $695 and bags in between that $1395-1595. This is a larger bag with a lot more leather and detail, which is why it’s more $$. You can find smaller Memphis bags for less money. It all depends on the size and details.

  • roro

    I own this bag in the black color combo. I LOVE it and, it seems, so do a lot of other people, since I was stopped numerous times today by people wanting to know who makes my bag, where can they get it, etc., etc. These bags need to be seen in person before you can make an informed decision (like a lot of bags we see in photos). These bags are so beautiful up close. This style is really versatile. You can hand-carry, use the long strap and have it graze the hips or double up the strap and use it as a shoulder bag. I usually carry a lot of my bags and I was able to fit everything in this bag with room to spare. If I could afford it, I would buy this bag in another color. I love it that much!

  • nancy

    i love this collection of Marc Jacobs purse and i have add them on my online store,any one interested can go for them

  • Kendra

    This one is nice, it’s really different in terms of pattern. (fb)

  • Nicole

    yes, I’ma drinking the MJ koolaid! I love this bag in the black and grey colorways. It’s a super-well made piece of arm candy, if I may say sooooo….


  • AW

    I actually like this a lot. THe colors are quite lovely and it looks like an elegant casual bag – not something I would wear to a restaurant or evening out necessarily but in jeans, great.