Marc Jacobs Iconic Glitter RobertGirls, I know I’m not going to be popular for this one. I’m probably not going to gain any respect from any of you for my opinion on the Marc Jacobs Iconic Glitter Robert. Am I ok with that? I think so. And I’m going to have to be ok with it, because I can’t seem to do anything but smile every time I look at this bag.

Is it practical in any way? No, it probably weighs a ton and it’s ginormous. Would I buy it? Highly unlikely, particularly for that price. Do I have anything to wear it with (or to)? No, not that I can think of. So why do I like it so much? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I have always liked the concept of these bags; purses, in reality, are nothing but big pockets that we carry around with us, and having the front pocket of a bag be another purse is a cute play on the normal construction that we all know so well. I particularly like this version because of the combination of materials – the back bag is leather, the front bag is suede, and it’s then covered in Swarovski crystals. A surprising number of you guys liked the Marc Jacobs Jeweled Stam that we talked about previously, and I like the black version with grey crystals even more. This is probably one of those bags that functions better as a concept than something to actually use, but I continue to applaud Marc Jacobs for doing something innovative with these. Buy through eLuxury for $2650.

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  • Sarah

    I think I understand now that the styles of bags you like is very different from the bags I like. I think this bag is heinous and just makes me put Marc Jacobs in my category of tacky designers. I think this bag lacks any form of class or style, and those who buy it do so out of their love of Marc Jacobs and not out of their understanding of fashion.

  • Jen

    I like the concept, but I hate the implementation.

  • Different strokes!!!!

    Amanda, you and I like many of the same bags… this is just not one :)

  • KathyB

    An extreme outlay of cash for something that would probably stay in its dustbag in a closet. I can’t even imagine it being special enough to be collectible.

  • stella

    I’m not into this bag either. AT all. However, I would love to see a Stam adorned with those same crystals, I think it would be kind of pretty.

  • QueenMAB

    The off-center-ness upsets my OCD. I like the idea, but this realization isn’t it for me. But the sparkle of the small purse is very appealing. I would like to see a larger purse done entirely in this material.

  • Bel

    I´ve completely fallen in love with this bag from the first moment i saw it. It is beautiful, I little bit childish (if that`s the word) because of the little frog and so elegant at the same time because of the crystals, although I agree that it is expensive I would buy it without thinking it twice (unfortunately in my country- Argentina- there isn´t a Marc Jacobs store and online stores do not deliver it to my place)

  • hazel

    My first reaction is to think that the bag has a tumor growing out of it. Ick. I don’t like the asymmetry either.

  • Lotte Decker

    I am surprised so many of you dare to openly *dislike* a designer bag ….
    And I definitely congratulate everybody who hates this bag – be it Marc Jacobs or not.

  • Cathy

    This is kind of a long shot, but remember when Coach came out with that heinous 140-bags-cut-up-and-sewn-into-one contraption?

    Yeah, i’m getting hints of that.

  • tadpolenyc

    sarah, that’s a rather presumptuous statement for you to make. please enlighten me on how i can better understand fashion. for example, if my taste were similarly aligned with your definitions of class and style, would that mean that i, too, have a firm comprehension on all things fashion? you can dislike the bag. that’s your opinion to which you are fully entitled to and it makes for interesting discourse. i don’t like it much either, but to dismiss someone who does prefer it, to assume to know why they’d buy it to begin with…well, that’s just borderline arrogant.

  • Jess

    I can’t even believe he keeps making this bag-on-bag monstrosity.

  • I knew no one would agree with me! I just think they’re kinda funny! Like something Isabella Blow would wear (rest her soul).

  • @tadpolenyc: I think some people just don’t agree that fashion can go beyond strictly something that someone would wear. To each her own, she’s free to think that, but I think it’s a rather limiting (and somewhat old-fashioned) framework to expect designers to work within. Which is why I like stuff like this, even if it’s profoundly silly and not something I would buy. At least it’s outside the realm of the normal. If I see one more plain leather tote, my head is going to explode. And that will ruin my couch.

  • Dawn

    yeahhhhhh i don’t want your head to explode amanda.

    i’m not a big fan of the bag-on-bag thing but i do love the silver crystals and frog detail!

  • jacy

    I love this bag. I loved it last year, and I love all the new incarnations. It’s different, whimsical, a bit silly, and the materials/construction are top notch(as expected). I tend to gravitate towards clothes and accessories that catch me off guard, and make me want to keep looking. I guess it one of the reasons I love Marc! I love that MJ would produce such an eccentric bag several seasons in a row, perhaps even knowing that a LOT of people wouldn’t appreciate it. All the more for me ;)!
    Oh, and BTW, if you haven’t seen the crystal encrusted Stam and Baby Stam, they are gorgeous! The matte suede behind the crystals is lovely.

  • Julia

    It will be a work out trying to carry this bag around. I love Marc Jacobs but this is one of those bags to admire from afar. At first I thought it would be better if the front pocket were centered but now that I think of it, it’s cute where it is! I think it’s glamorous.

  • Carolyn

    This is one of thoses bags I start out hating but then it grows on me just enough that I can’t decide.

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    I have seen this bag IRL & it’s quite heavy…rather unusual too! It’s almost like some art piece instead of being a handbag..KWIM?

  • Anastasia

    It’s increasingly difficult for me to like anything Marc Jacobs designs. It may be mean of me, but I wait for the day Louis Vuitton replaces him.

  • shopaphilia

    While I wouldn’t carry this bag myself, I do think this design has tons of character. Fashion wouldn’t be fun if everything was the same and Marc Jacobs understands that. He has fun with his designs and creates beautiful pieces.

  • Carolyn

    the bag on bag thing was cute last season but now it is a little old

  • Shannon

    Haha sorry it looks like a bag mutant! Not my thing!

  • mette

    Why oh why was this bag ever released ? Once again I feel like vomiting.

  • simone

    MJ: hey, i’ve a got a purse! but it’s almost the size of the bag, so where should i put it? *fingertaps* eureka! i shall stick it to the side of the bag!

  • Elle

    I love Marc Jacobs but this bag is not for me. I saw it at Saks and actually thought one bag was on top of another one (not fully attached!!). It is one of those bags one of those really fashionable people can pull off (like Carrie from Sex and the City) and no one would bat an eye. For an everyday girl like me I’ll stick to the classics like the Stam.

  • Mika

    I love it! If I had the money I would definitely buy it…whenever I look at this bag (in the store =) it totally exhilarates me in a very simple, maybe childish, girly way. Take glitter, fat pouch, Frog Prince – and POW there’s the fun =D Considering there are much more unpractical (and expensive) bags out there – that are not funny at all but plainly boring – this bag is just awesome!!

  • Kendra

    Wait, are these 2 bags or 1 bag. It’s kind of confusing. (fb)